Thursday, January 31, 2008

ACL3: Its a Malaysian Thing (Evaluation Included)


Toastmaster Vijay Balasegaram does his Advance Speech no 3. From the manual The Entertainment Speaker (Make them laugh). Pokes fun at the Malaysian lifestyle and draws experience from the Speaker. It had its funny moments. The evaluation by Dennis Wee stole the show though.


A funny one by Dennis Wee.

ACL2: Got Astro-Not

Vijay Balasegaram does speech no 2 from the advance manual - The Entertaining Speaker. A tongue in cheek speech poking fun at the Malaysian Angkasawan program. No malice intended. Speaker is quite proud about the what the Angkasawan program has achieved for Malaysians everywhere. Check out the twist at the end. Enjoy!

CL1: Who am I? (Evaluation Included)


A first for Toastmaster Asylynna Lee who blew audience away and walked off with the speech of the day award. An excellent start to a promising speaking career. Evaluation was given by crowd favorite Lim Bing Yee. The date of speech was on the 6th December 2007.


Evaluation by our favorite Lim Bing Yee.

ACL1: Money Matters (Evaluation Included)


ACL1 from the Speaking to Inform Manual (The speech to inform). Speaker is Deborah Hoe from Damansara Utama Advanced TM Club during a joint meeting on the 13th December 2007. An excellent evaluation was given by Toastmaster Ho Fong Ming.


Evaluation by Ho Fong Ming. A classic!

Speaker's Night on 31st January 2008

The next speaker's Night is on 31st January 2008 and there is (still) plenty of "room" for everyone!

TME: Jatson Ho
ASA 1: Joanne Tan
ASA 2: Patrick Khoo
Invocation Speaker: Joanne Tham
General Evaluator: Eugene Ng
Time Keeper: Karine Koh

The Speaker - Evaluator:
1) Tan Kooi Ching - Nancy Liew
2) Calvin Lim - Simon Tan
3) Teoh Chun Ming - Goh Sheen Yee
4) Vijay BALASEGARAM - G.Sivalingam
5) Jessy Chahal - Allen Kam
6) Johnson Yike - Soh Fong Wai

Note: Assignment speakers, please be advised that due to time factor, would really appreciate the assignment speech is within or less than ten (10) minutes.

By the way, (assignment speakers) please don't pull out the last minute (if possible) otherwise kindly inform yours truly soonest if you can't make it. Much appreciated.

Thank you!

Jatson Ho, TME

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ACL3: Its a Malaysian Thing


This is speech no 3 from the Advance manual, The Entertaining Speaker (Make them laugh). It was well received and was relatively funny at certain juncture. It was presented during the Joint meeting with DU Advanced on 13th December 2007.

Actual Speech:

My grandmother is a RACIST! Yes, she is a sweet old lady and everyone who has met her loves her. And despite having 5 daughters in laws who were Chinese, she is racist to the core. Let me tell you why. I was in the first year of college and brought back a college mate home to do an assignment together. She happened to be a female. Now, this was a big thing because it was the first time the youngest grandson brought home a female friend. My grandmother was obviously quite excited because here was a potential granddaughter in law. So, when the fateful evening arrived, I introduced my good friend Shanti to my grandmother. My grandmother went silent, her face changed and then abruptly she turned around to my mum and shouted really loudly in Tamil… “Daughter, she is not CHINESE!” ….

Good evening ladies and gentlemen…

As a second generation kopi campur Burmist susu (in translation Coffee plus Burmist Milk), I had my fair share or racial complications. I remember as early as 7, I was the center of a starving confusion. It was puasa month and my Malay brothers were fasting… Out of respect we ate only in the canteen… However, first few days after the fasting period started, I noticed something wrong. Older malay kids were pointing at me and were always whispering in my direction… In retaliation, I waved my doughnut at them and went [head up] “APA?”. Big mistake, shortly after, my discipline teacher showed up and she was furious. I was immediately pulled by the ear and dragged to the discipline room. Luckily the cane was spared but a warning was issued. I never ate again all throughout the week. But I had a weak stomach and chubby cheeks and on a Friday, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to see my class teacher and told her my problem. Suffice to say she was shocked and we went to see my discipline teacher again. The teachers talked and 1 minute later, my discipline teacher came out, looked at me and said “Kenapa tak cakap kamu bukan melayu”… I looked up at her and said “Takut cikgu!”…

