Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ACM #39 - Summary

Greetings Fellow ACMers and Friends,

ACM #39
(29 September 2009) was truly incredible, not only we had a filled role player roster but we had 9 'unregistered' guest, which gives us a total attendance of 25 people. Our gracious host ACG Lee Wei Seong had the foresight of this turn out and had gotten us a bigger room; even that was filled to the brim. THANK YOU WEI SEONG !!!

Our Facilitator from KL Advanced Toastmasters Club, ACG Bill SIM was remarkable. Being a first timer to ACM, he conducted the meeting with poise and professionalism. He provided valuable feedback & demonstrated examples to our three Speakers. The meeting completed ahead of schedule!

We had two first time assignment Speakers (in ACM), namely GAN Poh Lin (Kuantan Toastmasters) and LEE Xi Wen (TTDI, MBTC) who so happen to present their speeches from the same advanced manual, namely the "Speaking To Inform" manual. It gave the audience a new perspective to evaluation when they were able to compare the speeches and evaluation between Project #1: Speech To Inform and Project #3: The Demonstration Speech. Our veteran GAN Teong Hock (DUTM, MBTC) also entertained us with his "Resources for Entertainment" by sharing with us how important results are that was illustrated with three wonderful stories.

The Panel of Evaluators & Lead Evaluators were diligent in executing their duties. All of them were concise, constructive and composed. Un-intentionally, I didn't realize that I've selected the D'Utama Presidents Team for the 3rd Speaker's Evaluators; Nancy LIEW (Past President), Marcus LOI (VPE - 'Incoming President?' … hehehe), TEOH Chun Ming (current President), and the Lead Evaluator, LEE Wei Seong (also Past President).

I wish to extend my thanks to the other Panel Evaluators; Janice LEE (TTDI), Richard YEOW (CIMA), CHEONG Kuok Sum (TTDI), and Lead Evaluators; SOH Fong Wai (DUTM, KBTM, MBTM) & Ernest WONG (HELP, Pidato KL). I wish to extend my thanks to LIM Hui Shan and Jess FOONG (both from Unitar Toastmasters Club) who extended their help at the 11th hour to be a Time Keeper and Panel Evaluator respectively.

I personally had a wonderful time and as mentioned during short final message for the day … "No Registration … No Seat for You!! (hehee ...)"

The date for ACM #40 has yet to be finalized. Keep checking the D'Utama ( or Division B ( for updates.

Johnson Yike
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

Remember Your Moments of HAPPINESS

Dear Readers,

Are you ready for the celebration? Two more days, we are having our regular meetin on this thursday. I am glad to inform you all that all the roles have taken up and we are ready for the call. My sincere appreciation to all the role players. Let's come together to have a splendid and colourful meeting on 1st Oct 2009, 7.00pm at KDU Kolej Room 1.08.

Your attendance will definitely spice up the meeting, fellow members please come and rejoice the moments of Happiness.

P/S: Assignment speaker, please remember to send me your speech title/ objectives and notes to the evaluator and your personal introduction information as soon as possible.

Theme: Remember Your Moments of HAPPINESS

Attire: Colourful attire (within our meeting dress code)

TME: Tan Kooi Ching, CC

ASA1: Bryan Ting

ASA2: Viswam

Table Topic Master: Yap Bell Xun

Table Topic Evaluator: Johnson Yike, ACG ALB

General Evaluator: Gan Teong Hock, ACB ALB

Language Evaluator: Jonathan Moh

Ah Counter: Quah Mei Lee

Time Keeper: Joanne Tham

Assignment Speaker (Project): Evaluator

Joanna Tong (CC#1): Patrick Khoo

Belinda See (CC#1): Jack Leong

Steven Lai (CC#6): Huang Qinmei, CC CL (HELP UC Toastmasters Club)

Chai Wen Lee (CC#6): Nancy Liew

Calvin Lim, ACB (AC#1): Siva

By Joanne Tham (on behalf of Tan Kooi Ching)

VPPR D'Utama Toastmasters Club 2009/2010

"No Road Is Too Long"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Trip to HANOI!!!! Congratulations to Johnson!!

A Trip to HANOI!!!! - By JOHNSON Yike

On the 26 September 2009, we had our Division B & H Evaluation & Humorous Contest at Lafarge, Damansara Uptown.

Date: 26th September 2009
Time: 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Venue: 1201A, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, No.5, Jalan SS21/39, Conference Room 1,
Uptown Conference Room, Damansara Utama.

Humorous Speech Contestants as below:-
1. Chris Chen
2. Johnson Yike
3. Dennis Wee
4. Kay Wong

Results for Humorous Speech Contest 2009
Winner - JOHNSON Yike
1st Runner-up - DENNIS Wee

Hip Hip HOORAY!!! JOHNSON Yike will be representing D'Utama to contest in District 51 KL Semi Annual Convention at Genting Convention Centre!!! To those who have miss the FUNNY and HILLARIOUS speech from JOHNSON Yike.. That's fine.. as God always created a SECOND chance for us...

