Thursday, November 1, 2007

Practice makes perfect

I was very surprised when I arrive at the meeting room at 7.00 pm yesterday. The room was already decorated by Jason Ho and Marcus Loi before I reached. And after the meeting, both of them stay until every thing is settled. I also noticed Johnson Yike spend time to explain the toastmaster matter to our guest Patrick. I was very impressed and touched by your strong support and commitment to serve our club.

In the table topic section, despite of time constraint our TTM Chow Siew Mee still able to get 4 speakers to speak up. She was able to interact with the speaker subtlety by asking the speakers to select a lucky number to get the speech question. It is a very good attempt. Congratulation! All the table topic speakers CTM Simon Tan, TM Marcus Loi, ACB Johnson Yike and Patrick (guest).

I notice the standard of the ice-breaker speeches of our members has increased. Most of them are very confident and speak without a lectern. Well done TM Karine Koh for your very well crafted and entertaining speech with speech title "The girl who doesn't look her age". But I still did not get your age and cannot understand how one can keep young by watching horror movies. What theory and logic is it?

TM Ian Cheong, I can understand your feeling of being left out by your company along the journey to the peak of Mont. Kota Kinabaru and also the your hungry, wet and shivering experience in a raining day at Mont. Kota Kinabaru. But you learn a very valuable lesson from the experience, i.e., "What Doesn't Kill You Can Only Make You Stronger". And I believe you will be able to challenge the higher mountain in the future.

TM Leong Hoe Wah (CC), in your "Road Less Traveled" you have inspired us to dare to dream and be persistent to strive to realize our dream that may have been forgotten with success stories from Malaysian entrepreneur that is close to us such as the founder of Genting Group Bhd late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and Air Asia founder Tony Fernandes.

ATMB Lim Bing Yee, I do agree with you that "Watched Pot Never Boils". Thank you for sharing with us your personal experience on how to train your son to stand on his on foot when he was a teenager through daily activities. Despite spending more and mistake made by your son, Bing was able to teach her son to town to buy a pair of shoes by himself. What a blessing for Bing's son to have such a patient and wise mother.

ACG Soh Fong Wai, together with the help from a potential actor ACB Johnson Yike, he had demonstrated to us how to use the 5-step method to calm and diffuse the verbal attack from an angry tenant (acted by Johnson Yike). Thank to Johnson Yike amusing actions and conversation on the stage, a supposing serious presentation also become very entertaining to all the audience.

Of course without the attendance of guests and members and the strong support from all role players, TM Jason Ho, TM Julene Haw, TM Joanne Tham, TM Chow Siew Mee, TM Marcus Loi and evaluators CL Henry Fu, CC Vijay B, CC Jessey Chahal, ACB Nancy Liew ATMB Anthony Sebastian from Kuching TMC, DTM Sivalingam, (TTE), CTM Eugene Ng (LE), ACB Calvin Lim (GE), the meeting will not be able to success. All the kudos should go to you all.

Oop! Almost forget to inform the award winner for the night is as follow:
- Best Table Topic Speaker: ACB Johnson Yike
- Best Assignment Speaker: ATMB Lim Bing Yee
- Best Evaluator: Anthony Sebastian

Last but not least, congratulate to ACG Soh Fong Wai for completing Advance manual and CC Leong Hoe Wah for completing the CC Manual.

This was the second time I chaired toastmaster meeting. Personally I think I managed to handle the meeting better compared to first time and able to enjoy during the meeting as well. This may not be a perfect meeting and can be better. But I believe a better meeting will be coming because "Practice Makes Perfect". Let's continue to preserve this noble spirit of "Practice Makes Perfect" and move forward together in the journey of toastmaster.

Thanks and regards,
Tan Kooi Ching
TME - 1st November 2007

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