Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We have just one night away and the Speaker's Night will arrive upon us with a marathon of madness!

The theme for the night is 'Making choices' so I hope you all make a fabulous choice and head to D'Utama to witness some exciting Speakers and Evaluators, spout pearls of wisdom.

All role-plays have kindly be taken up with Joanna Tong filling in the ASA2 position. Thank you Joanna.See you by 7pm with G.Levin.
The role of the Ah Counter will not take place due to time restraints sorry...but thank you Viswam for taking up this role .
Terima kasih to those whom I asked to take up roles earlier, like Henry Fu but various speakers pulled out and adjustments had to be made accordingly.

For all speakers please ensure that you bring along your CC and ACL Manuals for your Evaluator to write in their Evaluations.Also do have your speech titles ready for me if you have not already done so.(I have been forwarded some from Marcus already).

Look forward to seeing you be ' entertained' and not 'strained and drained'.

See you then.
Yours in Toastmasters


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