Thursday, December 17, 2009

ACM #42 - 23 December 2009 (Wednesday) - READY, SET, GO !

(Update #13: 22 Dec 2009, 2:20PM - Final Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #12: 21 Dec 2009, 9:30AM - Final Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #11: 20 Dec 2009, 11:36PM - 1 Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #10: 20 Dec 2009, 8:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled, Agenda & Speakers' Project Details READY FOR DOWNLOAD)
(Update #9: 17 Dec 2009, 3:33PM - 1 Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #8: 17 Dec 2009, 9:45PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #7: 16 Dec 2009, 2:38PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #6: 16 Dec 2009, 1:30PM - 2 Guests invited)
(Update #5: 29 Nov 2009, 8:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #4: 25 Nov 2009, 1:40PM - 2 Panel Evaluator filled, 1 Lead Evaluator)
(Update #3: 23 Nov 2009, 2:35PM - 2 remaining Project Speakers confirmed)
(Update #2: 23 Nov 2009, 1:45PM - 1 Project Speaker confirmed)
(Update #1: 23 Nov 2009, 11:48AM - One Panel Evaluator filled)

Greetings Everyone !!!!

ACM #42 has been confirmed to be on 23 December 2009 (Wednesday) and our Facilitator is Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM !!! She is the Immediate Past Division Governor (Term 2008 - 2009: Courage To Make A Difference) of District 51; recipient of the 'President Distinguish Division Award'. Currently, she is the Club President of Kelab Pidato Kuala Lumpur, and member of Phoenix Toastmasters Club, Shah Alam Toastmasters Club, MAICSA Toastmasters Club. She is also know an the 'Mother of East Coast (Peninsula)', for her chartering clubs, and her continuous immense contribution and support to Toastmasters Club in East Peninsula Malaysia such as Lekor TMC (Terengganu), Penapisan TMC (Terengganu), Kertih TMC (Terengganu), Kuantan TMC (Kuantan) and FPG TMC (Kuantan).

Download Speaker's Project Details here:

Download the ACM #42 Agenda here:

Role Player Registration is

Speaker #1: Geoff ANDREW, DTM (Premier Adv, KL Adv)
Advanced Manual: " Communicating On Television "
Project #: " #5 - Training on TV "
Lead Evaluator: Meyyappa Manickam, DTM (DKC)
Panel 1: Johnson YIKE, DTM (D'Utama)
Panel 2: Julian GAN, ACB ALB (UniTAR, Shaklee TM)
Panel 3: CHEAH Ai Ling, CC CL (CIMA)
Speaker #2: GAN Teong Hock, ACB CL (D'Utama, MBTC)
Advanced Manual: " The Entertaining Speaker "
Project #: " #4 - Dramatic Speech "
Lead Evaluator: Marian LEE, ACB CL (TTDI)
Panel 1: EU Choi San, CC (Premier Adv.)
Panel 2: FOONG Xiao Thoong, CC ALB (UniTAR TM)
Panel 3: Richard YEOW, CC (CIMA)

Speaker #3: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Advanced Manual: " Story Telling "
Project #: " #2 - Let's Get Personal "
Lead Evaluator: SOH Fong Wai, DTM (DUTM, KBTC, MBTC)
Panel 1: CHEONG Kuok Sum, CC CL (TTDI)
Panel 2: Janice LEE, CC (TTDI)

Timer: TEOH Chun Ming, CC (D'Utama)



Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #42
Date/Day: 23 December 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm
Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

(Google Map: location link click here)
(Streetdirectory: location link click here)
Latest Updates here:

For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here
ACM #42 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Competent Communicator(CC) / Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend & for seat allocation (max 18). I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.
If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike, DTM
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

* This ACM email update is sent to those who have expressed interested towards the ACM before. If you DO NOT wish to receive future updates, kindly revert to indicate so and I'll remove you from the mailing list. My apologizes for the any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Area B4 Joint Meeting - D’Utama, Kelab Pidato, Shah Alam & Lafarge

The first-ever Area B4 Joint Meeting will be taking place on 17th December 2009 at Room 1.08, Kolej Damansara Utama! Clubs within Area B4 (D’Utama, Kelab Pidato, Shah Alam & Lafarge) will be converging on this special evening to witness amazing speakers and evaluators in their best element! This meeting will also be conducted in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, headed by the Toastmaster of the Evening, Area B4’s own governor, Calvin Lim, ACS.

This spectacular meeting will begin at 7.30pm. Be there and be part of the action!

TME: Calvin Lim (D’Utama)
ASA 1: Hoo Sze Ling (D’Utama)
ASA 2: Joanna Tong (D’Utama)
Table Topic Master: Janet Lim, CC (Lafarge)
Table Topic Evaluator: Nor Lida (Shah Alam)
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Jonathan Moh (D’Utama)
Humor Master: Marcus Loi (D’Utama)
General Evaluator: Kim Chow (Pidato)
Language Evaluator: Quah Mei Lee (D’Utama)
Ah-Counter: Shirley Ooi (Lafarge)
Time Keeper: Sem (Pidato)
Assignment Speaker (D’Utama): Ruth Ting (Ice breaker)
Assignment Speaker (Lafarge): Mohd Syafiq
Assignment Speaker (Kelab Pidato KL): Hadzrin (BM)
Assignment Speaker (Shah Alam): Sarah Abedi; “Speaking to Inform” – Project #1
Assignment Evaluator (for D’Utama): Hakim (Pidato)
Assignment Evaluator (for Lafarge): Nancy Liew, ACB, ALB (D’Utama)
Assignment Evaluator (for Kelab Pidato KL): Zaharah Ibrahim (Shah Alam) - BM
Assignment Evaluator (for Shah Alam): Ismail Yusof (CC); (Lafarge)

See you there!!
Quah Mei Lee has achieved Competent Communicator (CC) status!