Let's us watch JOHNSON Yike with his humorous speech title - A Trip to HANOI at the Genting Convention!!!!

for more details - kindly log onto

Speech Evaluation Contestants as below:-
1. Johnson Yike
2. Chew Peng Seng
3. Sharmini Helen
4. Burney Choo
5. Lim Lay Kun

Test Speaker - Samuel Sivarajoo with his speech title: "F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to be avoid"

Samuel gave his meaningful speech friends to be avoid with acronyms as below:-
F - Falcon
R - Rascal
I - Illegal
E - Evil
N - Naughty
D- Dangerous
S - Selfish

Results for Speech Evaluation Contest 2009
Winner - SHARMINI Helen
1st Runner-up - Lim LAY KUN
2nd Runner-up - JOHNSON Yike

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ACM #39 (29 Sept 2009) - "Ready, Set, GO !!!"

(Update 7: 23 September 2009, 9:20AM) - Updated 1 Panel Evaluator & Speaker #3 Project. Roles FILLED !
(Update 6: 11 September 2009, 10:38PM) - Added 1 Panel Evaluator

(Update 5: 9 September 2009, 9:50AM) - Added 1 Panel Evaluator
(Update 4: 7 September 2009, 10:20PM) - Added 2 Panel Evaluators
(Update 3: 31 August 2009, 8:20PM) - Added 2 Lead Evaluators, 1 Panel & 3 First Timers.
(Update 2: 30 August 2009, 10:15PM) - Added Speaker #3
(Update 1: 27 August 2009, 8:43PM) - Added Speaker #2

Greetings Everyone !!!!

ACM #39 is READY TO GO !!! on 29 September 2009 (Tuesday) and our Facilitator is Bill SIM, ACG from KL Advanced Toastmasters Club !!!

Role Player registration is complete and all roles have been filled. I'll be sending the Agenda and Project Details directly to those registered. Let's be prepared to have a fun filled yet educational evening !!!!

Speaker #1: Gan Teong Hock, ACB CL (D'Utama, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Advanced Manual: "The Entertaining Speaker"
Project #: 2 "Resources for Entertainment"
Lead Evaluator: Ernest Wong, ACB ALB (HELP, Pidato Kuala Lumpur)
Panel 1: Richard Yeow, CC (CIMA)
Panel 2: Janice Lee, ACB CL (TTDI)
Panel 3: Johnson Yike, ACG ALB (D'Utama)

Speaker #2: Gan Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Advanced Manual: "Speaking to Inform"
Project #: 1 "The Speech to Inform"
Lead Evaluator: Soh Fong Wai, DTM (D'Utama, Klang Bilingual, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Panel 1: Leong A Sam, CC (Metropolitan Bilingual)
Panel 2: Cheong Kuok Sum, CC ALB (TTDI)
Panel 3: Ong Shee Hoi, CC (Metropolitan Bilingual)

Speaker #3: Lee Xi Wen, CC (TTDI, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Advanced Manual: "Speaking to Inform"
Project #: 3 "Demonstration Speech"
Lead Evaluator: Lee Wei Seong, ACG (DU Adv)
Panel 1: Teoh Chun Ming, CC (D'Utama)
Panel 2: Marcus Loi, CC (D'Utama)
Panel 3: Nancy Liew, ACB ALB (D'Utama, DU Adv)

Invited first Timers
  • Jess Foong Xiao Thoong, CC ALB (UniTAR)
  • Lim Hui Shan, CC (UniTAR)
  • Lukrieza, CC (UniTAR)


Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #39
Date/Day: 29 September 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm

Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(location link click here)

For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here

ACM #39 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Compentent Communicator(CC)/Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend. I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.

If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike ACG ALB
D'Utama Toastmasters Club

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Regular Meeting: 17 September 2009

Greetings Fellow D'Utama Toastmasters & friends,

This Thursday (17 September 2009) at Kolej Damansara Utama Room 1.08, 7 more days till our next meeting with yours truly (Johnson Yike) as the Toastmasters of the Evening (TME). All the roles have been filled and the five(5) speakers we are having are ready. I've also invited some guest Evaluators from different Clubs (DKC, UniTAR and Kuantan Toastmasters Clubs).

