Saturday, October 30, 2010

Li Ann goes to Hong Kong!

Ooi Li Ann shares with us her recent trip to the city famously known as the Pearl of the Orient :

Having heard so much about this vibrant city of Hong Kong and watching their TVB series for such a long time, at last my cousin and I had the chance to visit Hong Kong! Prior to the trip, we spent more than 3 months searching for the information on accommodation, places to visit, good food as well as shopping. There were lots of things we want to do in Hong Kong, but due to time limitation and budget constraints, we had to make some compromises.

Stay and traveling around Hong Kong 

 The hotel room rates in Hong Kong are known to be expensive yet the rooms were smaller than our budget “First World Hotel” rooms. Since we only needed a place to sleep and take shower, we decided to stay in the Motel at Mongkok area which was recommended by our friend. Although it is a small unit, the owner keeps the place clean and it is very safe.

Friends had also told us that it is convenient and easy to travel around Hong Kong so we decided not to join a tour. This has the advantage of being able to avoid places that we were not interested in such as the jewelry and Chinese medicine shops.  The book on ‘Hong Kong Travel Guides’, maps and some friendly locals really helped a lot in finding the places we want to go to. With the “Octopus Card” (equivalent or even better than to our “Touch & Go” card), we travelled around Hong Kong with ease. There were many places accepting this card and the reloading is available at most places. We tried all the various modes of transportation - buses, trams and MRT.  

Places of Interest

A local tour agent in Hong Kong called “Ding Ding” sells entrance tickets and meal vouchers at cheaper rate, which helps saved about 10 to 15 percent.  In just less than 5 days, we covered the following places:

1)      Taking the peak tram to “The Peak” + Madame Tussauds + Sky Terrace (enjoying the night view of Hong Kong)

 2)      More than 12 hours in Hong Kong Disneyland with the special Halloween theme – Halloween parade at 7.45pm and fireworks at 9pm

  3)      Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, Po Lin and Giant Buddha. 

 4)      A great learning experience at Ocean Park and witnessing the expansion of the park.

5)      Avenue of Stars + Symphony of Lights

 Food and Shopping Experiences

Most ladies would love the shopping thrill in Hong Kong. We manage to go “Citygate Outlets”, few shopping outlets in Tsim Sha Tsui and night markets like Ladies Street, Temple Street, ‘Sport Shoes’ Street, etc. It was a fantastic experience. After walking for long hours every day, we eventually felt that ‘our feet no longer belonged to us’, literally translated from Chinese. In Hong Kong, you hardly find people who are overweight even some of them eat quite late at night.

Hong Kong is also famous for delicious food. When you are there, you must try “Dim Sum”, “Milk Tea”, roast goose, etc. Most of the restaurants or shops do not start business early but they do end late. Porridge served for breakfast is delectable. We sampled the “ping pei” moon cake with bird nest which was extremely yummy. You cannot find it in Malaysia yet!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip; it was lot of fun. We hope to make a return trip in the next few years!