Friday, October 22, 2010

The Night Where Ghouls and Ghosts Convened!

 T'was a night when D'Utama Toastmasters Club had become almost unrecognisable and Toastmonsters shed their humanly facade to immerse themselves in their true forms; their supernatural unearthly forms ...

ATMB Lim Bing Yee describes the night perfectly in poetry :

Fright Nite in the Haunted House

Nothing beats D'UTM Halloween Fun,
When ghosts and ghoulish beasties did come,
With witches, vampires and cereal killers,
 All dancing cool to MJ's Thriller.

Do not scream or shake in your shoes,
Or feel that you need to pay your scary TM dues,
It's that time we meet on that OCCULT ocassion,
To claw, spit and hiss moods of persuasion.

'Drunkenly' lead by our vampish Countess Nancy,
Into the realms of 'Fear Factor' Fancy,
Many a brave 'Toastmonster' stood tall,
Upon the sacrificial stage in hope not to fall.

To keep the audience on their toes,
Jiving and laughing with humorous blows,
ATM 'Witch' Bing waved a wand of glee,
Unleashing a tale of 'Ping Pong' frivolity.

When 'Ghoulish Eater' (GE) Jonathon bounced on the scene,
Dramatic fears unfolded into a realistic dream,
Where mortals and monsters were warned to take heed,
As lurking about came the sounds of an uncanny deed.

Here were incoming conniving, devilish evaluators,
Who tore to bits within analytical parameters,
The innocent and juicy delectable Speakers,
 'Very Good' Ho,'Piratey' Nik and 'Witchy' Joanna-less-Sleeper.

Then Dr.'Donate-Your-Organ' Teoh zoomed in next,
While 'Under Fire, Quick-Fix' Mei Lee felt vexed,
As time caught them up as they executed their speech,
Forming great ideas testing their skills to teach.

Loads of fun and squeamish laughter continued to unfold,
Upon the 'Night of the Haunted House' as told,
But how do we know this happened at all,
Was it because of the leftover eyeball?

Evidence if you really absolutely need to know,
Was taken by 'Swatman' Ian and 'Wicked Witch' Sze Ling "Oh No!"
 Look out fellow 'Toastmonster' fiends we're busted,
You'll see your pics by email but don't feel flustered.

For do Ghost and ghoulies really exist,
 And do vampires appear waiting for that bloody kiss,
Only you can decide upon what you think and do,
But what the heck Toastmasters "We love YOU!"

... and you thought Toastmasters were ordinary human beings getting together for public speaking ...

Lead warlock @ President, Marcus Loi, CC, CL (L) and Secretary, G. Levin (R)

Treasurer, Yap Bell Xun comes as drunken office boy

The leading witch of the night : Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB

Datu Noornikam wins Best Speaker award for the ghostly night!

Alex Tan wins Best Table Topic Speaker award

Gan Poh Lin, ACB, ALB, was Best Evaluator

 Joanna Tong wins one of the Best Dressed Prizes for the night and strikes a pose!

Joanna Foo also wins Best Dressed Prize for her policewoman outfit

 Another Best Dressed Prize winner: Lim Bing Yee and her mini cauldron of cockroaches and rats. Some members mentioned the food tasted a little different that night ...


Lead warlock, Marcus gives his closing speech

Lead warlock, Marcus Loi, CC, CL hands a token of appreciation to the Witch Lady, Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB

Datu Noornikam takes home the First Speech award, for having delivered his Icebreaker speech that night!

Another maiden speaker, Ho Liam Chang also takes home the First Speech award.
Ho, ho, ho!!

Stephanie has been accepted as a member of the prestigious Occult, which will be known to mere mortals as D'Utama Toastmasters Club the morning after.

She-devils from Kazakhstan who came a-visiting!

Ruth and Joanne  shows us how the pros pose!

The supernatural beings who will have to resume human form after the night is over ...

All the witches gather and cackle to their hearts' delight!

Henry Fu and Datu Noornikam

Bell as the Grim Reaper and his witch consort, Joanna Tong

Dr Death, aka Teoh Chun Ming, CC, CL (middle )poses with Ruth (L) and Belinda (R)

Assuming human form are Calvin Lim, ACS and Marcus Loi, CC, CL

Steven Lai (formerly known as Scream) joins in the fun!

The gathering of the ghouls is complete with Vice-President Membership, Ginger Koh, in the loop

Tham (L) is a first-time guest and can't wait to come back for more! He poses here with Jonathan Moh!

Can't get enough of these pics? Check out this link :

Our next meeting will be on 4 November 2010!