Quah Mei Lee receives her CC ribbon from Club President, Teoh Chun Ming
(Photograph courtesy of Johnson Yike, DTM)

Mei Lee officially joined D’Utama Toastmasters Club in April 2009 but had already made up her mind to obtain her CC before the year was out. Her next goals are to complete her Competent Leadership (CL) manual as well as achieve Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) status!

Well done, Mei Lee! We’re proud of you!

Competent Communicator (CC) is an award given to Toastmasters who have successfully completed all 10 projects in the Competent Communication manual. Toastmasters who have achieved this award will have the acronyms CC stated after their names and contribute towards their club's DCP points which count towards the President's Distinguished Club award.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fellowship: Fraser's Hill

On 12th September 2009, 21 of us at D’Utama Toastmasters Club went up Fraser’s Hill for a weekend of fun, fellowship, food and more food!! A few dropped out at the last minute, which made room for Jason Tan and one of our newest members, Bell!

Getting up before dawn to get to our designated meeting point of KDU by 6.45 am, we began our journey while still bleary-eyed but all geared up for our trip.

The Pines Resort
After 2 hours, we finally arrived at the Pines Resort, Fraser’s Hill! We couldn’t believe our eyes! There was a welcome sign just for us D’Utama Toastmasters at the reception!

The hunt for treasure
The programme for the afternoon was a treasure hunt. We were broken up into 4 groups with 5 members in each. The groups were :
Blyth Hawk-Eagle (led by Joanne Tham)
Sizzling Hot (led by Sze Ling)
Halia (led by Calvin)
Group 4 (led by Jessy)

The 1st runner-up was Blyth Hawk-Eagle and the 2nd runner-up was Sizzling Hot.

The winner was Group Halia, led by Calvin! (Of course it helped that they had a marathon runner on their team! And thus the debate over the real winner continues…)

The winning group walked away with a large bag of groundnuts. Tong Garden Shandong groundnuts, to be precise!

No getting away from Toastmasters …
After-dinner entertainment began with a Table Topics session (could you have expected anything else?) - organised and coordinated by Gan Teong Hock - and accompanied by red wine, white wine and sparkling grape juice!

Questions posed were along the lines of “What would you choose to be and why?” First victim, er, speaker was none other than Club President, Teoh Chun Ming who garnered the question of “Which branded product would you choose to own and why?” and chose to speak about KFC! Thanks to Teong Hock’s careful planning, every Toastmaster had the chance to participate … there was no escape! After speaking, each speaker was to choose the next speaker to select at random a Table Topic question and begin talking. Other questions revolved around which cartoon character/animation character/actor or actress/American President you would choose to be and we had a good time laughing our hearts out at the answers!

Jessy Chahal provided the grand finale to the Table Topics session, being asked to narrate the rest of the story that began with “It is 2 am in the morning. You are typing on your computer and you hear a knock on the door.” In her story, she goes on to agree to join the International Speech Contest after much goading and persuading from fellow Toastmasters!

Ginger did the honours of providing the next thing on the agenda for after-dinner entertainment : the game of Mafia! First introduced on a previous trip to Cameron Highlands, this game was brought back to Fraser’s Hill. After explaining the rules and methods of the game to novices who have never heard of it, we all promptly began playing. The suspense of the game came from trying to pinpoint who the Mafia was in the group, responsible for naming civilians to be eliminated from the game during the “night” when everyone was supposed to be asleep. Everyone was straining their necks to look out for suspicious behaviours and giveaway body language to uncover the Mafia players. In the end, the Mafia was winning over the civilians in all games except for once, when the civilians finally outwitted and outlived the Mafia.

The game ended at 11.30 pm but it was not over for some. While a few took to bed right away, others chose to embark on a midnight walk through the night mist and cool breeze.

The morning after …
The night luckily provided a peaceful slumber for everyone; no one had to fend off attack from mosquitoes. Some chose to begin the day (at 7 am!) with Qigong and salsa moves while others remained under the covers.

Next on the agenda was running with Chun Ming! We saw Jason, Bell, Jatson, Joanne, Calvin, Jared and Marcus off at the starting line … with Marcus promptly making a U-turn; he had the wrong shoes on or so he said.

Bing Yee led the jungle trek portion of the day’s programme. Starting at 9.45 am, the trek revealed Jessy’s potential as a possible guide for the next Toastmaster’s trek! She managed to stay ahead of the group (more specifically, all the guys) throughout the entire trek!

Nancy led the way for horseriding. Each ride cost only RM4 with adorable ponies to choose from!