Now Depavali in my house has always been a Chinese affair. Largely due to the fact that about 70% of my relatives are Chinese and the other 30% is Muslim. The Indians are actually a minority. Anyway, 5 years ago when I started working, I invited my work mates to come over and the dress code was ethnic Indian. Being cool and hip Malaysians, they bought the Punjabi costumes and sarees and headed over to my place. On that Deepavali morning, I got a call from my friend and he was asking me to repeat the address of my place. I repeated my address and then he gave me a confused “erm… Are you sure that’s your address?”. I asked why and he said that they were at the address but the house was celebrating Chinese New Year.

You know it is great to live in a multiracial country where we have food from different races to enjoy. You got Roti Canais, Nasi lemak… Fried Kuey Teow. They taste different and are very unique. But one thing all Malaysian food has in common is that they are all designed to grow this and make you look like Sammo Hung.

Because of that, its no wonder that to maintain our Amber Chia figures, fitness centers have started popping up. You know the type… Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness. How many of you been to celebrity fitness? Well, I have… No less than 10 times. All free passes one. In all that time, I have never seen Amber Chia. Its Celeb fitness right? and on the posters, there is always images of Amber Chia doing cycling, weights and her pouting her lips. But when I get there, she is never around… only Makciks with big hips.

Another place I can’t understand is True Fitness. I think the LE should take this name into serious consideration. What do they mean by True Fitness anyway? I didn’t know fitness can be true or false. Do they mean to say that there are some people in the pasar malam selling false fitness???

It was all very confusing to me until I stumbled upon a gym near my place. This was a classic gym. It was on the top floor of a shop lot. The gym was called “Mr.Toh’s Fitness Center”. It had a very nice banner where it showcased this guy with washboard abs and an awesome chest. When I saw that, I was thinking Mr. Toh sure looked ripped. I went in for a look and there was this muscular Chinese guy at the counter which I assume was Mr. Toh. I said “Wow! You must be Mr. Toh”. And he said “Ah! Me not Mr. Toh, he over there…”. So I looked in that direction and guess who I saw… Sammo Hung! This is false fitness ladies and gentlemen.

I will like to end my speech by saying that time sure have changed. From my grandmother’s time to now. Despite the changes though, as Malaysians there will be 2 things that never change: 1 - we will always be multiracial and 2 – we will always try our best to look like Amber Chia even though in reality most of us look more like Sammo Hung!

Thank you!

By, Vijay Balasegaram

Saturday, January 26, 2008

ACL2: Got Astro-Not?


This is speech no 2 from the Advance Manual - The Entertaining Speaker. It was one of the funniest speeches I have ever done. The script reads pretty well and I only manage to draft it the morning of the presentation after a light bulb went off my head. I prepared a different speech altogether before writting this out in record time. The video is somewhere on this site. Take a look and enjoy!

Actual Speech:

KAPOOW! [Make explosion action] Malaysia... We got lift off! A Malaysian blasted off into space on 10 Oct 2007. However, before lift off there was a lot of skepticism… You see, when the American went into space, they called these brave people, Astronauts. The Russians were next and they called their brave men, Cosmonauts… The Chinese honored their people by calling them Taikonaut. But when we Malaysians decided to do the same, a lot of us were scratching our heads and asking SURE OR NOT?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Do you know Air Asia is mapping new routes to space. Yeah! Datuk Tony Fernandez announced it recently. It’s called Air Asia Angkasawan and tickets are cheap… As low as RM 9.99. But what they don’t tell you is that Airport tax is going to cost you RM 76 million!

Let me ask you a question, how many of you signed up for angkasawan program? I did because I always knew I had potential… During my standard 1 maths class, my teacher – Mrs. Lee was very encouraging. We always had this exercise where she will ask me to stand up and she will ask me maths question. So when she asked me how much is 1+1… I went “Hmm… [scratch head] Tiga!”. She started screaming “Tiga! 1+1 is 3…. VIJAY! Your head is in space ar. You want me to blast you up there isit?”. You see, very encouraging!

