Monday, July 9, 2007

The First Meeting of the new term 2007/2008

I am still feeling excited over the 1st regular meeting of the new term 2007/2008.I am exasperated by the high energy and lively participation of the members and guests.The room were packed from 7.30 pm.

As the new President I came with trepidation not knowing what awaits me and how it would turn out for this auspicious occasion. The meeting was highly charged from the very beginning starting with the ASA1. The greetings among guests and members was friendly which could be one of the reasons why the meetingswas successful. Every one get a fair share of attention before the meeting starts.

As soon as the TME our charming IPP Nancy Liew took control we never look back. Our TME certainly spiced up the tempo of the meeting. TTM Henry FU was kind enough to reveal the title of the topic before asking for volunteer this time.TTE G Jayam ACG (AG B4) again tickle our funny bones with his evaluation. He jokingly called for the "banning" of Siva(he won the evaluation and TT contests) from participating in TT so that others can have a chance to win. We are fortunate to have members like PP Siva who actually set a benchmark for the rest of the members to emulate or surpass.

Our PP Allen as humor master, we can't have enough of his humor. Cutting the birthday cake by the birthday boys and girls also symbolises the 1st meeting of the new term. There are four speakers and D'utama gave birth to another Competent Communicator (CC). Bravo to Jessy Chahal.

The General Evaluator Vijay take over and seriously enough as the GE to provide more laughter. His commentwere laced with humor but serious enough to make a point.
The guests were definitely elated that night giving feedback and where necessary room for improvement.

I would like to thanks the role players for the support to make the meeting roll out smoothly and finally the memberswhose present make this meeting a success.

By, President Jack Leong

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