Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank you for making the Speechcraft successful !

Dear Valued Participants, Dedicated Mentors, and Fantastic Education Speakers,

I wish to thank EVERYONE for making the Speechcraft Program (2009) a GREAT SUCCESS !!

The two days experience was truly an enriching one for everyone as I believe everyone had some thing good to take home. While the primary focus of the Speechcraft Program was on Public Speaking and Communication, the program had surely help develop everyone's courage and confidence.

To our dear Participants:

I believe this would be the first time you (participants) have presented so many different types speeches in front of different group of people and in a short span of two days. It surely had stimulated your creative minds by having to come up with different speeches to meet the objectives required. The Introduction of your fellow participants, and the encouraging Evaluation given would strengthen your respective friendships, and motivated each other to move on.

These experiences would help everyone to realise and strengthen their respective roots in the area of 'Organizing Your Speech', 'Evaluate to Motivate', 'Introducing the Speaker', 'Vocal Variety' and 'Body Gestures'.

Thank you as well for the valuable feedback on how we can further enhance the program and serve future participates better.

Please feel free to download the Speakers' Presentation slides by clicking: here.

Complimentary from our wonderful Education Speakers:
  • Lee Wei Seong, ACG CL
  • Gan Teong Hock, CTM CL
  • Gan Poh Lin, CC CL
  • Nancy Liew, ACB CL
  • Marcus Loi, CC
  • Jessy Chahal, CC

Thank you Ian for your professional shots.
More photos from the Speechcraft are available for viewing and downloading here: http://flickr.com/gp/shihian/BHvM6T

Finally as I have shared about the story of the Boatman at the start of the Speechcraft, Public Speaking and Communication is not something one can learn by just attending a course, hearing about it and watching others doing it - YOU HAVE TO DO IT. I encourage everyone to practice at home, in the office or at a Toastmasters meeting. D'Utama Toastmasters (www.dutm.org) and other Toastmasters Club (www.toastmasters.org) would welcome you, and help you develop to who you hope and intend to be in the area of Communication and Leadership.

I wish everyone continued Success & Happiness, and hope our paths will cross again & keep in touch.

Thank you !!!!

Best Regards,
Johnson Yike, ACS ALB
Speechcraft 2009
Organizing Chair & Chief Coordinator
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
Club website: www.dutm.org
Division website: www.divisionb.blogspot.com