So, I signed up but I when I entered in my resume, I forgot the keyword… Part time model. You see, our angkasawan, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is a doctor who is a part time model or is he a model who is a part time doctor??? In Malaysia, you can’t really tell. Anyway, how does being a model help you become an angkasawan? How is that related with anything? It does if the selection committee was made out of old Datins! Imagine this scenario:
Datin1: Hey Datins, this guy has 5 PHDs including 3 for Physic, Chemistry and Biology… What do you all think?
Datin2: No lar! Not so nice. What about this man. Amboi, kacacknya. So handsome. Part time model some more.
Datin1: Part time model? Ok! I vote for him
Datin2: Datin, Datin… Just to hide our tracks, we make sure the second angkasawan is ugly so that no one suspect anything!
Datin1: Uhhhh… Smart lar you!

You know I did a wikipedia search on Dr. Sheikh and my finding was really suprising. You know what those arrogant Russians call him… They call him a Spaceflight Participant and the definition for that is “distinguish tourist!”. Go check it out. It’s true. Aiyoh! After buying millions of old stuff from them, they call the first Malaysian in space a distinguish tourist. Too much lar.

However, it was a good thing the Russians took our man into space. Imagine Malaysians building the rocket. Now that’s something to think about. It would have cost 5 times as much just to get the building permits and Proton will be in charge. I tell you 5 things that will happen if Proton built the rocket?
- It will be shiny and has the thunder cat logo but inside all plastic
- Power steering won’t work. Cannot maneuver the rocket
- Power windows won’t work. Can’t take pictures of earth.
- First few rockets will work nicely because they came from Mitsubishi. But after a couple of years, local parts will be used and the rocket won’t be able to leave the atmosphere.
- And the worst thing is… Do you all know the term Kotak Mancis! Match box… Kapow! Ouch! Lucky for the kind doctor…

You know I sent out 26 SMSes on that night and only got 1 reply. Only 1 person was really excited and called me back and said “he was going to watch the whole thing… He is going to record. What a proud day for Malaysia!”. And this guy doesn’t count. You see out of 26 people and the only one really happy about the whole thing was a Pakistani! (Note to immigration, don’t send them home)

Then again, not all the countries in the world are too happy with our space program. You see, Malaysia got reputation also. Once we get the whole space thing right, there is only one thing left to do…. TOLL GATES! Can you say Projek Lebuhraya Utara SPACE… Or in 1 words – PLUS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, despite my sarcasm and brutal honesty, I am very proud of the fact that Malaysia went to space. You see regardless of whether our Malaysian man is a angkasawan, a cosmonaut or even just a glorified tourist, there is one thing that we should be all proud of and that is “Singapore don’t have!”. Malaysia Boleh! Singapore Tak Boleh!...

Thank you!

By, Vijay Balasegaram

Jokes which did not make the final cut:

You know they should have let him perform the teh tarik trick and gasing tricks! It would have been excellent PR for Malaysia. That teh tarik trick has Mamak conspiracy written all over it. After he does that, you will probably see Nasi Kandar advertising Teh Tarik Angkasawan! The same teh tarik stretched in space by Dr. Sheik! "Uh! Sedapnya!"

Fundamentally I think Malaysians especially guys are just jealous of Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. Think about it. We were secretly supporting the ugly second guy! You know why. When I watching one of the news segments and they were showing the doctor. There will this female friend of mine. Lets call her Laura who I think has potential to be a future Datin. She looks at the guy "UhhHhh! Cutenya.." I say “what does him being cute have to do with anything” and she says "He looks like he is carrying a big package!"... Now, I am sure she was talking about the briefcase he was carrying but I am smart enough not to ask or clarify.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Invitation to PJBTC’s 2nd Demo Meeting

On behalf of the Protem Exco of PJBTC (PJ Bilingual Toastmasters Club), I would like to invite all of you to PJBTC’s 2nd Demo Meeting (English Meeting)

Date: 21st January 2008(next Monday), 7.30pm,
Place: Room 1.08, KDU College, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Do invite your family members and friends to come and have a fun-filled educational evening on 21st January 2008. Hope to see many of you at KDU College next Monday.

