Tuesday, July 13, 2010

15 July 2010 - "Laughter is Free but Effective"

Update #6( by Johnson), 14 July 8:35PM: Speech titles provided. Table Topic evaluator changed.
Update #5 (by Johnson), 13 July 11:01PM: ALL ROLES FILLED. Meeting Programme available.
Update #4 (by Johnson), 13 July 9:25PM: Speaker #2's project # and title updated. ASA1 filled.
Update #3 (by Johnson), 13 July 7:10PM: Humour Master filled, GE swapped with Evaluator #3
Update #2 (by Johnson), 12 July 7:00PM: Evaluator #3 swapped with Evaluator #4.

Update #1 (by Johnson), 12 July 11:59AM: Table Topic Evaluator, Ah Counter, and Evaluator #2 have been filled. 

THEME: Laughter is Free but Effective
TME                   : Johnson YIKE, DTM
ASA1                  : Jonathan MOH, TM
ASA2                  : Steven LAI, CC
Teh Tarik             : Carrie TAN, TM
Table Topic Master    : GAN Teong Hock, ACS, CL
Table Topic Evaluator : GAN Poh Lin, ACB ALB
Humour Master         : Norlina, CTM
General Evaluator     : Calvin LIM, ACS
Language Evaluator    : HOO Sze Ling, CC
Ah Counter            : Berry ENG, TM
Time Keeper           : Kristine HOW, TM

Speaker 1: Nicolas YIP,TM CC#2 (Title: Barcamp)    Evaluator 1: YAP Bell Xun
Speaker 2: Eric LIM, TM CC#2 (Title: Fear of Poverty)    Evaluator 2: SOH Fong Wai, DTM
Speaker 3: Levin G., TM CC#3 (Title: Why are dogs men's best friend)    Evaluator 3: QUAH Mei Lee, CC
Speaker 4: Ginger KOH, TM CC#9 (Title: Open up your mind, excite your senses)    Evaluator 4: Nancy LIEW, ACS, ALB

Meeting Programme: Download HERE