Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Division B Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contest

Dear fellow Toastmasters & friends,

They came, they spoke, they conquered... Support Eugene and Siva once again as they impress us with their wit and intellectual prowess, up against the best of the best.

Behold the details of the upcoming exciting evening!

Division B Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contest
3rd November 2007
Sunway College

For tickets or further details, please contact our President, Jack Leong at jack.leongyk@gmail.com(019-334 3915) or VPE Calvin Lim at calvinltl@yahoo.com (012-202 3553).

Feel free to send Eugene and Siva your well wishes personally at ncshyan@gmail.com (Eugene) and gsiva@tm.net.my (Siva), respectively.

*Smiles and thumbs-up for Eugene and Siva*

Good luck guys!

Warm regards
Angelene Chong
DUtama Toastmasters Club

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