Have a great week ahead!
Gan Teong Hock
Mobile: 017-351 7033

CL10: Road Less Traveled


This is speech no 10 in the Competent and Leadership manual. The most challenging speech in the manual. Toastmaster Leong Hoe Wah joins the rank of Competent Communicator after this excellent effort.

Actual Speech:

I took the road less traveled and that makes (has made) all the difference - Robert Frost.

The man I am going to talk about took the road less traveled.

It was 1937, when a man, a young man, 19 years of age. Unwilling to succumb to the fate of being a farmer; a common fate of most young men of his generation.

He would set sail for Malaya, then known as a land of gold to push the hands of fate hoping to seek a fortune.

He would travel thousands of kilometers, braving the tumbling waves of the ocean and the unsettling ripples of fear, uncertainty and doubt in his heart as he finds himself heading to a strange land, of unknown culture and unfamiliar language with nothing more than the tiny amount of money in his pocket.

When the boat reached the shore; he set a nervous foot for the first time in the Malayan soil. But this young man unlike millions of other Chinese immigrants before him would one day leave a solid footprint in the Malaysian Book of History as one of its most successful entrepreneur of all time.

He started off working for his relative. And when he had saved enough money, he started his own business selling scrap metal and machineries before venturing into the construction business with little engineering knowledge, but a keen business sense, a readiness seek for advice and learn from others to and a willingness to work hard.

It was during one of his project building hydroelectric dam in Cameron Highlands that he conceived his biggest dream.

Who is this man? And what is the dream?

The man is the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and his dream; Genting Highlands – a place where people can enjoy the cool breeze, the exciting entertainment, and visit their money.

A dream that would take 7 long years to realize.

A dream that would demand that he spent his entire savings, sold all his assets and turn a deaf ear to the “advice” from people he knew. That it was absurd in turning a wilderness into a tourist resort.

A dream that almost cost him his life building the access road delivering water and electricity supplies to the hilltop where the resort was built.

One late evening, the land he was standing under gave way due to the earlier monsoon rain. He would’ve plunged more than 20km down the hill, had he not jumped out of the way fast enough. That day he went back and told his wife that he just went to hell, but was turned back because it’s not time yet, must do OT.

Genting Highlands is more than a resort, as it’s name Genting which means “on top of the clouds”, it is more than just a resort; it is a monument of a man who took the road less traveled; who took his dreams on top of the clouds and make it a reality on earth.

Do you have a dream?

Have you been pursuing them with all your heart and soul like Uncle Lim?

If you haven’t. Why not start now?

Johann Goethe says it best:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

There’s nothing less than magic when a man who bought and transformed a company on the brink of death million of dollars in debt into a living dynamic company more than 15 million in profit in a mere 7 months.

He started out as an accountant, then went on to become the youngest head of Warner Music at 28 and later continued 12 more years in the music industry.

Now here’s a man very successful in his own industry. Doesn’t seem to have to risk anything at all. Yet one day he went home and told his wife about his childhood dream to start an airline business. His wife told him, “Why can’t you think of something...simpler”. He thought for a while and responded, "If i Fail, i fail, i don't want to complain at the age of 60, that i should've done that!"

In 2001, Tony Fernandes bought AirAsia for RM1 and with that got himself under RM40 million in debt and 2 planes as new as the KTM line, with zero experience he had to mortagage his house and throw in all his savings. There were no shortage of people who criticize him passionately, calling him crazy, that it wouldn’t work. After all who could provide a better service than Malaysian Airlines?

He wouldn’t have any of it, with sheer hard work and persistence, he turned the company around and now everybody can fly, even to Manchester at 99. so as long as you check in wayyyyy…ahead of time.

Do you have a childhood dream?

What’s stopping you? What are the obstacles you can see?
Between dream and reality there’s always a bridge built with a material called obstacles, obstacles are stepping stones in disguise, each cleared brings your dreams closer to reality.

To borrow a quote from Neil Armstrong, “A small step in overcoming an obstacle, a giant leap in realizing your dreams.”

