Monday, July 27, 2009

Regular Meeting (#2) – 16 July 2009, Thursday

Theme : “Speaking Your Way To Magical Transformation”

Word of the Day : Splendid

TME : Immediate Past President Calvin Lim, ACS

According to club tradition, the Outgoing President will usually chair the first meeting of the following term. As IPP Calvin Lim couldn’t make it as the TME for the previous meeting due to work assignment, he took up the TME role last Thursday as replacement. A total of 32 people attended the meeting – 19 members and 13 guests.

The dedicated role players for last Thursday’s meeting were – Viswam (ASA1), Steven Lai (ASA2), Nancy Liew, ACB, ALB (LE), Steven Lai (Ah Counter), Teong Hock, ACB, CL (Time Keeper), Viswam (Invocation Speaker), Jared Chew (TTM), Jason Tan (TTE), Marcus Loi, CC (Humour Master), Wei Seong, ACG, CL (GE) and his team of evaluators – Bing Yee (ATMB), Jack Leong (CTM, CL) and Jatson Ho. Kudos to all of you for the splendid job!!

Three speakers presented their assignment speeches last Thursday. We had four speakers initially but Belinda and Joanne couldn’t make it to the meeting due to unavoidable circumstances. Patrick Khoo was kind enough to be the replacement speaker that day. Many thanks Patrick!!!

Sze Ling presented her third CC speech entitled “Stuck in Cairo Airport!”, Ginger Koh a.k.a. Karine and Patrick Khoo delivered their fifth CC speeches. Ginger’s speech was “Underwater Odyssey” while Patrick talked about “WWR – White River Rafting”. All three of them spoke splendidly that everyone was listening so attentively to their speeches. I was one of them. It must be extremely tough for the audience to vote for the best speaker last Thursday. All the three speakers were equally splendid.

The best speakers last Thursday were:

Best Table Topic Speaker : G Siva, DTM

Best Assignment Speaker : Patrick Khoo (Presented 5 speeches, won 5 Best Speaker awards!!! Fuyoohhhh!!!!!! )

Best Speech Evaluator : Lim Bing Yee, ATMB

It was undeniably a splendid meeting last Thursday. IPP Calvin did a great job for making the meeting so lively and energetic. I hope all of you enjoyed the meeting as much as I did. At the end the meeting, Division W Governor, DTM Fong Wai presented our club with “Division Governor’s Home Club” Ribbon from Toastmasters International. Another ribbon for our club banner!!! Woohoooooo!!!! Thank you DTM Fong Wai!!!!!!

See you all at the following meeting – Humourous Speech Contest on 30 July 2009. The Contest Chair is our VPPR, Joanne Tham. Registration is still open. Kindly contact Joanne or Marcus if you’re interested to take part in the contest.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!!!

"No Road Is Too Long"

At your service,

Teoh Chun Ming, CC


D'Utama Toastmasters Club


cc. Calvin Lim, ACS, IPP