Thursday, March 25, 2010

Regular Meeting on 1st April 2010

Message from Vice President Education

Dear toastmasters,

We are going to have our next regular meeting on a special day, the April's Fool.

And we are going to have a special member, Jared Chew, to lead us through this special evening.

To know what is going to happen on that evening, be part of Jared's team to make this April's Fool a memorable day.

TME: Jared Chew
ASA 1: Kristine
ASA 2: vacant
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Goh Sheen Yee, CC
Table Topic Master: David Chuah
Table Topic Evaluator: Jonathan Moh
Humor Master: Joanna Tham
General Evaluator: Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB
Language Evaluator: Quah Mei Lee, CC
Ah Counter: vacant
Time Keeper: vacant

Assignment speaker (Project) : Evaluator
1) George Tan (CC#?) : Steven Lai
2) Chan Chee Yoong (CC#5) : Marcus Loi, CC, CL
3) Belinda See (CC#4) : G. Levin
4) Patrick (CC#7) : Calvin Lim, ACS
5) Yap Chean Sheong (AC#?) : Gan Teong Hock, ACB, CL

Standby speakers:
1) Joanna Tong
2) Chai Wen Lee

For the assignment speakers, please send your speech detail and short introduction to Jared ( or me ( by Sunday, 28 March 2010.

Hope to see you all next Thursday at Room 1.08, KDU College.

Marcus Loi
Vice President of Education 2009/2010
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
"No Road is Too Long"


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