Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video: D'Utama TMC Regular Meeting - 7 April 2011

Dear fellow D'Utamaians,

The numbers of advance speeches had not enough to quench the toastmasters' passion yesterday.  The audience was interactive in the Question-and-Answer session, yet many few had got no chance probed into the speakers' subject.  Looking at the positive side, you guys were really earnest learners with passion overflowed!  (Congrat! Mr President!)

Thanks to DTM Johnson Yike for having shared with us a renewed topic in an interesting and different way.  The proposal was aiming to stabilize and strengthen the club's ups and downs.  His session definitely open our eyes on the outlook for toastmasters journey!

Another big thanks goes to ACS Gan Teong Hock for his play as the Public Relations Officer who had to face the confrontational residents of TTDI (the audience) about the concerns of building Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) within the Greater Kuala Lumpur.  The best part was Teong Hock remained intact during the Q&A session. His professionalism is his greater value while handling the feedback of the residents.

Kudos to toastmaster Patrick Ho and toastmaster Joseph Tham for continuously attempt the CC project speech, a commendable & positive move!

I also thank all the role players, Mdm General Evaluator Casey Tan & her team of evaluators for having made a well rounded practise of public speaking.

Lastly, wish all of you who attended the meeting yesterday found your discoveries through the 180+minutes navigation yesterday.  I certainly won't forget the fantastic birthday celebration I had in my life together with all of you at this voyage!  Thanks to CC Jonathan Moh for that arrangement!

Till we meet again!

~ Maintain the Passion ~
yours toastmaster of the evening,
Theme: Voyage of Discovery

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Posted by Johnson Yike