Thursday, December 17, 2009

ACM #42 - 23 December 2009 (Wednesday) - READY, SET, GO !

(Update #13: 22 Dec 2009, 2:20PM - Final Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #12: 21 Dec 2009, 9:30AM - Final Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #11: 20 Dec 2009, 11:36PM - 1 Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #10: 20 Dec 2009, 8:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled, Agenda & Speakers' Project Details READY FOR DOWNLOAD)
(Update #9: 17 Dec 2009, 3:33PM - 1 Lead Evaluator filled)
(Update #8: 17 Dec 2009, 9:45PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #7: 16 Dec 2009, 2:38PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #6: 16 Dec 2009, 1:30PM - 2 Guests invited)
(Update #5: 29 Nov 2009, 8:00PM - 1 Panel Evaluator filled)
(Update #4: 25 Nov 2009, 1:40PM - 2 Panel Evaluator filled, 1 Lead Evaluator)
(Update #3: 23 Nov 2009, 2:35PM - 2 remaining Project Speakers confirmed)
(Update #2: 23 Nov 2009, 1:45PM - 1 Project Speaker confirmed)
(Update #1: 23 Nov 2009, 11:48AM - One Panel Evaluator filled)

Greetings Everyone !!!!

ACM #42 has been confirmed to be on 23 December 2009 (Wednesday) and our Facilitator is Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM !!! She is the Immediate Past Division Governor (Term 2008 - 2009: Courage To Make A Difference) of District 51; recipient of the 'President Distinguish Division Award'. Currently, she is the Club President of Kelab Pidato Kuala Lumpur, and member of Phoenix Toastmasters Club, Shah Alam Toastmasters Club, MAICSA Toastmasters Club. She is also know an the 'Mother of East Coast (Peninsula)', for her chartering clubs, and her continuous immense contribution and support to Toastmasters Club in East Peninsula Malaysia such as Lekor TMC (Terengganu), Penapisan TMC (Terengganu), Kertih TMC (Terengganu), Kuantan TMC (Kuantan) and FPG TMC (Kuantan).

Download Speaker's Project Details here:

Download the ACM #42 Agenda here:

Role Player Registration is

Speaker #1: Geoff ANDREW, DTM (Premier Adv, KL Adv)
Advanced Manual: " Communicating On Television "
Project #: " #5 - Training on TV "
Lead Evaluator: Meyyappa Manickam, DTM (DKC)
Panel 1: Johnson YIKE, DTM (D'Utama)
Panel 2: Julian GAN, ACB ALB (UniTAR, Shaklee TM)
Panel 3: CHEAH Ai Ling, CC CL (CIMA)
Speaker #2: GAN Teong Hock, ACB CL (D'Utama, MBTC)
Advanced Manual: " The Entertaining Speaker "
Project #: " #4 - Dramatic Speech "
Lead Evaluator: Marian LEE, ACB CL (TTDI)
Panel 1: EU Choi San, CC (Premier Adv.)
Panel 2: FOONG Xiao Thoong, CC ALB (UniTAR TM)
Panel 3: Richard YEOW, CC (CIMA)

Speaker #3: GAN Poh Lin, CC ALB (Kuantan)
Advanced Manual: " Story Telling "
Project #: " #2 - Let's Get Personal "
Lead Evaluator: SOH Fong Wai, DTM (DUTM, KBTC, MBTC)
Panel 1: CHEONG Kuok Sum, CC CL (TTDI)
Panel 2: Janice LEE, CC (TTDI)

Timer: TEOH Chun Ming, CC (D'Utama)



Event: Advanced Communicator Meeting (ACM) #42
Date/Day: 23 December 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00pm to 10.00pm
Lee Wei Seong’s Office (Ground Floor)
Bangsar Optometry, 8-0-13,
Ground Floor, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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For more Information and Guidelines about the ACM: Download Here
ACM #42 is organized by D'Utama Toastmasters Club. ACM is open to ALL Competent Communicator(CC) / Toastmasters (CTM) and above, and members of good standing with their own respective club. NO DOOR Fee but registration is required to attend & for seat allocation (max 18). I will be updating the details on both D'Utama Toastmasters website and Division B Blogspot periodically and besides sending email updates.
If you are interested to participate, please feel free to email me (

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike, DTM
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
ACM Organizing Chair.

* This ACM email update is sent to those who have expressed interested towards the ACM before. If you DO NOT wish to receive future updates, kindly revert to indicate so and I'll remove you from the mailing list. My apologizes for the any inconvenience caused.