Monday, February 8, 2010

Jessy Chahal has attained Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)!

Here our member talks about her latest achievement in the world of Toastmasters :

My ACB Journey by Jessy Chahal

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement….”

 It’s been a couple of years now since I have joined Toastmasters. I have never regretted all my time, effort and commitment to this wonderful international organization. I always refer to Toastmasters as a feather in my hat. Most times when I have been asked to talk about myself, I am always quick to highlight the fact that I am a Toastmaster. However, the journey to my receiving my ACB has been a long one. With the tide of my professional work as well as other social obligations that come with being a young KL-lite, I found it almost trying to set aside time for Toastmasters. Initially, it was a balancing act. I could simply manage squeezing in just enough time to prepare for my assignment speech and stroll into DUTC meeting with a wide grin my face, confident that I would somehow make it through.

Then, something happened. Somehow in due time, I found myself at the back of the race. My assignments were getting tougher and I could not find the time to focus and dedicate towards preparing for my speeches. I realized that my Toastmasters commitment was beginning to get more demanding. It was something I did not mind but I found hard to find the time for. What I understood from it all was that, although I thought I never could find the time or focus, I was always still a Toastmaster at heart. I found myself missing attending the club meetings and meeting up with fellow Toastmasters.

So, I made it a conscious effort to at least try to complete one assignment each month. As we know, to secure a speaking slot at DUTC can be challenging. We have too many good speakers! I took a bold step to venture outwards to speak at other clubs. I found them all inviting and it has done wonders for me. Speaking outside your comfort zone, not only tests your speaking skills, it also helps to improve the quality of your delivery. That’s when the excitement got me going again. As Toastmasters, we find that there is one common attribute about us all. To me, that attribute is Learning. We aspire to learn and by learning, we aspire to improve ourselves. It has been this attribute, which has led to me to push myself and further my completion towards achieving my ACB. Looking back, I wish I did not take so long! I strongly recommend you to keep that fire burning in order to steer ahead in your Toastmasters journey. I know I will!

Congratulations and well done, Jessy!

To be eligible for the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) award, one must have achieved Competent Communicator award (or Competent Toastmaster award), and completed two Advanced Communication manuals. For more information, log on to