We played Mafia one last time and Jason delivered his farewell speech. Finally President Teoh Chun Ming presented Jason with a farewell card signed by all present, with Jason declaring that he will hang the card on his wall for all eternity … only for us to find the card left on the dining table on our way out!

Reluctantly we bade goodbye to Fraser’s Hill and to each other. But what a weekend! And here’s to many more fun gatherings in the future!

Acknowledgements and appreciation must be given to Bing Yee and Ginger who took the lead in organising this trip.

Johnson Yike is now Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)!

Johnson describes himself as a ‘city boy’ borne in the year of the ‘Horse’ (Chinese Zodiac calendar) and bred in Petaling Jaya. He obtained a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Networking, and Masters of Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

How did you come to know about Toastmasters?
It was around July 2005 when I was online one night with my good friend Eugene Ng. We were chatting over MSN, generally bored and didn’t know what to do with our time. Then I recalled about ‘Toastmasters’ (that was briefly mentioned by my then girlfriend, Poh Lin) and ask Eugene if we wanted to ‘look and see’ what this Toastmasters is about. We went to Toastmasters International website, and found the closest club between us, D’Utama Toastmasters Club. We were impressed by the members of D’Utama and decided to challenge ourselves to be like them, and we joined in September 2005.

What motivated or inspired you to go on to pursue DTM status?
When I start something, I need to finish it. So when I became a Toastmaster, I read through the Toastmasters manuals, and what is freely available on the TI website. I then plotted the dates and places where I can offer myself to play roles and/or presenting a speech. It feels good when you know you’re learning and growing.
I remembered an old saying, “If you wish to fly with the eagles, don’t hang around turkeys”. The people whom I’ve met through Toastmasters directly and indirectly inspired me to grow. I wonder how it would feel to be standing on par with the ‘Giants’ in the movement – I still do.

How has Toastmasters helped you?
Prior to being a Toastmaster, I never had any problems communicating … with computer Chat programs (via IRC, ICQ or MSN) behind a computer screen. I was also not the kind of person who is able to start (face-to-face) conversations; others would need to approach me first to start with a ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ before I can say anything. I was in the IT line doing all the work behind the scenes – where when things are working, the bosses would think the machines are doing it “all by themselves”, and when things breakdown, they will say we are not doing our jobs.
After being in Toastmasters, I found my voice and was able to express my ideas more openly. With assistance and coaching within and outside of Toastmasters, I got into Project Management. Now I am able to meet clients and be confident when conveying my proposals and suggestions to them. The skills & traits I’ve learned gave me the confidences to pursue greater goals and to know how to take feedback positively (no matter how negatively it is delivered – hey not everyone are Toastmasters *smile*).

What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I love watching television shows, movies & anime. Here is where I find certain traits from the characters that believe I can learn from. For example, ‘Allan Shore in Boston Legal – check out the word usage & facial expression when he is arguing a case’, the movie ‘The Negotiator’ & the TV show ‘Lie to Me’ – understand the meaning of facial expression and body gestures, and animes such as ‘One Piece’ and ‘Hajime No Ippo’ – how stories are written & conveyed to give the maximum impact.
I also enjoy eating (I believe most club members would know that by now). I don’t mind spending good money on good food.
I found out recently I enjoy video-graphy too. I’m still sourcing the appropriate camcorder with my limited budget.
I enjoy developing people. Perhaps its part of the ‘Project Manager’ in me but I like to see people reaching their goals and surpassing their supposed limitations.

Who are some leaders you admire and why?
There are so many that impressed and inspired me, and to state a few;
  • Lee Wei Seong, when in D’Utama, I had never heard him present speeches but when he evaluated formally (or informally), I was extremely impressed by his evaluation and sincere feedback to everyone. He would approach me after I have presented and offered (not impose) his opinion to me. An encouraging word or two can really make a difference. Then I told myself, that I need to emulate this man and am still trying to provide same kind of sincere care to other members like he did.
  • Sharon Ng (DTM), one of the earlier DTM of D’Utama, this lady was able to convey her ideas and points to gracefully and gently, that even though she was to tell you to repeat a speech project, you would feel a great injustice towards YOURSELF. She always has a smile on her face, and while she would tell you she is serious, she can be a joker at heart. I miss her.
  • LeAnn Tang (DTM) of Taman Indrahana TM. A very confident person who is always willing to help out when she can. I always tried to learn from her when she shares. Her forte is in the High Performance Leadership (HPL) and the fundamentals skills of communication. You’ll know you’ll have a firm foundation if she ‘approves’ of you.
  • Soh Fong Wai (DTM). I thought this guy lives and breaths Toastmasters. His desire to learn and grow surpasses a lot of Toastmasters … he is a person who not only climbs the ladder but would attend a hand to bring you up with him. Thank you Fong Wai for your passions and also in keeping the ACM going.
There are many more in Toastmasters that have one way or another that helped shape me to who I am as a Toastmaster; G. Siva (DTM), Allen Kam, Teong Hock, Michelle Ng, Francis Ng (DTM) and many more from other clubs.

