Friday, May 8, 2009



Thank you to all the participants who attended the meeting on 7 May 2009. I am grateful for the good response from our members to take up the role when I approach them. Even though some were not able to take up the role but their encouraging word also made me feel touched and motivated.

Our meeting started at 7.40pm and our stand in ASA Jatson led us to kick off the meeting. We have 4 guests to visit our meeting yesterday which is relatively low compare to previous meeting.
Our invocator was Jack Leong had shared with us his perseverance experiences in military service.

I want to congratulate our Table Topic Toast Master Chai Wen Lee for successfully led the table topic section. She had selected an appropriate question in line with the meeting theme. She was able to get 6 speakers to attempt the impromptu speech. The table topic speakers are: Lynn, Siva, Sheen Yee, Gary Chin (Guest), Marcus Loi and Adul (guest). Congratulation to all table topic speakers!! To stand up and speak up itself indeed is a great achievement.

Our Table Topic evaluator is non other than our long missing past president, Allen Kam. He was very encouraging and also critical in his evaluation to all the speakers. He was tried to be humor but seems not responded well. I hope we can see his presence more often.

As regard to our assignment speakers, we have Mei Lee attempts on CC Manual Project #2 and Steven Lai attempts on CC Manual Project #4, Jessy Chahal delivered Advance manual, Specialty Speech Project #5 and Johnson Yike derived Advance manual of Public Relations Project #5. All the topics delivered are very interesting. I enjoyed their speech and also learn a lot of things from their speech.

General evaluator Dennis Wee and his evaluator team members had given a very encouraging and insightful feedback to the speeches done by the speakers.

Other role players, Language Evaluator, Henry Fu, Ah Counter Marcus Loi and Timer Sze Ling also play their role smartly during the meeting.

Overall the meeting was smooth except the meeting was ended late at around 10.30pm. I think it is my oversight as TME for not starting the meeting on time and also did not brief about the time and our practice to our general evaluator before the meeting start. In the future, if there is a guest comes to assume any role play in our club, TME should explain the timing and our club practice.

Thank you
Tan Kooi ching