Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Jonathan Moh is seen here receiving his ribbon from President Marcus Loi, CC, CL for achieving Competent Communicator.

Jonathan Moh joined D'Utama Toastmasters Clubin September 2009 and attained Competent Communicator (CC) status in December 2010. He talks about how he felt the day he became a CC.
"It was over. My first 10 speeches done and Competent Communicator status achieved. As I sat down to the applause of the audience, I slowly reflected over the past year when I first started my Toastmasters journey.

Contrary to what I first thought, it wasn’t happiness or a sense of achievement that flooded me but rather the feeling of relief. It was relief that I had finally finished learning the foundation of the art of public speaking. The words of a friend came back to me in the midst of my soliloquy about a discussion we had about martial arts. “Now I’ve gotten my black belt and I’m finally going to start learning taekwondo.” It was like he had finally mastered the letters of the alphabet and now he’s ready to learn to construct words and sentences. It was the same with my Toastmasters journey. I’m now finished with the foundation and now I’m going to further explore the alphas and omegas of public speaking from entertaining speeches to interpretive reading. Another turn of the page on the path to enlightenment.

I shall choose not to dwell for too long on this victory but take it in stride as I move forward towards greater challenges. We are all pilgrims on this road to success and this is where we stand by each other during this period, now and always. This is the time where bonds are formed, friendships are forged and disciplines perfected and refined. As I await the arrival of the manuals I ordered, I shall rest, observe and prepare for the next leg of this journey. I for one know that the road will be tough but I will never be alone. As long as there are people whom I can call friend and allies, we will succeed together."