Thursday, October 22, 2009

ACM #40 - 27 October 2009 (Tuesday) - Ready, Set, GO !

(Update #10: 22 October 09, 11:30AM - Assignment Speakers' Manuals & Project # updated. Agenda download available.)
(Update #9: 15 October 09, 11:35AM - Final Panel Evaluator filled. READY, SET, GO!)
(Update #8: 14 October 09, 1:20PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #7: 14 October 09, 10:30AM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #6: 13 October 09, 10:40AM - 3 Panel Evaluators filled, Timer allocated)
(Update #5: 12 October 09, 2:25PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #4: 12 October 09, 1:40PM - Lead Evaluators filled, 1 Panel Evaluator filled, 1 Invited Guest)
(Update #3: 12 October 09, 12:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #2: 12 October 09, 11:25AM - 2 Lead Evaluators filled.)
(Update #1, 12 Oct 09, 11:05AM - Assignment Speaking slots are filled. Correction on the date. )

Greetings Everyone !!!!

ACM #40 has been confirmed to be on 27 October 2009 (Tuesday) and our Facilitator is Dr. Devi Menon, DTM (from Sai Toastmasters Club & Taman Indrahana Club) !!! Dr. Devi Menon is a Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Languages and Linguistics where she taught for the past 18 years. She is the Lecturer Advisor of the University of Malaya Toastmaster's Club, a member of Taman Indrahana and the Charter President of Sai Masters TMC. She was the immediate past Area Governor for W3.

ALL Roles has been filled !!!! ACM #4o is ready to go !!!! I will be sending the Agenda, and Project Details (once made available by the Assignment Speakers) by next week. I'm surely looking forward to another FUN FILLED ADVANCED COMMUNICATOR MEETING !!!!

Speaker #1: CHEAH Ai Ling, CC CL (CIMA)
Title: "Freescale Town Hall Meeting"
Advanced Manual: "Speeches by Management"
Project #: "# 5 Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship"
Lead Evaluator: CHEONG Kuok Sum, CC ALB (TTDI)
Panel 1: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Panel 2: Marcus LOI, CC (D'Utama)
Panel 3: TEOH Chun Ming, CC (D'Utama)

Speaker #2: SOH Fong Wai, DTM (D'Utama, Klang Bilingual, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Advanced Manual: "Technical Presentations"
Project #: "#3 - Nontechnical Presentation"
Lead Evaluator: Dr. LIM Chooi Peng, DTM
Panel 1: YAU Chau Fong, ACB (TTDI)
Panel 2: Johnson YIKE, DTM (D'Utama)
Panel 3: Irene LEE, CTM ALB (Crystal)

Speaker #3: Ernest WONG, ACB ALB (HELP)
Advanced Manual: "Storytelling"
Project #: "#1 - The Folk Tale"
Lead Evaluator: LEE Wei Seong, ACG CL (DU Adv)
Panel 1: GAN Teong Hock, ACB ALB (D'Utama, Metropolitan Bilingual)
Panel 2: Richard YEOW, CC (CIMA)
Panel 3: Nancy LIEW, ACB ALB (D'Utama, DU Adv)

Timer: Ivy Cherng, ACS CL (Klang Bilingual, Metropolitan Bilingual)

Invited first Timers
  • Helen Quat, CC (Metro Toastmasters Club)

Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #40
Date/Day: 27 October 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm
Agenda: Download here

Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

(Google Map: location link click here)
(Streetdirectory: location link click here)

For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here

ACM #40 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Competent Communicator(CC) / Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend & for seat allocation (max 18). I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.

If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson YIKE, DTM
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.