Now the question is, are you willing to let your dream soar and let the sky be your limit.

Remember, boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

By, Leong Hoe Wah

Importance of Speech Project CL4: How to Say It

Contribution found from an email...

English can be so complex to understand sometimes. Read the paragraph below... And try to understand the meaning:

Two individuals proceeded towards the apex of a natural geologic protuberance,
the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride of oxygen in a large vessel,
the exact size of which was unspecified.
One member of the team precipitously descended,
sustaining severe damage to the upper cranial portion of his anatomical structure;
Subsequently the second member of the team performed a self rotational translation oriented in the same direction taken by the first team member.

In simple English, what does this translate to?

The answer is...

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
and Jill came tumbling after!!!

By, Johnson Yike ACB ALB

CL3: A Dental Tip


This is speech no 3 in the Competent and Leadership manual. It is about learning how to organize your speech. The objective was to persuade people to FLOSS but the title was intentionally named as such to give as little information about the speech as possible to keep the mystery. This speech was presented on 17th January 2008.

Actual Speech:

(action) Thank you the TME

(action) very excitedly, bend your knees, loudly clap your hands once and smile at the audience

Dear audience, a quick experiment. So please participate and please… be honest.

Alright, we shall start with the left. A SHOW OF HANDS!








(action) react to the audience, step back, look straight

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow toastmasters, GOOD EVENING!

The point today is FLOSS. And unfortunately, not many people seem to remember to FLOSS these days.

The reasons people forget are easy.

Unlike brushing which cleans the front of your teeth, flossing cleans the back of your teeth.

And like many other things, people tend to concentrate firstly on surface beauty, outlook and appearances. Hence flossing becomes secondary.

But there are many important reasons to floss.

For one, if bad breath is a problem for you. FLOSS.

Do not be swayed by marketing media such as Colgate Total or Listerine Mouthwashes.

They are in effect temporary. Especially for us Malaysians, who without need of mention LOVE to eat things like DURIAN, PETAI, SAMBAL, and MCDs.

(action) take out a sample toothpick with floss

Try this. After you’ve flossed for the first time, dare you take a whiff?

You’d probably be like… “Oh, =( so that’s where the smell is coming from”

On a more serious note, the main purpose of flossing is to remove plaque. Unlike brushing, it removes the plaque behind and in between the teeth.

It may sound cliché, but we remove plaque to prevent two things.

Tartar, Gingivitis!

Now, plaque you can remove it yourself. But tartar can only be removed by your dentist. And when your dentist has removed the tartar, there will be a hole in the tooth called a cavity. No matter if you have an institution, sponsor or company to pay for the fillings to fill up the tooth. A cavity or filling will not make your teeth look nice.

Gingivitis, on the other hand, is the inflammation of gums. When you see bleeding, recurring ulcers and redness, it is probably gingivitis. If the inflammation becomes severe, it probably has reached a later stage called periodontitis.

Now did you know that flossing helps prevent heart related disease?

HOW? Because gingivitis and periodontitis are bacterial forms of infection, bacteria can dislodge from the gums and flow into the bloodstream, travel thru blood vessels and risk creating clots. Clots lead to higher blood pressure and higher risk of getting a stroke.

So ladies and gentlemen, FLOSS. Advance to your nearest pharmacy to get something like this I hold in my hand. They sell by the 50 or 100 for only as low as RM4.00 a box. Watsons perhaps.

This is not a sales pitch. But I AM pitching for all of you to cultivate a new habit.

So, do not make a loss, FLOSS.

Back to you TME

By, Jason Chew

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Next Step - Taken!

I wish to thank all my Role Players for taking the next step with me and making tonight's meeting a Dynamic one!!! Tonight's theme, 'The Next Step' was a sequel to the previous meeting's theme: 'The Sky is the Limit', and it was a reminder that SETTING Goals, Targets, and/or Resolutions alone ISN'T ENOUGH, we need (must!) to TAKE THE NEXT STEP and TAKE ACTION.

