Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speechcraft Nov 2007

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Organising a Speechcraft Program is always a big challenge. If we could not get the minimum number of participants, we could not proceeds with the Speechcraft Program. I encountered this problem in 2001 when I was the chief coordinator. This time I was appointed the chief coordinator by the Exco to run the Speechcraft Program on the 24th and 25th of November 2007 at Shah Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The thought of not getting the minimum number of participants haunted me again. Luckily, our Past President ATMB Allen Kam managed to get seven participants from his company to start off with. The rest was history.

On the first day of the Speechcraft Program, I was there early to see that everything was in order before we commenced the session. We started the Speechcraft Program exactly at 9.00am sharp even though three participants were not there yet. All the twelve participants were there to participate in the program. They were Baljin S Gill, Choo Kok Hou, Chuah Lee Kim, Azlina binti Ahmad, Wan Norlaila Abdullah Sani, Edmund Hah, Martin Lee, Tan Ting Fong, Tan Suan Keng , Cheong Huey Charn, Michael Chew and Lee Li Na. TM Teoh Chun Ming played three roles on that day and they were ice breaker speaker, ASA and timekeeper. The mentors were ACB Johnson Yike, CTM Ooi Hun Beng, CTM Eugene Ng, ACG Soh Fong Wai, ATMG G. Jayam and ACB Calvin Lim.

Johnson Yike acting on behalf of the President gave the opening speech. DTM G. Sivalingam gave an educational presentation on “ Organising Your Speech”. Eugene Ng gave a talk on “Evaluating the Speaker”. ACB Johnson Yike then gave a presentation on “Introducing a Speaker”. All the participants were very happy that they had learned something about public speaking at the end of the first day of the program.

From SpeechCraft D...
On the second day of the Program which was a Sunday, most of the participants were late. We only managed to start the session at 9.25am which was twenty five minutes late. All the twelve participants turned up for the session. The mentors helping out were ATMG G. Jayam, CC Vijay, ACB Nancy Liew and ACB Calvin Lim.

On this day, the participants were required to participate in the table topic session, to give their evaluation on the table topic speaker, to introduce a speaker, to give their third speech and finally to evaluate a speech speaker.

In order to help them to perform a good job, ACB Calvin Lim gave a talk on “ Impromptu Speaking” before he conducted the table topic session. CC Vijay gave an educational presentation on “Body Gestures”. CTM Angelene Chong gave a presentation on “Vocal Variety”. In the afternoon session, the speakers had to compete with the speaker at the next room for the audience attention.

At the end of the session, awards were given to the best speakers. The awards were as follows:-

1) The best Ice breaker speaker : Martin Lee

2) The best Organise Your Speech speaker : Edmund Hah

3) The best Table Topic Speaker : Martin Lee

4) The best Body Gestures and Vocal Variety speaker : Tan Ting Fong

5) The best Evaluator : Michael Chew

6) The Most Improved speaker : Wan Norlaila Abdullah Sani

The Speechcraft Program was closed by the VPE ACB Calvin Lim and all the participants were happy that they did not waste their weekend .

I will like to thank all the role players for helping out during the two days.

Chief coordinator,
Yip Wah Pung ATMS, ALS
Speechcraft Nov 2007