Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Humor Master by Hanzo


This is a short 3 minutes humor speech by champion speaker Hanzo when he assumed the role of Humor Master during one of the meetings.

Actual Speech:

I was surprised Nancy called and asked me to be the Humor Master today, because it is the perfect time to make fun of myself… I have a lot to say… after this new hair cut!

Look, what do you see? An army men or an egg? I ask you to be imaginative, so don’t just see a handsome bald guy, but an army men or an egg.

The story started with this barber. Since I am a cheapskate, I went to a cheap barber. Imagine me spending 30 bucks on a haircut, doesn’t make sense does it? I should pay less because the amount of work they take to cut my hair is so much lesser than the rest! Like him.

So I went into this barber shop and sat down, the lady came over. It’s a lady so it’s not an Indian barber shop ok. She came over and ask me what style do I want. Hello! Lady! Do I have a lot of choice? Just trim it ok and I specifically told her do no cut it too short. She said ok. And you think men don’t listen.

So I closed my eyes and relax. You know the feeling when you go to a massage. You just want to relax. With my eyes closed, I heard the sound of scissors cutting my hair. I opened my hairs and Oh My God!

The rest is history.

You know, when ever I walk down the streets now, beautiful gorgeous women smile at me. It would be nice if that’s true. People who smile at me are normally, the bald guys. It’s like giving me a signal, welcome to the group. I know how you feel.

They say if you are bald in front you think a lot. If you are bald behind you are sexy. If you are bald front and back, then you think you are sexy.

By, Hanzo Ng

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