Sunday, December 2, 2007

YLP Dec 2007

It's all started about 3 months ago when our Club Vice President of Education, Calvin, called me and asked me whether I am interested to be the Chief Coordinator for Youth Leadership Programme (YLP). At that moment, I have a little hesitation but finally I agreed to take up the challenge. Although this programme has been long discussed in the Exco meeting and the date and venue already been fixed since early of the term, I was lucky that no one has pick up the role yet. Otherwise, I will miss this wonderful learning opportunity.

The preparation work for the programme was tremendous. At first, I was a bit lost as I don't know where to start with. Luckily, Calvin, who is also the advisor of the programme has discussed several times with me on some aspects of the marketing, budget and flow of the programme.

Before the YLP, I felt anxious and cannot really have a good sleep especially when the programme is approaching. There are so many things that I am afraid to miss since this is my first time as Chief Coordinator. It's a great help from Kooi Ching to get 8 participants for the programme and Wei Seong to arrange the venue and food for the 2-day programme. Not to forget, Hun Beng for lending his own projector to be used during the 2-day programme. The programme will not be a success without their generous and altruistic concerns.

On the first day, I felt more comfortable and relaxing as everything was already in place. Anyway, it was already too late to pull out. Once I reached Mutiara Bangsar and stepped out from my car, I already saw the Table Topic Master, Ian, and Test Speaker, Karine. I was released. All participants arrived very early before 8.45 am except one. There were 14 participants in total and they were Chia Zheng, Jean-Nie, Javin, Gavin, Jia-Yun, Guan Hong, Po Hong, Jia Yi, Wen Yi, Hafidz, Yee Tong, Zhe Min, Pin Hern and Yen In. As for the mentors and facilitators, we had Ian, Karine, Julene, Tien Sheng (Julene's son), Kooi Ching, Jack, Christopher, Siew Peng, Wei Seong, Johnson, Eugene and Calvin. The participants were also amused with the educational presentation. We had Ian with a short presentation on Impromtu Speaking, followed by an ice breaking demostration by Karine. Right before the lunch break, Johnson presented an animated session on Organising Your Speech with his SpongeBob and followed by Eugene on Listening / Evaluation with his 3K method (Kiss-Kick-Kiss). The last presentation for the first day is on Introducing the Speaker by Christopher. As for the atmosphere, it was a little quiet in the morning but the participants got into the fun and exciting mood towards the end of the day. Overall, first day was a success.

On the second day, the atmosphere was very positive and exciting. All the participants were taking on a proactive role and I saw that they were unleashing their true potential in speaking before the audience. I assumed that the first day programme was very interesting as we had full attendance. As for the mentors and facilitators, we had Hun Beng, Nancy, Calvin, Siew Peng, Vijay, Julene and Tien Sheng. Both Hun Beng and Nancy had given a lively presentation on Gesture in Speaking and Voice & Vacabulary respectively. Of course, the most interesting part of the programme is awards. Following are the list of awards and recipients.

Best Impromptu Speaker: Javin
Best Assignment 1 Speaker: Jean-Nie
Best Assignment 2 Speaker: Javin
Best Assignment 3 Speaker: Gavin
Best Evaluator for Assignment 2: Hafidz
Best Evaluator for Assignment 3: Gavin
Overall Most Improved Speaker: Yee Tong

Before the end of the programme, we had a short sharing session with the participants. Majority of them said that they enjoyed themselves very much throughout the 2-day programme and learned many new things in a fun way. The only comment for improvement was the food. They demanded for a better caterer.

After the programme, I felt relax and released. My shoulder suddenly became lighter and left with me an unforgetable experience in my toastmaster journey. The programme will not be a success without the participants and roleplayers. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the roleplayers for lending their valuable time and experience in making this programme a success. If I have another chance to carry this programme, I will volunteer myself much earlier without any hesitation. My 2 cents for the future chief coordinator: "Believe you and me, it is a wonderful and exciting learning experience not to be missed." With that, I wish all the best to the next chief coordinator and once again, thank you to all the roleplayers for your generousity and supports.

Yours truly,
Marcus Loi
Chief Coordinator
Youth Leadership Programme
1-2 December 2007