Thursday, May 6, 2010

Regular Meeting on 06 May 2010

Message from Toastmaster of the Evening 06 May 2010 - Yap Bell Xun.

Theme of the evening: The Pain to go Further

TME       : Yap Bell Xun
ASA1     : G Levin
ASA2     : Christine Chee

Special Speaker : Johnson Yike, DTM
General Evaluator : Lim Bing Yee, ATMB
Language Evaluator: Joanna Tong
Ah Counter: Berry Eng
Time Keeper: Vacant

Speaker 1 : Eric Lim CC#1            Evaluator 1: Gan Teong Hock, ACS, CL
Speaker 2: Jonathan Moh CC#7     Evaluator 2: Quah Mei Lee, CC
Speaker 3: Patrick Khoo CC#9      Evaluator 3: Johnson Yike, DTM (or Henry Foo)
Speaker 4: Steven Lai CC#10        Evaluator 4: Calvin Lim, ACS
Speaker 5: Hoo Sze Ling CC#10    Evaluator 5: Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB

My contact is:
Yap Bell Xun
Phone: 017 286 6535

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