I shared my personal reason why I love 'Public Speaking and Leadership', as when it comes to Public Speaking and Leadership there are NO 'minimal requirements ';
- you don't have to be a degree holder, masters or PHD
- no age limitation - even from a young age public speaking and leadership can be cultivated.. you just need to SPEAK and DO (Roles), and in this field, one platform for that step was provided to us by Dr Ralph C. Smedley. DTM Siva and ACG ALB Soh Fong Wai have pointed out during the meeting, Public Speaking and Leadership isn't something you can ' just read and attend talks/seminars about' ... It will only be developed by DOING & TAKING ACTION!!. The energy of the meeting was high. Members and guests alike were all entertain and captivated by all the Speakers and the Role Players.

A special note of thanks to TM Jatson Ho who came before 7.00pm, and assisted me in setting up the room as well as taking up the role of the Timer. I goes to show that our members are ever ready to jump in and lead a helping hand.

To TM Joey Wong, one of our new members who took the first step to being an Invocation speaker . A touching personal story that reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives while they are still in our lives.

To our three Competent Communicator Project Speakers, Joanne Tham, Jason Chew and Peter Yu , each has respectively Wowed us with their speeches with was humorous in nature yet informative. Each of these remarkable speakers have taken the next step to being advance speakers. Congratulations !

To TM Tan Kooi Ching, who also took on a new role in the club as the General Evaluator. She planned out her role and responsibilities well, and coordinated the session professionally & gracefully. A truly remarkable member who continues to grow through her Toastmasters journey.

To the Speech Evaluators, it was truly an amazing display of skill by the different ways of evaluation presentation; 'Warm & Motherly ', 'Fun-ny, Artistic & Animated', 'Oldie but a Goodie', 'Serious & Determined', and 'No Holds Barred'.

To our special guest, TM Azrai Skymmar who was our Humour Master who tickled our funny bone about how a friend would take initiative to help our a group friends, and how to navigate a ship.

The winners of the night were:
Speaker: Peter Yu
Evaluator: Angelene Chong
Table Topic: G. Sivalingam

Dear D'Utama members, tonight we have set a fantastic record for this term - tonight's Regular Meeting we have a total of 22 GUESTS! I would like to express my personal gratitute to our website team; Vijay B, Marcus Looi, Angelene Chong and Calvin Lim. Most of the members who came tonight commented that it was through the Internet / our website, that they knew of D'Utama and one guest commented that our website was the 'most updated one and full of incredible materials'.

This has been truly a night to remember for me and to describe it in short, it was


Thank you all!!

Your TME,
Johnson Yike

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Regular Meeting on 17th January 2008

THEME: The Next Step...

TME: Johnson Yike
ASA 1: Karine Koh
ASA 2: Marcus Loi
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Joey Wong
Table Topic Master: Joanne Tan
Table Topic Evaluator: Nancy Liew
Humor Master: Azrai Skymmar (TM guest)

General Evaluator: Tan Kooi Ching
Language Evaluator: Eugene Ng
Ah Counter: Ryan Loh
Timekeeper: Ooi Li Ann
Assignment Speakers - Speech Evaluators
1) Jason Chew (CC Proj 3) - Vijay B.
2) Peter Yu (CC Proj 4) - Available
3) Joanne Tham (CC Proj 2) - Lim Bing Yee
4) Soh Fong Wai (AC Public Relations - Project #1) - Allen Kam
5) Henry Fu (AC Humorously Speaking - Project #2) 5) - Available

Best Regards,
Johnson Yike, TME

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AC1: ?


This is speech no 2 in the Advanced manual. Its part of the humor manual and Toastmaster Leong Hoe Wah does funny very well. Enjoy the script!

Actual Speech:

Two meetings ago, Calvin came over and asked me. Hey Leong, will you be the TME for the next meeting?

Sure. I thought i lost my mind. I answered him yes, without even thinking. That was the most chaotic meeting i've ever been to, stepping over everybody's lines.

But i learn one thing. Before i was the TME, i did not have the capability because i've only been here for..1 year.

and after being a TME, i am SURE that i don't have the capability.

