Sunday, October 28, 2007

Speechcraft 2007

D'Utama Toastmasters Club is organising the first Speech Craft for this term and yours truly is the Chief Coordinator for this program. If you have any friend, age 20 and above, please refer them to this wonderful program as it will benefit them tremendously.

The details are as follows:
Date: 24th & 25th November 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Shah Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Age Group: 20 and above
Price: RM 300.00 per participant (inclusive of lunches & tea breaks)
Deadline: 3rd November 2007
Contact information:
- Yip Wah Pung: H/P No 012-2016881, Email:
- Teoh Chun Ming: H/P No: 012-4568491, Email:
- Jatson Ho: H/P No: 012-7514376, Email:

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Yip Wah Pung
Chief Coordinator - Speech Craft
Mobile: 012 - 2016881

Monday, October 22, 2007

Regular Meeting on 1st November 2007

Come to witness great performances by the DUtama members.

Role Players
TME: Tan Kooi Ching
ASA 1: Julene Haw
ASA 2: Jason Ho

Table Topic Master: Chow Siew Mee
Table Topic Evaluator: Sivalingam

General Evaluator: Calvin Lim
Language Evaluator: Eugene Ng
Ah Counter: Allen Kam
Time Keeper: Joanne Tham

Assignment Speakers - Speech Evaluators:
1) Soh Fong Wai - Vijay B.
2) Karine Koh - Henry Fu
3) Ian Cheong - Jessy Chahal
4) Lim Bing Yee - Angelene Chong
5) Leong Hoe Wah - Nancy Liew

Standby speakers:

1) Lim Siew Ling

Yours truly,
Tan Kooi Ching

* Notes to all the speakers: Please send me your Project# and the objective and notes to the evaluator for my preparation as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Metamorphosis of a meeting

Last Thursday was my first time to become the Toastmaster of the Evening with the theme "Metamorphosis". The theme was rather unusual and it came across my mind when I was surfing the internet. I thought it could be a twist and analogy to explain the journey in toastmasters. In science, metamorphosis is a biological process or life cycle of insect transforming from egg to adult. This life cycle is related to toastmasters program from transforming a guest (potential member) to a member and finally to reach the highest educational awards, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Before the meeting commence, I had a mixed feelings – happy, afraid, worry, etc. Why? I do not know how to do it. I feared that I will make mistake and ruin the meeting. But when the meeting commenced, it is too late for me to pull out. I still do not really know what to do but I just followed through. After all, it is not that fearful and thing just fell into its own place. Despite the cool room condition, I felt the warm and friendly energy from the audience.

The meeting started by our first time ASA 2, Chow Siew Mee and followed by the President Jack's opening speech. The representative from Queen to protect the dignity of English Language was Vijay B. and introduced the word "Initiative". Then our IPP Nancy Liew shared her expanded version of stories to invocate our soul before the Table Topic Master, Peter Yu , took over. He brought in a lot of laughter and tears with his "CHANGE" questions. The questions were kept on changing until he was satisfied (that is fun to me, maybe not for the speakers ). The Table Topic Evaluator was none other than the lovely Jessy Chahal and followed by the smart, Ryan Loh, to tickle our funny bones during the Humour Session.

Right after refreshment break to fill our stomach, there was a special announcement. We were able to observe the crowning of a new Distinguished Toastmaster. It was such a coincidence with the theme on that night; we had two ice breaker speeches and one member who achieved the DTM title. The first timers were Joanne Tham and Chloe Leong while the newly crowned DTM was none other that our dedicated member and past president, G. Sivalingam. Congratulations to the first timers to be able to deliver their maiden speech with much confidence and poise while our new DTM had shared his insight in toastmaster journey for the past 15 years. Not to forget, we had Julene to present her fifth speech from C&L manual and our beloved VPE Calvin Lim with his first project in Advanced Manual – Special Occasion Speeches. In fact, the events reflected just like the theme – there were people in the stages of egg, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly.

A toastmasters meeting will not complete without evaluation. The evaluation session was led by another dedicated member, Soh Fong Wai . His team of evaluation includes the speech evaluators – Johnson Yike, Tan Kooi Ching, Goh Sheen Yee and Eugene Ng, Language evaluator Vijay B ., Ah-Counter Jatson Ho and Time Keeper Karine Koh.

Do you know who had bagged the awards of the night?
- Best Table Topic Speaker: Angelene Chong
- Best Assignment Speaker: Calvin Lim
- Best Evaluator: Eugene Ng

I would say that the meeting will not be successful without the enthusiastic role players, speakers, evaluators and most importantly the audience. Here, I sincerely thank everyone who participated directly or indirectly in the meeting on 18 th October 2007.

