Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Levin does New Year Eve in Singapore!

G.Levin recently took a trip down to Singapore (his first one too!) to usger in the New Year. Here's how he spent it:

"My New Year’s Eve celebrations in Singapore begin on the afternoon itself. My friends and I took the monorail into Sentosa Island from the connecting shopping centre. One of the first places we went on the island was the Resort Casino. At the entrance of casino was what I think is the model of a Lamborghini. Naturally we took photos and post our best glam shots. Contrary to what you might think, we did not gamble in the casino; however we did have some drinks at the bar. Next stop at Sentosa was Universal Studio. Instead of entering the theme park, my very stylish friends and I spent one hour again taking photos of the huge globe outside the theme park. Just before we left Sentosa, we just had to stop at the Hard Rock CafĂ©.

After Sentosa Island, we arrive at Marina Bay. This was where we planned to spend the rest of the night until the countdown. The main attraction of Marina Bay is the Las Vegas Sands hotel and casino. Again we visited the casino at the hotel but did not gamble. While waiting for the countdown, we visited many shopping centers. When midnight finally arrived, the spectacular fireworks were truly a sight worth waiting for. The only sad note of the evening was the journey back to our local residence. Immediately after the fireworks, we zoomed back to the MRT station along with everybody else. My friends were standstill in a people jam for an hour waiting to enter the MRT station. But fortunately we did manage to get on the train back to our station.

In conclusion, despite a relatively short first trip to Singapore, I believe I covered a lot of ground. I look forward to return to Singapore and taking a little more time to enjoy the sights the next time around."