Sunday, October 21, 2007

Metamorphosis of a meeting

Last Thursday was my first time to become the Toastmaster of the Evening with the theme "Metamorphosis". The theme was rather unusual and it came across my mind when I was surfing the internet. I thought it could be a twist and analogy to explain the journey in toastmasters. In science, metamorphosis is a biological process or life cycle of insect transforming from egg to adult. This life cycle is related to toastmasters program from transforming a guest (potential member) to a member and finally to reach the highest educational awards, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Before the meeting commence, I had a mixed feelings – happy, afraid, worry, etc. Why? I do not know how to do it. I feared that I will make mistake and ruin the meeting. But when the meeting commenced, it is too late for me to pull out. I still do not really know what to do but I just followed through. After all, it is not that fearful and thing just fell into its own place. Despite the cool room condition, I felt the warm and friendly energy from the audience.

The meeting started by our first time ASA 2, Chow Siew Mee and followed by the President Jack's opening speech. The representative from Queen to protect the dignity of English Language was Vijay B. and introduced the word "Initiative". Then our IPP Nancy Liew shared her expanded version of stories to invocate our soul before the Table Topic Master, Peter Yu , took over. He brought in a lot of laughter and tears with his "CHANGE" questions. The questions were kept on changing until he was satisfied (that is fun to me, maybe not for the speakers ). The Table Topic Evaluator was none other than the lovely Jessy Chahal and followed by the smart, Ryan Loh, to tickle our funny bones during the Humour Session.

Right after refreshment break to fill our stomach, there was a special announcement. We were able to observe the crowning of a new Distinguished Toastmaster. It was such a coincidence with the theme on that night; we had two ice breaker speeches and one member who achieved the DTM title. The first timers were Joanne Tham and Chloe Leong while the newly crowned DTM was none other that our dedicated member and past president, G. Sivalingam. Congratulations to the first timers to be able to deliver their maiden speech with much confidence and poise while our new DTM had shared his insight in toastmaster journey for the past 15 years. Not to forget, we had Julene to present her fifth speech from C&L manual and our beloved VPE Calvin Lim with his first project in Advanced Manual – Special Occasion Speeches. In fact, the events reflected just like the theme – there were people in the stages of egg, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly.

A toastmasters meeting will not complete without evaluation. The evaluation session was led by another dedicated member, Soh Fong Wai . His team of evaluation includes the speech evaluators – Johnson Yike, Tan Kooi Ching, Goh Sheen Yee and Eugene Ng, Language evaluator Vijay B ., Ah-Counter Jatson Ho and Time Keeper Karine Koh.

Do you know who had bagged the awards of the night?
- Best Table Topic Speaker: Angelene Chong
- Best Assignment Speaker: Calvin Lim
- Best Evaluator: Eugene Ng

I would say that the meeting will not be successful without the enthusiastic role players, speakers, evaluators and most importantly the audience. Here, I sincerely thank everyone who participated directly or indirectly in the meeting on 18 th October 2007.

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Yours truly,
Marcus Loi
TME – 18th October 2007

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