Sunday, April 13, 2008

Power-Pack Meeting on 17th April

For me, Sunday is the best day to rest, calm my mind and prepare for Monday. Somehow, this week, I get so excited for the coming TM meeting on 17th April.

All I hope, is Speaker & Role Player will stay put... on your dear responsibility until the end of the meeting. If you need to withdraw from the role, update me ASAP via 012-200 6761.

Someone could be eying on the role ? :-)

Grab this opportunity to challenge yourself !! I am waiting for You to join my Power-Pack Crew.

TME: Ryan Loh

ASA 1: Patrick
ASA 2: vacant

Teh Tarik for the Soul: Karine Koh

Table Topic Master: Teoh Chun Ming
Table Topic Evaluator: Ian Cheong

Humor Master: Joanne Tan

General Evaluator: Eugene Ng
Language Evaluator: vacant
Ah Counter: Lim Bing Yee

Timekeeper: Joanne Tham

Assignment Speaker (Speech Evaluator)

1) Peter Yu (Marcus Loi)
2) vacant (Nancy Liew)
3) vacant (Kooi Ching)
4) Asylynna Lee (Li Ann)

Your Captain,
Ryan Loh
Mobile : + 6012 200 6761