Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Chun Ming says - Term 2009/10 Regular Meeting (#1) - 2 July 2009

Regular Meeting (#1) – 2 July 2009, Thursday

Theme : “What our mind can conceive, we can achieve”
TME : Past President Gan Teong Hock, ACB, CL

Kudos to Past President Gan Teong Hock, ACB, CL for hosting such a great meeting yesterday!! Room 1.08 was so full yesterday. A total of 38 people attended the meeting – 26 members and 12 guests. It has been a while since we last had so many people attending the meeting. It was good to see so many old friends like Belinda, K B Lim, Patrick and his wife Lynn, Chee Yoong, Henry, etc coming back yesterday. It was certainly an encouraging start for the new term.

The meeting will certainly not be possible without the help from the dedicated role players – Levin (ASA1), Viswam (ASA2), Sze Ling (LE), Joanne Tham (Ah Counter), Jason (Time Keeper), Siva, DTM (Invocation Speaker), Chee Yoong (TTM), Marcus, CC (TTE), Sheen Yee, CC (Humour Master), Henry, ACB, CL (GE) and his team of evaluators – Wen Lee, Kooi Ching (CC), Nancy (ACB, ALB), Jack (CTM, CL) and Allen (ACS, CL). My sincere thanks to all of you!!

I would also like to congratulate all the assignment speakers yesterday for the great speeches – Gary (CC#2), Mei Lee (CC#4), Steven (CC#5), Johnson (AC#5). Gary and Mei Lee have made so much progress in their speeches. They are now speaking with more confidence, and without notes!! I’m impressed!!! Gary talked about "Adding Power In Your Mind" while Mei Lee's speech was entitled "A Chance At A Second Childhood". Steven talked about massage therapy but he naughtily named his speech “Lie down and relax”!!! He was so humourous that some nearly rolled on the floor listening to his funny speech. Past Area B4 Governor Johnson, ACG, ALB delivered his 40th speech yesterday - Food for Thought. He finally got his well-deserved ACG. Phewwww!!!

I’m proud to announce that we have so far achieved 2 DCP points this term – 1 AC from Jessy and another 1 AC from Johnson. Johnson will be completing his ACS soon and will be contributing another 2 DCP points for CLs to the club. Heartiest congratulations to both Jessy and Johnson!!!

The role of honour yesterday:

Best Table Topic Speaker : Joanna (Guest)
Best Assignment Speaker : Steven Lai (Presented 5 speeches, won 4 Best Speaker awards!!! =P )
Best Speech Evaluator : Allen Kam, ACS, CL

I sincerely apologise about the minor hiccup yesterday – the refreshment break. Our caterer came late yesterday. SAA David will talk to the caterer and will ask him not to repeat the mistake again in future. Our apologies. Minus that, I thing it was a great meeting yesterday. Hope you all enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.

See you all at the following meeting on 16 July 2009. The meeting will be hosted by our Immediate Past President - Calvin Lim, ACS and the GE is none other than our Godfather - Lee Wei Seong, ACG, CL.

Have a great weekend folks!!!

"No Road Is Too Long"

At your service,
Teoh Chun Ming, CC
D'Utama Toastmasters Club