Thursday, July 30, 2009



Dear Readers..

Please give an applause to our winners

Champion - Johnson Yike
Speech title: Crossing the streets of Hanoi

1st Runner Up - Allen Kam
Speech title: My a-ha! moment..

2nd Runner Up - Steven Lai

Speech title: To pee or not to pee?

Besides, also we congratulates to our contestants
who have participates and gave us alot of laughter
moments. Official awards were meant for 3.. but
eventually we have 6 winners here who have participated.

All were great and funny..
We have Yap Chean Sheong all the way back from Norway
with his speech title "The Difference", Gan Teong Hock with
his speech title, "To Be or Not To Be?", and Levin - "The
American in London".

Tonight, we have unexpected number guest arrival..
In total we have TWENTY NINE (29) GUESTs!!
Whoa.. unbelievable.. Really appreciate that..

Thank you for attending our contest meeting...

Shall see you again in 6 Aug 2009 for our
Speech Evaluation Contest...

See you there (^_____^) v

Signing off
Joanne Tham
VPPR for the term 2009/2010