What advice would you give to a new Toastmaster?
In my opinion; the Best Evaluator is YOU – after a Role play or a Speech delivery, ask yourself ‘How did I do?’, if you’re sincerely & truly satisfied with your own performance, nothing anybody say is going to change the way you think. So, better set high personal standards.
Be proactive in your own development. Identify the people whom you want to learn from or emulate. Approach your mentor or the people whom you wish to learn from – most are willing to help but DO NOT DEMAND. In a Toastmasters meeting, we are just ‘Toastmasters’ regardless of your rank and file in your own respective ‘working world’. Everyone here is helping one another voluntarily and by the way, non-profit does not mean ‘charity’, if you do not have the time or commitment to play a certain role/position, do not deprive others from filling up the role/position but not contributing.
Lastly, it would be good to have a ‘running / gym buddy’. I was encouraged to grow through friendly competition with my friend, Eugene. We then attempted to complete the Competent Communicator manual properly within a year.

Now that you’re achieved DTM, what’s next for you?
Round 2. Being a DTM does not mean that I’m “there” (done). During my journey I found some of the things/traits/elements that are lacking in me (in terms of communication & leadership), and the activities that I thought could be done better (in & out of Toastmasters). Communication & leadership are skills that are developed by ‘doing’, so I have decided to go through the whole process again and go back to basic (all the way from CC & CL Project #1). I have already requested for a Speaking slot to do that.
While doing that, I’ll attempt the other Advanced Manuals that I have not attempted (6 down, 9 more to go), and re-do some those which I personally feel I have ‘failed’ in. I’ll also continue to offer my opinion and aid to those who seek it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Regular Meeting summary - 19 November 2009

Dear fellow toastmasters,

We had recently concluded another successful and fun learning meeting on 19 November 2009 led by our first-time Toastmaster of the Evening, R. Visvam.

His theme for the meeting is "Consistency" and it was indeed a very consistent meeting especially on the timing factor. Each activity/segment was following the agenda with the exact timing. This was indeed a very unusual phenomena and it was no coincidence. It was certainly the hardwork and good synchronization between TME Visvam and first-time time keeper Hafidz. Congratulations to both of them.

The last minute stand in ASA 1, Steven, did well in his role of greeting members and guest. He still came to the meeting even though he had some complications with his voice. Thank you Steven for always being there for the club.

We also proud to have another last minute Toastmaster, Li Ann, who took up the ASA 2. Although she had been taking leave from the club for a while, she still prepared well for the role. The meeting was started with a strong interaction among members.

Yours truly was the first time Acting President presenting the opening address since our President, Chun Ming, was out of town. Nothing much to comment except that this is a great learning curve for myself. Thank you for all the supportive feedback from the crowd.

It was a creative attempt by the Table Topic Master, Nancy, for coming up with question alternating between the Word of the Day, Compatible and the theme Consistency. I believe that the questions were well received by the members. We had 6 speakers - Patrick, Siva, Bell, Joanna, Ginger and Kooi Ching. And not to forget to mentioned the generousity of Bing for giving the final speaking chance to Kooi Ching. The good handling of this session by having a brief and effective explanation allowed more members to participate. Well Done Nancy!!!
Toastmaster Wen Lee made a good attempt in giving constructive feedback to the table topic speakers. Despite the short 3 minutes given, she still managed to cover most of the speaker. In the future, the table topic evalution session would be given 4 minutes so that the evaluator can share more of his/her opinion which is important for everyone to learn as well.

This meeting was blessed with the participation of 2 Area Governors, Jack Leong, CTM, CL (Area B5 Governor) and Henry Fu, ACB, ALB (Area W8 Governor) as Invocation Speaker and General Evaluator, respectively. Thank you for still making it to the club meeting despite having to attend so many other club meetings.

Humor Master, Bell, shared his recent experience in China. It was delivered in a plain manner but I can say that the audience really loved it. The room was filled with laughter.

The most unusual part of this meeting is having 1 project from CC#1 (The Ice Breaker) and 3 projects from CC#2 (Organize Your Speech). Congratulations to all speakers for moving another steps closer to becoming a competent speaker.
CC#1: Berry Eng with her title "Hey, now you know !!"
CC#2: Jonathan Moh with his title "The Two Sides of Cybergaming"
CC#2: Joanna Tong with her title "The End"
CC#2: Belinda See with her title "Golden Years"

Thank you also to all the speech evaluators, Bing Yee, Allen, David and Kooi Ching for putting in their time and effort to share their opinion on the speech. Evaluation is perhaps the best compliment for the speakers and motivate them to move forward in giving another speech.

Last but not least, we had Mei Lee as Language Evaluator and Sze Ling as Ah-Counter to comment on the usage of language and pause filler during the meeting.

Congratulations to all the award winners:
   Best Table Topic Speaker: Joanna Tong
   Best Speaker: Berry Eng
   Best Evaluator: Allen Kam, ACS, CL

D'Utama Toastmasters Club would like to welcome the following new members to our big family.
1) Chee Fong Hoe (Mentor: President Teoh Chung Ming, CC)
2) Hafiz (Mentor: Vice President of Membership Goh Sheen Yee, CC)
3) Ruth Ting (Mentor: Area B4 Governor Calvin Lim, ACS)

I would like to thank all the role players and members for giving their best support to the success of this meeting.

