Friday, April 24, 2009

Meeting Report: Let's Speak Up

Date: 16th April 2009
Time: 7:36 – 10:10 pm
Venue: Room 1.08, KDU
Attendance: around 30 people

Theme of the meeting: Let’s Speak Up

Everything started two weeks ago when I took up the challenge as the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME). Even though recruitment was made right after the last meeting concluded, not all roles being taken up. Some roles, particularly Assistant Sergeant-at-Arm (ASA) and speech evaluator, were only taken up at the very last minute. In my experience, getting the role players is not an easy task and could be quite taxing too.

Volunteerism practiced in toastmasters club is a double edge sword. It could make your duty as the Vice President of Education (VPE) or the TME simply trouble-free or complicatedly miserable. If you don’t understand what I am saying, probably you have not been a TME.

Meeting was started 6 minutes late at 7:36 pm. Our ASA 2, G. Jayam DTM, led us with the singing of our national anthem. He did a good job encouraging the guests to introduce themselves and getting them to speak up.

Not forgetting we had a dedicated and altruistic member, Jatson TM, who played the role as ASA 1. He was the important man offering a warmth welcome to the members and guests at the door, and also sharing what is going to happen during a toastmaster meeting especially with the first-time guest.

Then we had our first-time Acting President, Chun Ming CC, with the opening speech. In his opening remarks, he mentioned how he came to know about toastmasters movement and how it has led him to speaking more confidently in front of the audience.

Then my role as the TME began. A TME is the navigator carrying out the pre-planned meeting.

As the meeting continued, the word-of-the-day "articulate" was introduced by our first-time Language Evaluator, Kooi Ching CC.

The meeting proceeded to the first session which is the Impromptu Session. We had another first-timer, Sze Ling TM, who led us through this impromptu session. Her tough and challenging questions had encouraged both members and guests to take part. We had 3 members and 2 guests spoken during this session.

Next on the list was our ever young and humorous member, Peter Yu CC, sharing the reason for his new outlook (office attire with tie). He did a good job as humor master by tickling out funny bones with his real experience.

After the break, a more serious session was in place. With 4 assignment speakers attempting on different manuals (2 from competent communication manual (Levin TM and Chan Chee Yoong TM), 1 from advance communication manual (Johnson Yike ACB ALB) and 1 from the the better club series (Nancy Liew ACB CL)), we had a broad taste of speeches.

The first-time General Evaluator, Sheen Yee CC, handled the evaluation session very well. With her team of speech evaluators, each assignment speaker was given a fair evaluation. The speech evaluators who are Gan Poh Lin CC, Ian Cheong TM and Gan Teong Hock CTM CL had given a precise and helpful opinions to the speakers.

Then come to the language report, Kooi Ching CC pointed out that the word "articulate" was used frequently during the first half of the meeting, but lost its presence after the break. Perhaps the future TMEs could remind the audience to use the word-of-the-day.

We had a last minute replacement for Ah-Counter. Thank you Asylynna TM for taking up this role and remain attentive during the whole meeting, noting down the pause-fillers made by the speakers.

Last but not least, another thank you to Sheen Yee for taking up this challenging role to lead the evaluation session and to give an overall evaluation of the meeting.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners:
Best Table Topic Speaker: G. Subramaniam DTM
Best Assignment Speaker: Johnson Yike ACB ALB
Best Speech Evaluator: Gan Poh Lin CC

For those who did not win any ribbon, do not give up. Remember that your main competitor is yourself. By taking the first step to stand up and speak, you are indeed a winner in your own right.

I also would like to thank everyone who attended this meeting.
The meeting wouldn't be a success without your presence!!

Reported by
Marcus Loi
Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)
16th April 2009