Friday, September 11, 2009

Meeting #6 – 3 September 2009, Thursday

Meeting #6 – 3 September 2009, Thursday

Theme : “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!!!”

Word of the Day : Climb

TME : Jason Tan

He’s dashing, suave, handsome, charming and tall. Yes, that’s our TME for last Thursday’s meeting – Jason Tan. I don’t usually compliment guys but Jason is indeed good looking. Not only is he good looking, he also has good command of English language, soft-spoken, polite, helpful, friendly, etc etc. He has got many “secret admirers” in our club. At least I know one of our Excos is one of them. =)

Jason joined our club about a year ago and I must say he did a marvelous job emceeing the meeting last Thursday. The meeting agenda was well-planned and the transition from one session to another was smooth. The meeting ended just slightly after 10pm. A total of 34 people attended the meeting – 26 members and 8 guests.

The dedicated role players for last Thursday’s meeting were:

ASA1 : Berry Eng

ASA2 : Ian Cheong (thanks for helping!! =P)

Language Evaluator : Calvin Lim, ACS

Ah Counter : Joanna Tong

Time Keeper : G Levin

Teh Tarik for the Soul : Kooi Ching, CC

Table Topic Master : Siva, DTM

Table Topic Evalautor : David Chuah

Humour Master : Marcus Loi, CC

General Evalautor : Bing Yee, ATMB

Evaluators : Steven Lai

Joanne Tham

Jatson Ho

Johnson Yike, ACG, ALB

Four speakers presented their speeches last Thursday. They were:

Speaker 1 : Yap Bell Xun (CC#1)

Title : You Don’t Need To Die To Appreciate Living

Speaker 2 : R Viswam (CC#2)

Title : Online Shopping – Good Or Bad Idea?

Speaker 3 : Chan Chee Yoong (CC#5)

Title : My Adventure Discovery

Speaker 4 : Gan Teong Hock (AC#1)

Title : The Journey

Bell who just joined our club recently made his maiden speech last Thursday. He shared with us about his childhood stories and his experience studying in Perth, Melbourne and Denmark. He also talked about his passion of collecting stamps, coins from all over the world and even fish eye balls!!

Viswam then talked about the pros and cons of doing online shopping. He shared with us about how convenient it is today to do online shopping, with just a click at the mouse at the comfort of our homes. Chee Yong shared with us about his recent hiking trip in Mount Kinabalu – what to do, what not to do while Teong Hock talked about the reason he joined toastmasters years ago and how he has progressed over the years to where he is today.

The hall of fame:

Best Table Topic Speaker : Steven Lai

Best Assignment Speaker : Yap Bell Xun

Best Speech Evaluator : Johnson Yike, ACG, ALB

Congrats to all the best speakers and best evaluator!!! Kudos to Jason for a job well done and also to all the role players for making last meeting a success!!! See you all two weeks from now – on September 17th. Past Area B4 Governor Johnson will be the TME. It will surely be another great meeting.

Have a productive week ahead folks!!!

"No Road Is Too Long"

At your service,

Chun Ming

cc. Calvin Lim, ACS, IPP