Because of you, I have a fun, safe and enjoyable platform to learn.

Thank you.

At your service,
Marcus Loi
Vice President of Education 2009/2010
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
"No Road is Too Long"


Thursday, November 12, 2009

ACM #41 - 17 November 2009 (Tuesday) - 1 Panel Evaluator role available

(Update #9: 16 Nov, 1:25PM - Final Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #8: 15 Nov, 4:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filler, Agenda & Project Details ready for download)
(Update #7: 12 Nov, 9:50AM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #6: 12 Nov, 9.10AM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled, 1 Lead Evaluator role opened)
(Update #5: 3 Nov, 12:10PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #4: 30 Oct, 11:00AM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #3: 29 Oct, 11:55AM - ALL Lead Evaluators filled, & Timer appointed)
(Update #2: 29 Oct, 12:25AM - 2 Lead Evaluator filled, and 2 Panel Evaluators filled)
(Update #1: 28 Oct, 4:30PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled, and Speaker #3, Project & Manual updated)

Greetings Everyone !!!!

The Agenda and Project Details of the Speakers are ready for download. Please feel free to download from the links below;
(1) Agenda: click here
(2) Project Details: click here

ACM #41 has been confirmed to be on 17 November 2009 (Tuesday) and our Facilitator is Dr. Khong-Lim Chooi Peng, DTM !!! She is a Past District Governor (Term 2005 - 2006: Achieving Excellence, Sharing Sucess) of District 80 (Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore & Thailand). Currently, she is the President/CEO of HELP International College of Technology (HICT).

Role Player Registration is now open for
1 Panel Evaluators !!! First-come-first serve basis.
Speaker #1: Irene LEE, CTM ALB (Crystal)
Advanced Manual: " Persuasive Speaking "
Project #: " #1 - The Effective Salesperson "
Lead Evaluator: SOH Fong Wai, DTM (D'Utama, KBTC, MBTC)
Panel 1: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Panel 2: YAU Chau Fong, ACB CL (TTDI)

Speaker #2: Johnson YIKE, DTM (D'Utama)
Advanced Manual: " Specialty Speeches "
Project #: " #1 - Speaking Off the Cuff "
Lead Evaluator: Meyyappa MANICKAM, DTM (DKC)
Panel 1: Richard YEOW, CC (CIMA)
Panel 2: Zaharah IBRAHIM, DTM (KL Pidato Advanced, Shah Alam, Phoenix, MAICSA)
Panel 3: - VACANT -

Speaker #3: LEE Xi Wen, ACB (TTDI, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Advanced Manual: " Specialty Speeches "
Project #: "#4 - Read Out Loud"
Lead Evaluator: Dr. Devi MENON, DTM (Taman Indrahana, Sai TM)
Panel 1: LOW Lai Lien, CC CL (DKC)
Panel 2: FOO Mei Lee, (KBTC)
Panel 3: LOW Yat Seow, DTM (DU' Adv)

Appointed Timer: Joey CHUA, CC (KBTC)


Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #41
Date/Day: 17 November 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm
Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

(Google Map: location link click here)
(Streetdirectory: location link click here)
For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here
ACM #41 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Competent Communicator(CC) / Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend & for seat allocation (max 18). I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.
If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike, DTM
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

* This ACM email update is sent to those who have expressed interested towards the ACM before. If you DO NOT wish to receive future updates, kindly revert to indicate so and I'll remove you from the mailing list. My apologizes for the any inconvenience caused.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

YES. We are having our regular meeting tonite (November 5). And it is going to be an exciting evening - do come and join us. 


Toastmaster-of-the-Evening (TME): Steven Lai
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms 1 (ASA 1): Christine Chee
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms 1 (ASA 2): Belinda Kee
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Jonathan Moh
Table Topic Master: Hoo Sze Ling
Table Topic Evaluator: Nancy Liew
Humor Master: G. Sivalingam
General Evaluator: Tan Kooi Ching
Language Evaluator: Henry Fu
Ah Counter: R. Viswam
Time Keeper: Berry Eng

Assignment Speaker (Project No.) - Speech Evaluator
1. Patrick Khoo (CC # 6 Vocal Variety) - Lim Bing Yee
2. Chai Wen Lee (CC #7 Research Your Topic) - Johnson Yike
3. Quah Mei Lee (CC #9 Persuade with Power) - Calvin Lim
4. Jack Leong, CTM CL (AC # 5 Bringing History to Life) - Irene (Crystal Toastmasters Club)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We have just one night away and the Speaker's Night will arrive upon us with a marathon of madness!

The theme for the night is 'Making choices' so I hope you all make a fabulous choice and head to D'Utama to witness some exciting Speakers and Evaluators, spout pearls of wisdom.

All role-plays have kindly be taken up with Joanna Tong filling in the ASA2 position. Thank you Joanna.See you by 7pm with G.Levin.
The role of the Ah Counter will not take place due to time restraints sorry...but thank you Viswam for taking up this role .
Terima kasih to those whom I asked to take up roles earlier, like Henry Fu but various speakers pulled out and adjustments had to be made accordingly.