Click to see More Photos!

Yours truly,
Marcus Loi
TME – 18th October 2007

It is never too late to change and start changing today to realise your dreams

Thursday, October 18, 2007

CL1: Its About Me

Toastmaster Chloe Leong with her ice breaker speech... This was a presentation done on 18th October 2007 during our regular meeting. Good start to a great journey.

Find out how you can start your journey by contacting us!

ACL1: 23


This is project 1 from the Advanced Communication (AC) Manual – Special Occasion Speeches and it is about Mastering the Toast. It won speech of the day on 18th of October 2007. There is a narration at the start to set the stage for the speech

Actual Speech:

Narration part:
Members and guests of D’Utama Toastmasters Club were busy wining and dining at the exclusive and posh atmosphere of Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The fellowship was called to mark the Club’s 23rd anniversary and this event ought to be celebrated with pride and joy.

Marcus Loi rose from his comfy seat and gently sailed through the stage and made his announcement! “… and now I presenting yours and mine, the Club’s Vice President of Education (VPE), Advanced Communicator Bronze, Calvin Lim, to say a few words!”

There were thundering applauses from the audience as I stepped forward to the stage and we exchanged handshakes like gentlemen. Later, Marcus exited from the stage, as expected.

Speech Start:
“Thank you Marcus Loi, our emcee of the evening” I acknowledged his presence with gleaming smile. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen of D’Utama and distinguished guests,” I continued. Tonight’s celebration is a memorable day where the Club is very proud of. And henceforth, this event would not be made possible without your support of being here to stand witness to this celebration.

Dear friends, do you know that D’Utama Toastmasters Club was established since June 1985? And today, this Club is 23-year-old! So figuratively speaking in terms of age factor, the Club is definitely younger than most of us. Nonetheless, for any non-profit organization (NGO) to grow from and within such a timeframe is remarkable.

Because the Club consists of members from all walks of life – who strongly and truly believed that Toastmaster is the “cure” to all mother of fear; namely public speaking, and we, the present generations, still holds true to that belief! Some “veteran” members; since the Club was founded – continuously remaining with us, while “new elixir bloods” are needed to rejuvenate the Club’s youthfulness. However, there were some, whom we have not forgotten from our memories, have departed to and for a better “journey”. Despite the Club’s founder and the majority of the successors and former contributors are not physically here with us, we should, at least, be thankful for their hard deeds and work to build this fearsome and formidable organization, as of what it is today.

The faithful “descendants” may vividly remembered when this Club was formed and thereafter, it started with only a handful of people, ratio gender between male and female is 5:1, and at one point, the Club’s memberships were frightfully declining, and the list goes on. In short, this supposed-to-be “good” organization has had experienced its’ ups and downs moment. Yet the Club managed to survive for 23 years and still counting!

Now, lo and behold, as of present time, the Club’s membership has increased tremendously and there is a reasonable balance ratio between male and female members …at last! Furthermore, we have members with positive thinking and encouraging values whereby regardless of his or her status and occupations, everyone would share his or her thoughts and personal opinions to strengthen and enhance the Club’s strengths while striving to overcome the Club’s area for improvements.

In addition, the Club is never short of hands where able-bodied of young and matured people are ready to extend their service to serve the Club, in any and every way they could offer. In short, through thick and thin scenario, we work as a team and marched towards the said direction as one family, as to ensure our objectives are fulfilled and met!

I have personally watched how this Club has grown from leaps and bounds, ever since I was a member in August 2003. Each term that passes by, every president have a theme to act on and served as footnote for us to channel towards achieving the goodness where we hope to be and become – a better communicator and exercised commendable leadership skills.

For the benefit of the guests, I shall spell out a few themes designed and given by the past presidents of D’Utama Toastmasters Club. During the term 2003/2004 under Lee Wei Seong’s presidential heyday, his theme was “Expand Your Horizon”; then 2004/2005, was Gan Teong Hock, “To Succeed is to Excel”; then 2005/2006, was Allen Kam, “ Your Name, Our Fame”; then 2006/2007, was Nancy Liew, “Success within Us”; and at present moment, 2007/2008, under the stewardship of this Club runs by Jack Leong, his theme is “Remember Yourself as Successful”!

Dear friends, I am fortunate that God has allowed and guided me to find and “rested on” this beautiful Club and I have no reservation neither regretted of getting to know some many people, which I never knew of. And I am sure, members of D’Utama Toastmasters, would felt the same way as I did.

