Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ACM #38 - Summary

Greetings Everyone,

ACM #38 has concluded last Friday (21 August 2009) and what a fantastic meeting it was. We had Nancy Liew, ACB ALB (D'Utama TMC & DU Adv TMC) who shared with us the abstract concept of how to 'Stress, Stretch, and Trash' - on how we manage our stress.

We then had our second speaker DTM Soh Fong Wai (D'Utama TMC, Klang Bilingual TMC & Metropolitan TMC) who played the role of a Training Director trying to proposed a solution that is Toastmasters to a board of Directors (the audience). The Q & A session was hilarious !!!!

CTM Kay Wong (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters) was a fabulous Facilitator who is not only a first timer to ACM but she managed it professionally as if she was a long time ACMer. During her summary section she surprised us by giving a 'self-evalulation' on HER OWN performance and showed us great skill in adaptability by quickly applying new ideas thought of between Speaker #1 and Speaker #2.

I wish to thank the following participants:

  • Joey (Klang Bilingual TMC)
  • Ivy Cheng (Klang Bilingual TMC & Metropolitan Bilingual TMC)
  • Richard Yeow (CIMA TMC)
  • Cheah Ai Ling (CIMA TMC)
  • Geoff Andrew (Premier Advanced TMC & KL Advanced TMC)
  • Gan Poh Lin (Kuantan TMC)
  • Goh Sheen Yee (D'Utama TMC)
  • Cheong Kuok Sum (TTDI TMC)

It's another great meeting to remember and I'm looking forward to the next meeting on 29th September 2009 (Tuesday) and our facilitator this time for sure is Bill Sim ACG (KL Adv TMC) !!!

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike
ACM Coordinator