For all speakers please ensure that you bring along your CC and ACL Manuals for your Evaluator to write in their Evaluations.Also do have your speech titles ready for me if you have not already done so.(I have been forwarded some from Marcus already).

Look forward to seeing you be ' entertained' and not 'strained and drained'.

See you then.
Yours in Toastmasters


Updated by Joanne Tham

ACM #40 - Summary

27th Oct 2009, ACM #40 was one of the smoothest ACMs I had organized. We started on time at 7:30pm and ended on time at 10:30pm. Thanks to everyone for making this happen !

Our Facilitator Dr. Devi Menon, DTM arrived as early as 7:00PM to ensure that she was prepared and properly briefed on the flow. She is a Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Languages and Linguistics where she taught for the past 18 years. She is the Lecturer Advisor of the University of Malaya Toastmaster's Club, a member of Taman Indrahana and the Charter President of Sai Masters TMC. She was the immediate past Area Governor for W3.

Our 1st Speaker was strong 'CEO of Freescale', Cheah Ai Ling, CC CL (CIMA) who attempted to lift the spirits of the employees while calming them down in a hostile situation of the project "Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship (Speeches By Management)". She was calm, cool and compose when the audience began firing away their questions in attempt to stir up the situation.

Ai Ling's Panel of Evaluators was composed of Gan Poh Lin, CC ALB, Marcus Loi, CC and Nancy Liew, ACB ALB, and the Lead Evaluator was Johnson Yike DTM. Drawing from personal experience, each evaluator gave their perspective on how the hostile situation and staff could have been manage, and the feedback was well received.

Our 2nd Speaker was DTM Soh Fong Wai who shared a non-technical presentation about "The Underwater World (Technical Presentations)". It was an interesting piece where he shared about underwater photography and the audience was able to seek clarification & ask question during the presentation. A lighter moment of the speech when Fong Wai commented on how much the camera's cost.

His Panel of Evaluators comprised of Richard Yeow, CC, Johnson Yike, DTM and Irene Lee CTM, ALB, and his Lead Evaluator was Dr. Lim Chooi Peng, DTM (Past District Governor of District 80). The Evaluators were wondering if Fong Wai was sharing about the features of a camera or to take up underwater photography. In any case, we definitely took back information about both.

Our 3rd Speaker was Ernest Wong, ACB ALB who gave a new perspective on a classically folk tale, "Cinderella (Story telling)", and the audience had a second childhood as we were asked to imagine ourselves when we were 9 years of age. Ernest played the role of a teacher who was telling us 9 year old children the story.

His Panel Evaluators consist of Gan Teong Hock, ACB ALB, Richard Yeow, CC and Calvin Lim ACS, and his Lead Evaluator was Lee Wei Seong, ACG CL. The challenge of the Storytelling manual as pointed out by the all the evaluators including the open evaluation was the important of one's voice and the use of vocal variety. Calvin gave a very impressive example ("Dong, Dong, Dong .... and the clock struck twelve ....").

Special thanks goes to our Timer, Ivy Cherng, ACS ALB, and Ah Counter, Joey Chun, CC. Our first time guest, Helen Quat, CC.

Our Facilitator, Dr. Devi Menon DTM gave an insightful take of the ACM and reminded us that though we are evaluating Advanced Speeches, we should not park our Toastmasters' Principles of Evaluation (using the sandwich matter). A point well taken and the ACMers will be more sensitive especially to first time presenters to the ACM.

(Chief Coordinator Soh Fong Wai, DTM presenting an Token of Appreciation to our Facilitator, Dr. Devi Menon, DTM)
In conclusion, I really had a wonderful time and everyone surely have learned a lot during this meeting. We learned to beef up our communication skill, evaluation skill, and develop a thick skin ;-)

The date of the next ACM (#41) has been finalized and the Project Speakers are Division Champions; Irene Lee CTM ALB (Division B: Area Governor of the Year (2008/09), Lee Xi Wen, ACB (Division W: Humourous Speech Contest Champion), and Johnson Yike, DTM (Division B: Humorous Speech Contest Champion).

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike, DTM
ACM Organizing Chair
D'Utama Toastmasters Club

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Youth Leadership Programme 2009

Who will your child

inspire tomorrow?

Strong leadership and effective communication are some of the key skills necessary to be successful. It is important for your child to pick up these skills as early as possible. Start them on the right path…start here…

Date :      18th & 19th December 2009
                (Friday & Saturday)
Time :               8:30am—5:00pm       
Venue :    Menara Mutiara Bangsar      
                 8-0-13 Ground Floor,          
                 Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,         
                 59100 Kuala Lumpur            
Age Group :    13 – 17 years old                   
Price    :    RM 150.00 per participant         
                 (inclusive of two lunches & four tea breaks)
Registration Deadline:    30th November 2009


To introduce yourself to an audience, giving them some information about your background, interests, and ambitions.

To tell others about a topic, allowing listeners to easily follow and understand the speech, especially when moving from one idea to another.
To develop your voice so that it enhances your message and attracts the listeners’ attention. 

To use body movements naturally and effectively to support your speech. 

