Monday, February 8, 2010


D'Utama Toastmasters does the Skytrex and Levin shares his story of survival :

"On the 6th of December 2009 Sunday, a few of us from D’ Utama Toastmasters Club, joined by friends and family, decided to attempt the activity known as Skytrex at Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam.

The day started with the two groups meeting at KDU at 8 in the morning. Well, at least that was the plan, and I am not too modest to say that I was the first one there. This group consisted of Marcus Loi, Sheen Yee, Sheen Sern, Mei Ling, Wen Lee, Joanne Tan Yen Hui and Cecilia.

The writer poses in the back row with his gloves in this group portrait. 

When we arrived at Taman Pertanian we were joined by Kooi Ching, Ginger Koh, Jatson Ho, Yap Bell Xun, Jason Chew, Yuen Tsui Shih, Elaine Koh and Benjamin Chong. Once we were all gathered, we were taken to the Skytrex trail in a bus ride.

Upon arrival, we sorted out our basic necessities such as getting a locker to store our things and renting gloves for the trail. Lucky for some of us, we were provided with free gloves courtesy of Ginger’s sister-in-law, Yuen Tsui Shih. After placing the safety gear on us, we were given a detailed explanation of how to move from one point to another throughout the trail. In fact we had to pass a test trail before we could embark on the actual course itself. And the ever bold Kooi Ching was first in line from our party.

The group poses for a photo before embarking on the Skytrex trail.

And then came my turn! For someone who is afraid of heights, this was certainly no easy task for me. In fact when I signed on for Skytrex, I had no idea what it was about; I just thought it sounded like a fun thing to do and if I had known what it was about, there is a good chance that I might not have joined this fellowship! The first course required a long climb up a ladder.

Unlike Marcus and the rest of our party, I was quite terrified. As I went on with the trail, the course became harder and higher but I managed to keep myself calm and finish the trail. If I am not mistaken, it probably took forty minutes for me to finish the trail and about an hour and half for the entire party to finish it.

I believe that the entire party enjoyed themselves and I glad to say nobody chickened out. For some, this trail was not thrilling enough. I distinctly remember Marcus saying he has go to overseas to really get his thrills and Malaysia is just too boring for him. We ended the day with bak kut teh for lunch in Klang, a fantastic suggestion from Jatson Ho.

In conclusion I did enjoy myself and probably, if given the opportunity, would repeat the whole Skytrex experience again. I suggest that everybody attempt it at least once and may I add one last point : as long as you remain calm and follow instructions, it is as safe as anything can possibly be."

Acknowledgements : This trip was made possible by the joint efforts of Goh Sheen Yee and Ginger Koh. Photographs have been provided courtesy of Marcus Loi.