Monday, June 2, 2008

Regular Meeting on 5th June 2008

For this coming meeting on 5th June 2008, I shall be the TME. Come and join the fun!

TME: Calvin Lim
ASA 1: Nil
ASA 2: Nil
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Goh Sheen Yee
Table Topic Master: Yee Lai Heng
Table Topic Evaluator: Joanne Tan
Humor Master: Nil
General Evaluator: Tan Kooi Ching
Language Evaluator: Nil
Ah Counter: Peter Yu
Time Keeper: Ooi Li Ann

Assignment Speakers and Speech Evaluators:

1) Patrick Khoo (C&L #2)- Lim Bing Yee
2) Joanne Tham (C&L #4)- Nil
3) Marcus Loi (C&L #9)- Soh Fong Wai
4) Henry Fu (ACL - Humourously Speaking #5) - Vijay B.

Standby speaker:
1) Nil

Assignment speakers, please pass me of your speech title, speech manual, project number, personal details or biodata, timing, and any special request is required for your speech.

Calvin Lim
Vice President of Education (VPE)