Friday, November 16, 2007

From the table of the Toastmaster of the Evening

Hi Handsome Guys and Pretty Gals of D’Utama. It’s a great honor for me to be the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) for D’Utama on 15th Nov 2007 and here’s a recount of my experience:

Before the Meeting:

1) How do you feel before the meeting?
Nervous! I never knew that a TME needs to do so much work:
- Preparing the timing (somebody get me a calculator.)
- Getting members to take up roles.
- Getting their titles correct! (I didn’t know there are so many titles, perhaps we can put it on the blog since the Directory may not be updated as one progresses to the next stage)
- Getting backup role players and backups for the backups! Just in case the first backup can’t make it.
- SMS-ing speakers and evaluators to remind them of their roles for the day. And having all of them reply at the same time. (My boss asked if I have a side business, so busy SMS-ing and getting replies).

2) How many time before have you been TME or is this your first time?
This is my first time as an ‘official’ TME. I was supposed to be a TME in Vistana Toastmasters Penang a good few months back, but was late…so that didn’t count.

During Meeting:

1) How do you feel during the Meeting?
The Meeting went well, until I took over as TME…then the kelam-kabut started. Fortunately, we have the very experienced TTM and GE who steadied the ‘boat’ along the way. The atmosphere was great! Though we have less people this time, the energy level was going through the roof!

2) Anything interesting happened during meeting?
During the Impromptus:
- You bet! We have Allen Kam & Peter Yu who brought the house down with their humorous responses to the table topic questions posed by Calvin the TTM of the day. We also managed to get the participation of a guest. She was very nervous the first few seconds, but continued confidently after that. Her table topic question was “What does the word beautiful means to you?” From the looks of it, by the time she sat down she was convinced of the ‘magic’ that Toastmasters can do to one’s public speaking confidence.

During the Prepared Speeches:
- Jason wowed us with his lessons inspired by the bestseller Simple.ology.
- Johnson did a very detailed presentation on how Toastmasters can help boost one’s speaking and leadership skills.
- Henry Fu did an interesting Demo on how to use the more advanced MS Word function, AutoCorrect & Autofill. I wish I can just type “GO” and have the entire TM Meeting Agenda written for me.

3) Who won the awards of the day?
- Table Topic: Who else but the GE, the Man Himself, Allen Kam.
- Kudos to Johnson Yike for achieving his ALB.

After Meeting:

1) How do you feel after the Meeting?
Relieved! I felt we had a great evening.

2) Anyone you will like to thank etc roleplayers?
For this meeting, it’s our honor to have Muhammad Shafiq, from LaFarge Toastmasters as our guest and TT Evaluator. Special thanks to Calvin for his tremendous help. I couldn’t ask for more as a TME. I am also grateful to Allen for ‘fortunately’ appearing at the right time…and right place as the GE. Thank you, President for your valuable guidance during the meeting. Thanks also to Nancy & Gan Teong Hock for their evaluation. Thanks to Joanne, Ian, Marcus, Chun Ming, Bing without whom our meeting wouldn’t have gone as smoothly.

Thousand apologies, if I left anyone out.

3) What will you do differently next time?
Observe very carefully what other TME does from now on. And of course Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Thanks and regards,
Leong Hoe Wah
TME - 15th November 2007

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