Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conducting the Table Topic Speech Contest 2007/2008–21st Feb 2008

I have joined Toastmaster club for about two years. I like the most about the TM club is that every member have a chance to practice the skills they want to improve. I have tried out different role plays in the club’s meeting but this is the first time to be the contest chair of our club’s speech contest. I thought it is like TME at the first. But I realize that is more to do after being briefed by Calvin and I began to feel nervous. I need to get people to take part in the speech contest, I need to prepare the table topic questions, I need to understand the contest rule, I need to prepare the certificates and trophy etc. That are a lot of things need to be done and arrange before the contest. Fortunately, I received assistances from many members.

We have nine contestants on that day to talk about the table topics question “Poor people are happier than rich people. Do you agree?” It is a very controversy issue but our contestants have delivered their view in a 2 minutes talk. Every one of them had given a very valid point from different perspectives. The Table Topic Speech Contest 2007/2008 champion goes to G.Siva, first runner is Hanzo Ng and second runner is Vijay B.

The atmosphere of the contest speech is different from regular meeting just because I felt a sense of nervous and tension from the contestants and myself. Though I attended some speech contest before and how the flow should be, but I still very nervous because this is my first time to be a contest chair. I also felt the atmosphere kind of formal because I have to read out the contest rules and read out the same topic question in a routine and formal way for all contestants.

I think it is a very good experience to be a contest chair. It is a better way to know the activity of Toastmaster. During the process of preparation, I got the chance to know and learn of handling different type of event because different type of event requires different type of preparation.

I am very glad the speech contest was conducted and completed smoothly with the help of committed role players. I really appreciate for all the contestants and role players’ support to make this speech contest a successful content. At the end, I think I can quote from Confucius “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” to express my experience of holding the club speech contest. After conducted the speech contest, now I understand the difference between the contest chair and TME.

By Tan Kooi Ching
11 March 2008