Sunday, May 8, 2011


It has oft been pointed out how D'Utama Toastmasters consistently produce leaders from within its midst ... and next term will be no different! Meet Gan Teong Hock, ACS, CL and Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB who will assume their respective roles of Area B4 Governor and Area B5 Governor! Congratulations to both of them!

Gan Teong, ACS, CL is the Incoming Area B4 Governor for the term 2011/2012. He has been one of the most dedicated members of D'Utama Toastmasters Club since 1988 and is a Past President of the club.
First of all, I would like to thank IPP cum AG-B4 Teoh Chun Ming for his encouragement for me to take up the AG-B4 position for the term 2011/2012.

It's certainly a big challenge to be an AG. At the same time, it is a privilege and honour for me to be your next AG and to serve you, members of D’Utama as well as members from the other B4 Clubs, namely: Lafarge, Shah Alam, Pidato, and KNM. I thank the B4 Council for giving me this opportunity.

I am certain it will be a wonderful and worthwhile journey for me to walk the path of AG-B4 with everyone in D’Utama. I am indeed very blessed as I have so many ex-AGs in D’Utama to be my mentor/sifu in my AG journey.

I am sure I can count on D’Utama Exco and members for your support in my journey; and in return, I will serve the Area, the clubs and all the members in B4, to the best of my ability. I look forward to a wonderful and worthwhile journey and may we learn and grow together in our quest for excellence in communication and leadership skills.

Lastly but not least, I also wish to congratulate our beloved ever-charming Past President Nancy Liew, ACS, ALS, for being elected as AG-B5 and wish her all the best.

Nancy Liew, ACS ALB, is set to become the Area B5 Governor for the term 2011/2012. Here she talks about her accomplishments and her plans as one of the new area governor.

"What makes a good Area Governor (AG)? Frankly speaking, I have not thought about it because the emphasis is neither about good nor bad. But one thing for sure is that, I want to become an AG because I wish to serve the district.

As a member of D'Utama & D'Utama Advanced Toastmaster Club for nearly 7 years, having served a term of club Committee Member, 3 terms of Secretary, a term of Vice President-Membership and 2 terms of club President (in both clubs), the time factor does not deter me from moving further in my Toastmasters journey.

Likewise, I believe no matter what position is held in a club, or in an area/division level, it is never a claim of individual glory. However encouragement is essential. To me, it's essential part of learning every new experience over the periods to become a better person through the learned skills of public speaking and leadership!

Serving in the district is an opportunity for me to learn more in different circles and areas of Toastmasters. I anticipate that I will make new discoveries. I will avoid making comparison with others. Looking at the positive side, all of us here is to learn to share, and share to learn to become a better person. But, I cannot do it alone. I need a big family of Toastmasters to make it a complete exercise, just like a speech is always followed up with an evaluation.

To introduce a new position is a great start of another level of self-discovery and self-challenge! In other words, in my coming AG term, there is a plan to work with toastmasters to help themselves by helping others and wish the clubs grow with positive learners! It's all about friends helping friends to succeed!

Besides, I would also like to urge members of D'Utama, do take up any club officer role for next term. With the learning willingness and persistency, you will discover your potential and achieve your personal goal at any phase of your life. You won't regret for what you have decided today!

Life is a voyage of discovery, let us move on together!

Note : Gan Teong Hock, ACS, CL and Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB will officially resume their duties as Area Governors from 1 July 2011-30 June 2012.

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