Saturday, June 7, 2008

Installation Night 2008 (I)


D'Utama Toastmasters Club will be having our Installation Nite 2007/2008 on 28th June 2008, Saturday.

Remember those days when we won something from the lucky draw, we were happy and some of us may be speechless. Even the door gifts were quite beautiful and cute to have and to cherish.

Why do we felt that way? Was it the feel-good-factor of having something from someone, though size doesn't matter? Or was it the sentimental or intrinsic value that we have uphold for it? Or perhaps it was just my lucky day?

Do you still want to have this pleasant moment to continue for this incoming Installation night?

The month of May 2008 have arrived and I'm still hopeful that someone out there would sponsor or find a sponsor to give away some prizes for the lucky draw and also the door gifts as well.

While we may have little time left, but nothing is impossible. Hence I appeal to every member (again) to assist me so that we can make it happen, once more.


Calvin Lim
Organizing Chairperson
Installation Night 2007/2008
D'Utama Toastmasters Club