If you think the role of a TME is easy, well it's not easy. It's not as if you come up here, speak for a while and then go back and sit down. it's not like that.

and i remember one quote from my teacher, which is why i thought that's the reason why i agreed with Calvin to become the TME. he said "Leong, in every crisis there's always an make it worse"

now, put yourself in my shoe, and see what is the actual responsibility of a TME.

First, you will get an agenda from somebody. Then you have to crack your head to come up with a good Theme of the Day.

Next, you have to find the details of all the speakers.

To do that you have to call them up to find out their speech title, objectives, the manual they are doing and what are their ranks.

And Oh my God! You’ve got so many ranks in Toastmasters.

You’ve got CC, ATM, ATMB, ATMS. I thought we’re sponsored by TMNet.

And then you have the Advanced Leader, AL, ALS, ALG..i couldn’t even remember them all but I think ABS is one of them.

If somebody were to get all these titles together, their name must be longer than Agong’s.

And after you’ve got that all down.

Next we go on to the Role Players.

And of course, it’s not easy to get Role Players. It’s not as if you pay them to be there. Then you have to start the whole cycle again. You have to call them, trick them, treat them, threaten them.

After you’ve gotten the Role Players. You’ve got to get the backup just in case they didn’t appear. And you’ve got to find the backup for the backups just in case the backups didn’t appear!.

I was making so many phone calls and sent out so many SMSes and the replies came back all within an hour. We almost have a concert right over there. Ring! Ring! Ring!

My boss came over and asked me, “Hey Leong, your side business doing good, huh?

One person at the corner, he said “One Cornetto please”.

You’ve got everything down.

Now, you’ve got the Theme down.

You’ve got all the speakers and their details in place.

You’ve got the role players.

What’s next?

Being the TME, I was very early for that day.

I was so early, I saw the caterer putting the food on the table, that’s how early it was!

And then I was helping Marcus to put up the table clothes.

And it’s not easy to put that up. The moment you put up one corner the other one drops down.

After having everything setup.

Next you move on to meeting proper. Which I have sang so much, I’ve almost forgotten how to sing it.

That was followed by the Word of the Day.

Then yours truly came up and the “kelam kabut” started.

I was stepping over everybody’s line.

I was reading the evaluator’s note to the evaluator.

In fact, I almost did the President’s opening speech!.

That was how bad it was.

And then I was lucky, I’ve got a very experienced Table Topics Master, Calvin Lim. He is very wise, not only because he leads the way but also because he’s my evaluator for the day!.

And then you have Allen Kam, he’s not here. He did very well.

Everything went my standard.

And then there’s the President’s closing speech.

I learnt one very important lesson that day.

Somebody once told me that, “we’re like teabags, we’ll never know our true strength, until we put ourselves in hot water”

Don’t think you’re not capable to take up a challenging role or responsibility.

Because until you take it up, you’ll never know how strong you are.

After all, the pain that doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

Have the courage and go forward towards bigger and bigger roles.

Back to you, TME.

By, Leong Hoe Wah

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Dear readers,

D'Utama Toastmasters Club has prepared some exciting activities for the month of January and February 2008. Details are as follows.

1) 17th January 2008 - Regular Meeting
3rd Thursday of the month
Toastmaster of the Evening: Johnson Yike (ACB, ALB)

2) 31st January 2008 - Speakers' Nite
5th Thursday of the month
Toastmaster of the Evening: Jatson Ho

3) 7th February 2008
1st Thursday of the month
Status: No meeting due to Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!)

4) 21st February 2008
3rd Thursday of the month
Club's level contest for Table Topic or Impromptu Speech

5) 28th February 2008
4th Thursday of the month
Club's level contest for International Speech

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Friday, January 4, 2008

CL7: Where it all began...


This is speech no 7 in the Competent and Leadership manual. The speech requires an extensive amount of research to be carried out on a selected subject. The speaker has to collect information about his/her topic from numerous sources and carefully support his/her points and opinions with specific facts, examples and illustrations gathered through research

Actual Speech:

Good evening fellow toastmasters and honourable guests,

Once upon a time, there was a fleeing Sumatran prince, named Parameswara. After failing in his attempt to overthrow the King of Majapahit at that time, he was lucky to escape the kingdom and he still wanted to be a king. One day, he was out for hunting. While he was resting under a tree, he saw an unusual incident. One of his dogs cornered a mouse-deer and to his surprise, the mouse-deer in its defense attacked the dog and forced it into the river. He was impressed by the courage of the little animal. He immediately stood up and declared to his followers and guards, “I have found the place and I am going to found a city on the ground I am standing now.” He then continued, “What is the name of the tree that gives me the shade?” One of his followers replied, “Your highness, this is Pokok Melaka.” Thus, Melaka was born.

