Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nancy Liew has attained Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)!

How do you feel about achieving ACS?

"Upon the achievement of Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS), I find much more about myself. How a meaningful life can be is depend on the amount of value imparted from one's thought and action. Such process is possible through the practice of positive communication and leadership skills. The Club is the best place for me to explore. A well-rounded learning takes time. I have filled some inadequacies along the journey, and still filling up...

It's also about reaching another milestone. With the continuous sharing of opinions by my mentors ACG Lee Wei Seong and DTM G Sivalingam all these years, I sincerely thank them from my bottom of my heart. Not forgetting our President CC Teoh Chun Ming, one of the very thoughtful leaders with his team and his theme - "No Road Is Too Long", I truly enjoyed this marvelous path in toastmaster. I will continue to progress to reach the next milestone!"


To be eligible for the Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) award, one must have achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze award or Advanced Toastmaster Bronze award), completed two additional advanced communication manuals (may not be those completed for any previous award) and conducted any two presentations from the Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful Club Series. For more information, go on to