Thursday, May 17, 2007

Executive Commitee Term 2007/2008

Theme of the Year:

Remember yourself as Successful!

Executive Committee Members:

President: Jack Leong Yin Kooi (CTM)
Member Since: May 2003
Description: Jack is a pragmatic toastmaster. Confident and charming, he leads a very young exco committee with a lot of common sense and a sure hand.

Vice President of Education: Calvin Lim Teck Lee (ACB)
Member Since: Aug 2003
Description: Calvin is a veteran toastmaster and a reliable assistant to the President. He has unique sense of humor and is an invaluable asset to the club.

Vice President of Membership: Johnson Yike Hean Choong (ACB, CL)
Member Since: Sep 2005
Description: Johnson is one of the most responsible toastmaster in the club. Ever willing to help and never afraid to throw his cap into the ring when the need arises. A born leader.

Vice President of Public Relations: Angelene Chong Ai May (CTM)
Member Since: Dec 2002
Description: Rose among thorns. Angelene is a rare soul gifted with both extraordinary wit and good looks, she is the ideal person to market a club as prestigious as Damansara Utama Toastmasters Club.

Secretary: Cheong Shih Ian
Member Since: June 2006
Description: A wonderful addition to the exco, Ian comes with a lot of potential and ability to supplement a strong character.

Treasurer: Marcus Loi Chia Chun
Member Since: Oct 2006
Description: Meticulous and thoughtful, Marcus is the ideal person to ensure the accounts are accurate.

Sergeant at Arms: Teoh Chun Ming
Member Since: Oct 2006
Description: Represents the future of the club. Teoh is positively proactive in his approach towards his work. An admirable person and very well liked in the club.

Immediate Past President: Nancy Liew Paik Wan (ACB, CL)
Member Since: June 2004
Description: Passionate and hardworking. The Immediate Past President is an inspiration to all those who have met her. Her influence is wide and she is a manifestation of all the best qualities of the club.

Sub-Committee Members:

Committee Member: Jatson Ho Chie Pin
Member Since: Oct 2006
Description: Another one for the future. Jatson is a sunny person who is an able hand to call upon in time of need.

Committee Member: Goh Sheen Yee
Member Since: Nov 2004
Description: One of the youngest person ever to join the club. Goh Sheen Yee is a bright talent and a reliable member of the exco.

Committee Member: Vijay Balasegaram (CC)
Member Since: Oct 2002
Description: Considering that Vijay is the one writing these descriptions, there is nothing much to trumpet about himself except for the fact that after so many years, he is now being called a "senior member" much to his annoyance!

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