To learn to think within a very short time, and convey a message in a clear, logical, enjoyable, and even persuasive manner.
To evaluate a speech by giving constructive and encouraging feedback with positive suggestions for improvement.

“Fun! Exciting! Valuable feedbacks from coaches.”
                                                 (2008 YLP Participant)

“No regrets joining YLP. Learned a lot.”
Lim Wen Yi, 14
(2008 YLP Participant)

“It was fun, and I’ve learned a lot of new things. Also, gained new friends.”
Javin K Singh, 14
(2008 YLP Participant)

“I've  gained more confidence in speaking which make me feel more comfortable in approaching other people. I am able to communicate more effectively and get my message clearly across to the other person.”
Muhammad Nur Hafidz bin Azmi, 16
(2007 YLP Participant)

Steven Lai                                           Marcus Loi
          Tel : 016-2680972                                Tel : 012-6549755
  lai_steven(at)hotmail(dot)com            fidelio99(at)gmail(dot)com

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ACM #40 - 27 October 2009 (Tuesday) - Ready, Set, GO !

(Update #10: 22 October 09, 11:30AM - Assignment Speakers' Manuals & Project # updated. Agenda download available.)
(Update #9: 15 October 09, 11:35AM - Final Panel Evaluator filled. READY, SET, GO!)
(Update #8: 14 October 09, 1:20PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #7: 14 October 09, 10:30AM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #6: 13 October 09, 10:40AM - 3 Panel Evaluators filled, Timer allocated)
(Update #5: 12 October 09, 2:25PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #4: 12 October 09, 1:40PM - Lead Evaluators filled, 1 Panel Evaluator filled, 1 Invited Guest)
(Update #3: 12 October 09, 12:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #2: 12 October 09, 11:25AM - 2 Lead Evaluators filled.)
(Update #1, 12 Oct 09, 11:05AM - Assignment Speaking slots are filled. Correction on the date. )

Greetings Everyone !!!!

ACM #40 has been confirmed to be on 27 October 2009 (Tuesday) and our Facilitator is Dr. Devi Menon, DTM (from Sai Toastmasters Club & Taman Indrahana Club) !!! Dr. Devi Menon is a Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Languages and Linguistics where she taught for the past 18 years. She is the Lecturer Advisor of the University of Malaya Toastmaster's Club, a member of Taman Indrahana and the Charter President of Sai Masters TMC. She was the immediate past Area Governor for W3.

ALL Roles has been filled !!!! ACM #4o is ready to go !!!! I will be sending the Agenda, and Project Details (once made available by the Assignment Speakers) by next week. I'm surely looking forward to another FUN FILLED ADVANCED COMMUNICATOR MEETING !!!!

Speaker #1: CHEAH Ai Ling, CC CL (CIMA)
Title: "Freescale Town Hall Meeting"
Advanced Manual: "Speeches by Management"
Project #: "# 5 Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship"
Lead Evaluator: CHEONG Kuok Sum, CC ALB (TTDI)
Panel 1: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Panel 2: Marcus LOI, CC (D'Utama)
Panel 3: TEOH Chun Ming, CC (D'Utama)

Speaker #2: SOH Fong Wai, DTM (D'Utama, Klang Bilingual, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Advanced Manual: "Technical Presentations"
Project #: "#3 - Nontechnical Presentation"
Lead Evaluator: Dr. LIM Chooi Peng, DTM
Panel 1: YAU Chau Fong, ACB (TTDI)
Panel 2: Johnson YIKE, DTM (D'Utama)
Panel 3: Irene LEE, CTM ALB (Crystal)

Speaker #3: Ernest WONG, ACB ALB (HELP)
Advanced Manual: "Storytelling"
Project #: "#1 - The Folk Tale"
Lead Evaluator: LEE Wei Seong, ACG CL (DU Adv)
Panel 1: GAN Teong Hock, ACB ALB (D'Utama, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Panel 2: Richard YEOW, CC (CIMA)
Panel 3: Nancy LIEW, ACB ALB (D'Utama, DU Adv)

Timer: Ivy Cherng, ACS CL (Klang Bilingual, Metropolitan Bilingual)

Invited first Timers
  • Helen Quat, CC (Metro Toastmasters Club)

Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #40
Date/Day: 27 October 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm
Agenda: Download here

Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

(Google Map: location link click here)
(Streetdirectory: location link click here)

For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here

ACM #40 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Competent Communicator(CC) / Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend & for seat allocation (max 18). I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.

If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson YIKE, DTM
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Celebration: August - October.

As part of the club's tradition, D'Utama Toastmasters Club celebrated the birthdays' of members and guest who were born in the month of August to October in last night's meeting (15 Oct 2009).

(from left to right: Past President(PP) Nancy Liew, TME Jatson Ho, birthday boy PP Lee Wei Seong, birthday boy Yap Bell Xun, birthday boy Jonathan Moh, birthday boy Levin G., birthday girl Ruth (guest), SAA David Chuah, birthday girl Asylynna Lee, birthday boy Area B5 Governor Jack Leong, birthday boy R Viswam, birthday boy K.B. Lim, and birthday boy PP G. Siva, President Teoh Chun Ming, Area B4 Governor Calvin Lim.)