Regular Meeting: 17 September 2009

Theme of the Night: Back To Basics

Asst Sergeant-at-Arms (ASA) 1: R. Viswam, TM
Asst Sergeant-at-Arms (ASA) 2: Yap Bell Xun, TM

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME): Johnson YIKE, ACG ALB

Language Evaluator (LE): Marcus LOI, CC
Table Topic Master (TTM): Ian CHEONG, TM
Table Topic Evaluator: Meyyapa Manickam, DTM (DKC TM)
General Evaluator: Nancy LIEW, ACB ALB
Humour Masters: Joanna TONG, TM

CC # 2 / Organize Your Speech
Speaker: G. Levin, TM
Evaluator: CHAN Chee Yong, TM

CC # 4 / How To Say It
Speaker: Jared CHEW, TM
Evaluator: Jess Fong, CC ALB (UniTAR TM)

CC # 4 / How To Say It
Speaker: Jason TAN, TM
Evaluator: CHAI Wen Lee, TM

CC # 7 / Research Your Topic
Speaker: Joanne THAM, TM
Evaluator: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan TM)

CC # 7 / Research Your Topic
Speaker: QUAH Mei Lee, TM
Evaluator: GAN Teong Hock, ACB ALB

So join us this Thursday (17 September 2009) at Kolej Damansara Utama Room 1.08 at let's have fun going 'Back to Basic'.

Kind Regards,
Johnson Yike ACG ALB
TME - 17th September 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Meeting #6 – 3 September 2009, Thursday

Meeting #6 – 3 September 2009, Thursday

Theme : “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!!!”

Word of the Day : Climb

TME : Jason Tan

He’s dashing, suave, handsome, charming and tall. Yes, that’s our TME for last Thursday’s meeting – Jason Tan. I don’t usually compliment guys but Jason is indeed good looking. Not only is he good looking, he also has good command of English language, soft-spoken, polite, helpful, friendly, etc etc. He has got many “secret admirers” in our club. At least I know one of our Excos is one of them. =)

Jason joined our club about a year ago and I must say he did a marvelous job emceeing the meeting last Thursday. The meeting agenda was well-planned and the transition from one session to another was smooth. The meeting ended just slightly after 10pm. A total of 34 people attended the meeting – 26 members and 8 guests.

The dedicated role players for last Thursday’s meeting were:

ASA1 : Berry Eng

ASA2 : Ian Cheong (thanks for helping!! =P)

Language Evaluator : Calvin Lim, ACS

Ah Counter : Joanna Tong

Time Keeper : G Levin

Teh Tarik for the Soul : Kooi Ching, CC

Table Topic Master : Siva, DTM

Table Topic Evalautor : David Chuah

Humour Master : Marcus Loi, CC

General Evalautor : Bing Yee, ATMB

Evaluators : Steven Lai

Joanne Tham

Jatson Ho

Johnson Yike, ACG, ALB

Four speakers presented their speeches last Thursday. They were:

Speaker 1 : Yap Bell Xun (CC#1)

Title : You Don’t Need To Die To Appreciate Living

Speaker 2 : R Viswam (CC#2)

Title : Online Shopping – Good Or Bad Idea?

Speaker 3 : Chan Chee Yoong (CC#5)

Title : My Adventure Discovery

Speaker 4 : Gan Teong Hock (AC#1)

Title : The Journey

Bell who just joined our club recently made his maiden speech last Thursday. He shared with us about his childhood stories and his experience studying in Perth, Melbourne and Denmark. He also talked about his passion of collecting stamps, coins from all over the world and even fish eye balls!!

Viswam then talked about the pros and cons of doing online shopping. He shared with us about how convenient it is today to do online shopping, with just a click at the mouse at the comfort of our homes. Chee Yong shared with us about his recent hiking trip in Mount Kinabalu – what to do, what not to do while Teong Hock talked about the reason he joined toastmasters years ago and how he has progressed over the years to where he is today.

The hall of fame:

Best Table Topic Speaker : Steven Lai

Best Assignment Speaker : Yap Bell Xun

Best Speech Evaluator : Johnson Yike, ACG, ALB

Congrats to all the best speakers and best evaluator!!! Kudos to Jason for a job well done and also to all the role players for making last meeting a success!!! See you all two weeks from now – on September 17th. Past Area B4 Governor Johnson will be the TME. It will surely be another great meeting.

Have a productive week ahead folks!!!

"No Road Is Too Long"

At your service,

Chun Ming

cc. Calvin Lim, ACS, IPP

Friday, September 4, 2009

Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2009/10

Dear Toastmaster and Leader,

Division B proudly brings you a CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE with this year's Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest.

We will have past Area Governors, Leaders and Experienced Toastmasters from all over Division B competing for the COVETED TITLE of Division B Champion!

Details are as follows:
Date: 26th September 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Conference Room 1, Uptown Conference Centre

Address: 1201A, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, No. 5 Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Door Fee: RM9.98 only!

Reservations: Please e-mail to or refer to your respective Area Governors.

Parking: You can go around the Uptown Area and look for free parking outside since it's a Saturday. However, since it's a popular spot, you can opt to go for the Uptown 5 Basement for a flat rate of RM2.50. Do remember to present your parking chip coins for verification on that day.

Map location to Uptown 5 & public transport directions: click here

See you there for a TRULY CINEMATIC experience!

Julian Gan, ACB/ALB
Area B1 Governor

The Magical Empowerment!