Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ever since (July 2008) I have taken the Presidential position for D’Utama Toastmasters (DUTM) Club for 2008/2009 term, I begin to wonder where the Club stands at this point of time. As the Club President of DUTM, there were questions invaded my thought like buzzing mosquitoes.

For examples, were DUTM members motivated and inspired to be active and proactive as responsible individuals? Were the guests treated with care and love by our warm hospitality? Was the monthly EXCO meeting conducted as productively – as it should be – with the Executive Committee (EXCO) members?

Accordingly to some “reliable sources”, there were areas that required my undivided attention for improvements. For instances, the Presidential speech needed to be uplifting with more impact and meaningful message(s); observes and respects the timing schedule as we have committed to the members – for all Club meetings and/or contests; enhances the quality of every members’ prepared speech assignments and members’ know-how in speech evaluation are critical; encourage members to boldly take up roles and responsibilities without much hesitation; and to have fruitful workshops where everyone would and could gain from it.

I could not help but to beg for extra time to accomplish more and more of the “children’s” demands for need-to-do lists. Nonetheless, every mankind is given a fair and equal share – of 24 hours a day – to work on anything and everything that we desired and wanted to do. So it depends on how effectively and efficiently we use time to work on our side.

Because it is and would be pointlessness to go against time and to lament over “lost time” or having self-pity of “if-only-I-could-do-this-or-that” attitude. I guessed my old man was right when he said, “time is precious and therefore used it wisely”.

Hence let’s make things happen as we walk our talk, by putting our words and thoughts into actions!

Yours faithfully,
Calvin Lim, ACB
President of D’Utama Toastmasters Club

“Taking Chances to Share”