Thursday, August 2, 2007

Phases in Life

Yesterday's meeting in my personal opinion was another successful meeting. We had an attendance of 37 people and 12 of them were guests. The theme of the night was 'Phases In Life' and last night we have seen the beginning of some and the progression of some.

First up I would like to thank my on the spot every ready to help ASA1, Lim Siew Ling. your pleasant and friendly smile was truly a welcoming sight to both members and guests alike.

My ASA2 was Paulynn Yu who made a switch with her brother Peter Yu (who became the Table Topic Evaluator) was given the honour of starting the meeting. Both played the respective roles for the first time and in my personal book were conducted well with enthusiasm and zeal.

We also have first time role players by our then 'to-be-accepted' members, Jason Chew (as Table Topic Masters) and Joyce Chong (as Ah Counter). Jason's topics allowed us to reflect upon our past and the different phases in our lives - very well done. Our lovely Ah Counter, very attentive and this was the first time that I witness the Ah Counter was able to count HER OWN pause fillers while giving her report. Very well done you two, and am looking forward to the both of you giving your Ice Breaker speeches in the coming meeting.

Ryan Loh my invocation speaker spoke to us about 'passion' and gave his personal example to achieve it by being a photographer at weddings, so ladies and gents, you know who to look for! Ahhh¡K. Our very own VPPR Angelene Chong who played the role of 'Humour Master' and a true master she was by energizing us not only with words of humour but with action.

The three assignment speakers; Christopher Leong, Teoh Chun Ming and Lim Bing Wee were truly amazing. We receive insides into LEADERSHIP, inspired by PATRIOTISM, and entertained by a motherly delivered story. We had the pleasure of listening to our team of COMPETENT evaluators Vijay B, Jessy Chahal and Eugene Ng, smooth, cool and well to the points.

Last but not least our great PresidentS, yes with a 's' because we have once again an inspiring opening speech by our current President Jack Leong, and I had the pleasure of our Immediate Past President Nancy Liew who was my General Evaluator. Thank you both for your support and words of encouragement.

With the meeting proper concluding ON TIME (I might add). We moved on the New Members Acceptance and Induction. This was the first time I conducted the ceremony (and I guarantee it won't be the last!) for our new members Jason Chew, Joyce Chong and Karine Koh. The ceremony was not only important to the new members but also to our experience and senior members. It reminds us that membership is a PRIVILEGE!, our personal commitments and obligations to the club, and of the clubs commitment to us personally.


A group of dynamic individuals who have come together for the common good to improve ourselves and each other. To support one another in an environment I dare say is not widely available in the outside world. I became a Toastmasters coming to two years this September, it has its ups and downs moment but as a Toastmaster, I choose to look towards to GOOD, learn from the not so good, and to instil in myself to change FOR THE BETTER.

To the next phase, and may we make it a GOOD ONE!

By, Johnson Yike ACB

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