Friday, January 18, 2008

The Next Step - Taken!

I wish to thank all my Role Players for taking the next step with me and making tonight's meeting a Dynamic one!!! Tonight's theme, 'The Next Step' was a sequel to the previous meeting's theme: 'The Sky is the Limit', and it was a reminder that SETTING Goals, Targets, and/or Resolutions alone ISN'T ENOUGH, we need (must!) to TAKE THE NEXT STEP and TAKE ACTION.

I shared my personal reason why I love 'Public Speaking and Leadership', as when it comes to Public Speaking and Leadership there are NO 'minimal requirements ';
- you don't have to be a degree holder, masters or PHD
- no age limitation - even from a young age public speaking and leadership can be cultivated.. you just need to SPEAK and DO (Roles), and in this field, one platform for that step was provided to us by Dr Ralph C. Smedley. DTM Siva and ACG ALB Soh Fong Wai have pointed out during the meeting, Public Speaking and Leadership isn't something you can ' just read and attend talks/seminars about' ... It will only be developed by DOING & TAKING ACTION!!. The energy of the meeting was high. Members and guests alike were all entertain and captivated by all the Speakers and the Role Players.

A special note of thanks to TM Jatson Ho who came before 7.00pm, and assisted me in setting up the room as well as taking up the role of the Timer. I goes to show that our members are ever ready to jump in and lead a helping hand.

To TM Joey Wong, one of our new members who took the first step to being an Invocation speaker . A touching personal story that reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives while they are still in our lives.

To our three Competent Communicator Project Speakers, Joanne Tham, Jason Chew and Peter Yu , each has respectively Wowed us with their speeches with was humorous in nature yet informative. Each of these remarkable speakers have taken the next step to being advance speakers. Congratulations !

To TM Tan Kooi Ching, who also took on a new role in the club as the General Evaluator. She planned out her role and responsibilities well, and coordinated the session professionally & gracefully. A truly remarkable member who continues to grow through her Toastmasters journey.

To the Speech Evaluators, it was truly an amazing display of skill by the different ways of evaluation presentation; 'Warm & Motherly ', 'Fun-ny, Artistic & Animated', 'Oldie but a Goodie', 'Serious & Determined', and 'No Holds Barred'.

To our special guest, TM Azrai Skymmar who was our Humour Master who tickled our funny bone about how a friend would take initiative to help our a group friends, and how to navigate a ship.

The winners of the night were:
Speaker: Peter Yu
Evaluator: Angelene Chong
Table Topic: G. Sivalingam

Dear D'Utama members, tonight we have set a fantastic record for this term - tonight's Regular Meeting we have a total of 22 GUESTS! I would like to express my personal gratitute to our website team; Vijay B, Marcus Looi, Angelene Chong and Calvin Lim. Most of the members who came tonight commented that it was through the Internet / our website, that they knew of D'Utama and one guest commented that our website was the 'most updated one and full of incredible materials'.

This has been truly a night to remember for me and to describe it in short, it was


Thank you all!!

Your TME,
Johnson Yike