Thursday, November 1, 2007

Division B 2007/08 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Did you enjoy having your funny bone tickled by our very own Humorous Speech Champion, Eugene Ng CTM and amazed by the Evaluation Contest Champion, G. Sivalingam DTM ?!?

The moment has arrived, our club's very best will be pitting their wits againts the best of the best at The Division B's Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest !!!

The contest details are as follows:
Date: Saturday, 3 November 2007
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Auditorium 7, 2nd Floor, Sunway University College, Jalan Lagun Utara, Bandar Sunway.

Click here for Map!

Tickets are priced at RM10.00 and they are going fast !! How fast you ask?

Well the tickets are available from Johnson Yike and he only has 4 left in hand. Members who are interested, please contact Johnson and any reserve ticket payment are to be made by 1st November 2007 (Thursday).

Let is go cheer and support our best !!!

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike
HP: 017-8898438

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