Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ACM #39 - Summary

Greetings Fellow ACMers and Friends,

ACM #39
(29 September 2009) was truly incredible, not only we had a filled role player roster but we had 9 'unregistered' guest, which gives us a total attendance of 25 people. Our gracious host ACG Lee Wei Seong had the foresight of this turn out and had gotten us a bigger room; even that was filled to the brim. THANK YOU WEI SEONG !!!

Our Facilitator from KL Advanced Toastmasters Club, ACG Bill SIM was remarkable. Being a first timer to ACM, he conducted the meeting with poise and professionalism. He provided valuable feedback & demonstrated examples to our three Speakers. The meeting completed ahead of schedule!

We had two first time assignment Speakers (in ACM), namely GAN Poh Lin (Kuantan Toastmasters) and LEE Xi Wen (TTDI, MBTC) who so happen to present their speeches from the same advanced manual, namely the "Speaking To Inform" manual. It gave the audience a new perspective to evaluation when they were able to compare the speeches and evaluation between Project #1: Speech To Inform and Project #3: The Demonstration Speech. Our veteran GAN Teong Hock (DUTM, MBTC) also entertained us with his "Resources for Entertainment" by sharing with us how important results are that was illustrated with three wonderful stories.

The Panel of Evaluators & Lead Evaluators were diligent in executing their duties. All of them were concise, constructive and composed. Un-intentionally, I didn't realize that I've selected the D'Utama Presidents Team for the 3rd Speaker's Evaluators; Nancy LIEW (Past President), Marcus LOI (VPE - 'Incoming President?' … hehehe), TEOH Chun Ming (current President), and the Lead Evaluator, LEE Wei Seong (also Past President).

I wish to extend my thanks to the other Panel Evaluators; Janice LEE (TTDI), Richard YEOW (CIMA), CHEONG Kuok Sum (TTDI), and Lead Evaluators; SOH Fong Wai (DUTM, KBTM, MBTM) & Ernest WONG (HELP, Pidato KL). I wish to extend my thanks to LIM Hui Shan and Jess FOONG (both from Unitar Toastmasters Club) who extended their help at the 11th hour to be a Time Keeper and Panel Evaluator respectively.

I personally had a wonderful time and as mentioned during short final message for the day … "No Registration … No Seat for You!! (hehee ...)"

The date for ACM #40 has yet to be finalized. Keep checking the D'Utama ( or Division B ( for updates.

Johnson Yike
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.