Friday, July 20, 2007

A "Royal" purple Meeting

Last meeting held on the 19th Jul 2007 shows what support meant in our club. The theme was Purple day and the TME was Paulynn Yu. She surelypicked the right color. Purple and the first thing that come to mind is Purple rain by the singer Prince.

I was jubilant when I noticed the members would rendered support for the themeof the evening. Three cheers to DTM Siva and ACG Lee Wei Seong who wore purpleshirt and they look ...well..... you all had witness such a show of support from the "old guys".

The crowd (members and guests) came on time and the packed room came alive.
As the TME Paulynn Yu took the stage crowd was kept on their toes laced withlaughter with her rendition of the reason behind the theme purple day.

Table topics session one of the most anticipated moment showcased by Ryon Loh. Hesurprised the crowd by asking the first volunteer who was the club members to pick a guest and in turn pick a member to speak and the guests responded comfortably. Innovative though. In table topics it is best to let the guests volunteer rather than be "forced" to speak. Good experience in a way.

Master Humorist Peter Yu was up to his menace. Crowd could hardly control laughing short of rolling on the floor before he even tell his main joke and when he finished and hand over tothe TME the crowd were still belly laughing and still no joke was told. What a good appetizer.
The evening was in high spirit and the assignment speeches showcased an extraordinary happening. We had two Ice breakers taking their first steps in the journey of toastmaster and one memberfinally reach the pinnacle of the Toastmaster award, The Distinguished Toastmaster and he is DTMG. Siva.

The excitment did not abate and what an impressive display of style and beautiful language used by the General Evaluator Johnson Yike. It was a professionally crafted evaluation. Good effort. Cheers to that.

Eugene Ng the Language Evaluator well, the crowd wouldn't mind asking him for an encore.
My dear members the meeting happen because of your support. Thank you.
Congratulations to Paulynn Yu a job well done. And to all the role players.

By, President Jack Leong

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