Monday, May 2, 2011

Fellowship Trip to Gopeng & Ipoh - by G. Levin

On 16 & 17 April, some of us from D’Utama Toastmasters Club and friends took a trip to Ipoh with a stop at Gopeng first for white water rafting. Below hereafter are the first hand stories of the amazing weekend that the rest of you missed!!

16 April 2011
7am - 9 am : Breakfast at Famous Wan Tan Mee in Bidor

"The Wan Tan Mee was delicious and Siew Pau also tasted good." ~ Grace Sim

“The texture and size difference brings back memories of good old bon app├ętit wanton mee moments when I was a kid”. ~ Jin Lim

9.30am - 2pm : White Water rafting at Sg Kampar (Gopeng)

“The journey through the rural roads on a lorry gave me a good experience of what it feels like to be transported as "labor workers" in a third world country :-) Apparently the rest was having fun with the adventure view, wind rush and dodging tree branches. At least I have a "laborer princess" to talk to throughout the transportation journey.” Jin Lim {The ride from our base camp to the departure point of the rafts}

"What an adrenalin-pumping adventure on the river, especially when we bellied-up and I was swept away! Yahoo! High Five everyone!" ~ Lim Bing Yee, ATMB

"Never thought that I was easily thrown out from the boat during "Bum-Bum". The split second under the white water of Kampar river made me felt so helpless." ~ Marcus Loi. Bum- bum means that everyone in the raft hits the ducks down the raft when the guide gives the command.

"The feeling of bubbling in the water was an unforgetable moment. Thanks to the boat captain for throwing me into the river and coming home with bruises as souvenir." ~ Grace Sim

"So glad I hang on tight to the rope, else I will sure get thrown out of the boat. Thanks Ginger!" ~ Siew Ling

5pm : Having tea at Ipoh famous Coffee and Roti at Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong

"Thank God for making it on time and be the last customer for the day. Although there is no more jumbo hotdog and short of eggs, the roti and white coffee were worth the rush." ~ Marcus Loi & Grace Sim

Ipoh Railway Train System which we visited after tea.

7pm : Shopping for Biscuits ,Having Ipoh Chicken Rice and Beansprout, Walk around Ipoh town

The resturant where we had dinner on Saturday.

 11pm : Play Mafia game

"What? Me-the mafia? No way! Innocent until proven guilty! Hats off to Ginger for introducing the game to us. Enjoyed it" ~ Siew Ling

"Ps...It was also not nice of the Mafia to put me on their hit-list all the time. I'm a nice person!!!!!!" ~ Bruised Bing

17 April 2011

9.30 am : Visit to Gunung Lang

"Never thought that Ipoh has such a beautiful and peaceful place." Grace Sim

It was a bright sunny day – the perfect Sunday morning for our trip to Gunung Lang Park. The weather seemed to be on our side again! How cool!

After filling up our tummy with an enjoyable breakfast at the hotel, we hit it off with Marcus and Bing in the driver’s seat. As it was relatively near to the city (just a 10min - 15min drive), I was not expecting a majestic view of a mountain. However, lo and behold! I was caught by surprise by the amazing view Gunung Lang offers.

As we reach the entrance, we were welcome by the lush greenery and beautiful man-made lake, the surroundings so peaceful, so serene. The heroine, the gentle Gunung Lang looms at one side of the lake, waiting to be stroked with tender loving care .....

We did not have to wait long before we were whisked into a ferry. Yes! Ever thought of being ferried to a park? Well, you have certainly missed something! Though it was just a short ride, the friendly ferry-driver gave us some interesting information to take home – the hill is actually a limestone hill just like many in Ipoh, and it has the features of a human! A head, a body and a tail! Well, didn’t I say ‘she’ is just waiting to be stroked with our love?

Just across the lake was a landscaped park. There was a watch tower, a playground, a garden as well as a mini zoo that housed birds such as ostrich, peacock ... if you want more details on the birds, check it out with Bing JWe continued strolling, enjoying the morning sun and the comfort of friends until it was clear we needed to feed our ever hungry tummy again with what else but dim sum, yum yum! So off we went back to our hotel, leaving the park with fond memories" ~ Siew Ling

"Got a short introduction course on birds from our famous bird lover Bing Yee. Now, I know that Malaysia has every tree for the beautiful and free little creature." ~ Marcus Loi

Group shot in Gunung Lang

Group photograph outside Gunung Lang

12 PM : Lunch - Dim Sum at Ming Court, Ipoh

“We kind of lost the place due to technical problem with GPS. Anyway, we were still able to reach there safely. As we all were very hungry, we were taking almost everything offered by the waiters. Luckily, Ben stopped the waiters from doing so. The size of the dim sum is mini sized and tasted reasonably good and we finished all the food we ordered. For me it was a satisfying lunch. Yum! Yum!" ~ Kooi Ching

Dim Sum at Ming Court, Ipoh
1 PM - 2pm : Visit to Kek Lok Tong and Sam Poh Tong (Caves)

To sum things up we had a terrific weekend here in Gopeng and Ipoh. It was memorable weekend spend with friends from D’Utama and others. On behalf of everyone that came for this trip we would extend our appreciation to Vice President of Membership Ginger Koh for spending her time and effort to organize this trip.