(Hand gesturing the audience to stand up)
So let’s rise and raise our glass as high as our arms could reach for the sky, to commemorate the Club’s 23rd anniversary! As then, the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir has set his eyes on Vision 2020, so to for the next 23 years, I hoped the future generations of this beloved Club, would gracefully continue to glorify and nurture the Club for a brighter future and in God we trust that HE will lead and show us the way!

Cheers to us, all and to D’Utama Toastmasters Club!!! Cheers!!!

After the toast, I have ended my speech and the stage was taken over by the emcee of the evening.

By, Calvin Lim (VPE of 2007/2008)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Regular Meeting on 18th October

Finally, the contest is over and it is time again to enjoy our usual club meeting on 18 October. The theme has been set, "Metamorphosis", and yours truly will be the TME for the night.

Having no idea about the theme?
Having no role yet?
Then what are you waiting for?
Come and be part of my team to walk through the night together.

There are only five roles left - ASA1, ASA2, Table Topic Evaluator, Language Evaluator and Speech Evaluator for Hui Mei. Take up the challenge now and send me an email or sms saying YES.

Role Players:
TME: Marcus Loi
ASA 1: Jason Chew
ASA 2: Chow Siew Mee
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Nancy Liew
Table Topic Master: Peter Yu
Table Topic Evaluator: Jessy Chahal
Humor Master: Ryan Loh
General Evaluator: Soh Fong Wai
Language Evaluator: Vijay B.
Ah Counter: Jatson Ho
Time Keeper: Karine Koh

Assignment Speakers - Speech Evaluators
1) Joanne Tham (Ice Breaker) - Johnson Yike
2) Chloe Leong (Ice Breaker) - Tan Kooi Ching
3) Julene Haw - Goh Sheen Yee
4) Calvin Lim - Eugene Ng

Looking forward to see all of you on the coming meeting on 18th.

Please contact me at the following:
Marcus Loi
Mobile: 012-6549755

*Assignment speakers – please let me have the title of your speech, duration, objectives of your speech and notes to the evaluator and how you wish to be introduced to the audience by Monday, 15 October 2007.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Target article collection by 18th October 2007

Hullo once again! It's time for Target-article-collection!

Do send me your articles and opinions in whatever forms deemed fit and comfortable for expression - poems, limericks, jokes, riddles, thoughts to ponder on, experiences with club and non-club (but educational) activities... I want them all!!!

Looking forward to receiving them by 18 October 2007!

Send them through email to your favourite VPPR Angelene Chong

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Division B Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contest

Dear fellow Toastmasters & friends,

They came, they spoke, they conquered... Support Eugene and Siva once again as they impress us with their wit and intellectual prowess, up against the best of the best.

Behold the details of the upcoming exciting evening!

Division B Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contest
3rd November 2007
Sunway College

For tickets or further details, please contact our President, Jack Leong at 3915) or VPE Calvin Lim at (012-202 3553).

Feel free to send Eugene and Siva your well wishes personally at (Eugene) and (Siva), respectively.

*Smiles and thumbs-up for Eugene and Siva*

Good luck guys!

Warm regards
Angelene Chong
DUtama Toastmasters Club

Friday, October 5, 2007

Outcome of the Area B4 Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest

Yesterday's Area B4 Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest was something to behold !

Our very own Eugene Ng battle his wits which his 'arch nemesis' (as he would refer to her) from Western Digital (whom gently reply that she would rather be friends (as oppose to being an enemy). Anyway it was just the spirit of competition and it was all in good fun … hehee … Both contestants pit their wits against each other and did extremely well … truly they are the best representatives from each club … alas as in all competition, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! and


Next up was the Evaluation Contest and we had a Test Speaker from Deloitte Kassim Chan (DKC) Toastmasters club. We had our club champion (the newly crowned) Distinguished Toastmaster G. Sivalingam !!!! against the champion from Western Digital … both presented different yet very impressive style of Evaluation. Both Evaluators had great insides and we the contestants were able to learn from such skill. The contestant from Western Digital gave our Siva a run for his money (well I thought personally) and the results was in …


The audience was a winning qualities too … as in the spirit of Toastmasters, the visiting clubs were not rivals but cheering supporters towards ALL the contestants. I believe we (the audience) truly had benefited. Both our winners and their respective 'arch nemesis-es' will be going to the Division B level contest in the month of November ... so stay tune and find out where and when the amazing speakers and evaluators will display their 'powers' again! ....

"What's this I hear?""Darn! I should have went !!"

Fear not as we have the Humorous Speech contestants' speeches were captured on photo! Click on the photo below to see all the photos.

Area B4 Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike
(Amazed Audience)