( posted by Johnson Yike )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Regular Meeting: 15 October 2009 (Thursday)

Our Toastmasters of the Evening, Jatson Ho has set the theme "Gratitude" for the night. Let's join him and see what he has to share with us.

TME: Jatson Ho
ASA 1 (Gate Collection): David Chuah
ASA 2 (Introduction): Berry Eng
Invocator: Steven Lai
Table Topic Master: R. Visvam
Table Topic Evaluator: Lee Wei Seong, ACG CL
Humor Master: Nancy Liew, ACB, ALB
General Evaluator: Calvin Lim, ACS
Language Evaluator: Joanna Tong
Ah Counter: Yap Bell Xun
Time Keeper: Joanne Tham
Assignment Speaker (Project) - Evaluator
Jonathan Moh (CC#1) - Quah Mei Lee
K.B. Lim (CC#2) - Chai Wen Lee
Asylynna Lee (CC#3) - Cheong Kuok Sum, CC, ALB
George Tan (CC#3) - Tan Kooi Ching, CC
Standby Speaker:
1. Chan Chee Yoong
2. Quah Mei Lee

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ACM #39 - Summary

Greetings Fellow ACMers and Friends,

ACM #39
(29 September 2009) was truly incredible, not only we had a filled role player roster but we had 9 'unregistered' guest, which gives us a total attendance of 25 people. Our gracious host ACG Lee Wei Seong had the foresight of this turn out and had gotten us a bigger room; even that was filled to the brim. THANK YOU WEI SEONG !!!

Our Facilitator from KL Advanced Toastmasters Club, ACG Bill SIM was remarkable. Being a first timer to ACM, he conducted the meeting with poise and professionalism. He provided valuable feedback & demonstrated examples to our three Speakers. The meeting completed ahead of schedule!

We had two first time assignment Speakers (in ACM), namely GAN Poh Lin (Kuantan Toastmasters) and LEE Xi Wen (TTDI, MBTC) who so happen to present their speeches from the same advanced manual, namely the "Speaking To Inform" manual. It gave the audience a new perspective to evaluation when they were able to compare the speeches and evaluation between Project #1: Speech To Inform and Project #3: The Demonstration Speech. Our veteran GAN Teong Hock (DUTM, MBTC) also entertained us with his "Resources for Entertainment" by sharing with us how important results are that was illustrated with three wonderful stories.

The Panel of Evaluators & Lead Evaluators were diligent in executing their duties. All of them were concise, constructive and composed. Un-intentionally, I didn't realize that I've selected the D'Utama Presidents Team for the 3rd Speaker's Evaluators; Nancy LIEW (Past President), Marcus LOI (VPE - 'Incoming President?' … hehehe), TEOH Chun Ming (current President), and the Lead Evaluator, LEE Wei Seong (also Past President).

I wish to extend my thanks to the other Panel Evaluators; Janice LEE (TTDI), Richard YEOW (CIMA), CHEONG Kuok Sum (TTDI), and Lead Evaluators; SOH Fong Wai (DUTM, KBTM, MBTM) & Ernest WONG (HELP, Pidato KL). I wish to extend my thanks to LIM Hui Shan and Jess FOONG (both from Unitar Toastmasters Club) who extended their help at the 11th hour to be a Time Keeper and Panel Evaluator respectively.

I personally had a wonderful time and as mentioned during short final message for the day … "No Registration … No Seat for You!! (hehee ...)"

The date for ACM #40 has yet to be finalized. Keep checking the D'Utama ( or Division B ( for updates.

Johnson Yike
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

Remember Your Moments of HAPPINESS

Dear Readers,

Are you ready for the celebration? Two more days, we are having our regular meetin on this thursday. I am glad to inform you all that all the roles have taken up and we are ready for the call. My sincere appreciation to all the role players. Let's come together to have a splendid and colourful meeting on 1st Oct 2009, 7.00pm at KDU Kolej Room 1.08.

Your attendance will definitely spice up the meeting, fellow members please come and rejoice the moments of Happiness.

P/S: Assignment speaker, please remember to send me your speech title/ objectives and notes to the evaluator and your personal introduction information as soon as possible.

Theme: Remember Your Moments of HAPPINESS

Attire: Colourful attire (within our meeting dress code)

TME: Tan Kooi Ching, CC

ASA1: Bryan Ting

ASA2: Viswam

Table Topic Master: Yap Bell Xun

Table Topic Evaluator: Johnson Yike, ACG ALB

General Evaluator: Gan Teong Hock, ACB ALB

Language Evaluator: Jonathan Moh

Ah Counter: Quah Mei Lee

Time Keeper: Joanne Tham

Assignment Speaker (Project): Evaluator

Joanna Tong (CC#1): Patrick Khoo

Belinda See (CC#1): Jack Leong

Steven Lai (CC#6): Huang Qinmei, CC CL (HELP UC Toastmasters Club)

Chai Wen Lee (CC#6): Nancy Liew

Calvin Lim, ACB (AC#1): Siva

By Joanne Tham (on behalf of Tan Kooi Ching)

VPPR D'Utama Toastmasters Club 2009/2010

"No Road Is Too Long"