Ladies and gentlemen,

There were easily more than 3 versions on how the name Melaka came about. Most scholars and historians agreed that the name Melaka originated from the name of the tree. Their reason was that the local people at that time like to name a place after plants or trees. Some examples of places in Melaka that still bear the name of plants or trees until today are Kg. Alai, Kg Bertam, Pengkalan Kempas, Kg Merlimau and Kg Kundang.

As time went on, Melaka grew bigger and more prosperous. It attracted many Javanese, Chinese, Indian, and Arab sea-merchants and later became an international trading free port. According to historians, Melaka was one of the world greatest trading cities in the 13th and 14th century. Its fame and wealth has caught the attention of the Europeans. There was a saying that “Whoever is the Lord in Melaka, has his hand on the throat of Venice.” The Portuguese became the first European to arrived and conquered Melaka in 1511, led by Alfonso de Alburquerque. With that, the golden era of Malacca Sultanate only lasted less than a century. The Portuguese stayed for 130 years before the Dutch captured Melaka in 1641. The British also laid their feet on Melaka in 1824 when it was handed over by the Dutch during the French Revolution. It was also under the Japanese occupancy during the Second World War.

My fellow toastmasters and honourable guests,

From an unknown fishing village to one of the world greatest cities that many admired at one time, today, Melaka has only a land area of 1638 sq. km or 1.3% of the whole of Malaysia. In 2007, it has a population of 759000 people. Of that, 57% are Malays, 32% Chinese and the other minorities made up the 11%.

With a long history in trading and colonization by Oriental and Western powers, 2 unique cultures, Peranakans and Kristang, are born.

Peranakans are descended from Chinese migrants who first came to Melaka many centuries ago. Peranakans or Straits Chinese adopted Malays customs and cultures into their daily life. The male Peranakans are called Babas while the females are Nyonya.

Kristang or Portuguese-Eurasian is resulted from the intermarried of the Portuguese with the local population and they still maintain their traditional surnames such as Sequiera and Lopez. These 3000-odd groups of people are located at the Portuguese Settlemen.

On 15 April 1989, Melaka was declared as Historical City. Let us go to experience Melaka ourselves. Here is where it all began…

By, Marcus Loi

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Regular Meeting on 3rd January 2008

Here is the latest development:

TME: Teoh Chun Ming
ASA 1: Nil
ASA 2: Nil
Teh Tarik: Jatson Ho
Table Topic Master: Joanne Tham
Table Topic Evaluator: Lim Bing Yee
General Evaluator: Lee Wei Seong
Language Evaluator: Johnson Yike
Ah Counter: Asylynna Lee
Timekeeper: Nil

Assignment Speakers - Speech Evaluators:
1) Marcus Loi - G. Subramaniam
2) Leong Hoe Wah - Calvin Lim
3) Eugene Ng - Vijay B.
4) Nancy Liew - G. Siva

Teoh Chun Ming, TME

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, one and all

Let 2007 pass, engraving experiences on your life wall

Let's meet for the first meeting in 2008

Where friends remember friends, let's make it a date...

Dear all,

On behalf of the EXCO this term, Happy New Year once again and don't forget to mark your calendars for the first meeting of the year. Let's look forward to a cooperative, positive and productive year ahead!

Date: 3 Jan 2008
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: KDU College, D'Utama, Petaling Jaya

Let's join Chun Ming and team thus Thursday and make it great, as usual! Also, my personal view, let's bring newness into the club and into our lives! Newness encompassing members, ideas and approaches in getting things done... Let's go out-of-the-box this year!

See you all!

Warm regards
Angelene Chong
VPPR 2007/08

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