Monday, July 11, 2011

The Next Leap

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters.

I am indeed very honored and happy that you have chosen me to lead the club for next year.

Firstly, I want to thank the last year’s committee for their tremendous support ensuring me that I can indeed move from being a Vice President of Education to a President role to serve the club. On top of that, I would like to thank our President, Marcus Loi, for his trust and nominating me for the role. And, also our Immediate Past President, Teoh Chun Ming, for his constant encouragement and telling me that I can do the role. And lastly, lost importantly, I want to thank you all for your voice of confidence in me being the President for the D’Utama Club for next year.

Now, fellow toastmasters, it was almost 3 years ago when I first walked into D’Utama Toastmaster Club at KDU College. I was nervous then as I did not know what to expect, but Toastmasters like DTM G. Sivalingam, ATMB Lim Bing Yee, and DTM Johnson Yike greeted me with the warm welcome. They showed me the rope and shared me more information about Toastmasters. Immediately, with all the friendly faces, I felt at home. Like many others, I came back to D'Utama Toastmasters many times as a guest. Over this period I realized that there were so many things I could learn to become a good communicator and a good leader. Eventually, without much persuasion, I joined the club. Like many other members, I still took quite some time to go into my first ice breaking speech. I remember that night when I did my icebreaking speech well as I was so surprised that I was chosen to be the best speaker of the night. I was so excited pumped up – that I wanted to do my next 9 speeches for the next 9 meetings.
I also remember my first time joining a Toastmasters event, my first time running a Toastmaster event, the Youth Leadership Program, and my first Exco role as the secretary for the club.
All these experience has been extremely fulfilling for me. Eventually I was sold that Toastmaster – especially D’Utama Toastmaster - is where I would stay to learn, to bond, and to lead.

After almost 3 years in D’Utama, I am still learning. Every meeting which I attend, I learn something new. When Bing shared about bird watching, I learned something. When WeiSeong shared something during the Teh Tarik for the Soul, I learned something new. When Hoo SzeLing shared something funny, I learned something new. When Jonathan critiqued our command of English, I learned something new.
I always tell this to the new members – “Don’t worry about not being able to learn in D’Utama Toastmasters Club - that’s the last time you will do here.”

Anyway, it was never in my wildest dream when I first walked into D’Utama Toastmaster Club – that one day I will lead the club as President of the club.

Dear fellow Toastmasters, last year, as you have witnessed, we had a very productive and eventful year. It was filled with passion…a passion that was driven out by the president Marcus Loi and the Exco.
Now moving forward, I would like to bring the club to another level of passion - another road that is never too long.
I would like to present to you my theme for the next year…

The Next Leap!

Fellow Toastmasters, let us all take the next leap.  Let’s take the leap forward; a leap of success for the club, a leap of transformation for the D’Utama’s members, and a leap of discovery for the guests.

For the club, I will strive to enable the club not only continuing its past successes but taking the leap to go into more successes - bringing the club meetings to another level of exciting learnings, bringing the club events to another level of enjoyment and fellowship, and the club’s achievements to another level of honor.

For the membership, I will strive as the President to enable to club members to be able experience transformation in the club – moving their learnings to another level – both in public speaking and leadership; more CC achievements, more AC achievements! More leaders helping leaders!

For the guests, I will strive to transform their first experience in D’Utama Toastmaster Club into a journey of discovery; discovering that they will definitely benefit from D’Utama Toastmasters Club, discovering that our members are so willingly to help them, discovering that D’Utama is the club for them – no other club is better.

Dear Toastmasters, I know that taking the next leap for the club, for the members and for the guests, is not only very challenging but it will also be very tiring. It is a course not without barriers and obstacles.  
But, I know that I will not be doing this alone. I know that I have the support from you and the newly elected club Exco. With that support, I know I can do it.

Dear Toastmasters, remember that the club is nothing without you. There is no club without you. So, together, you, the Exco and me, being the new President, let’s take the club into The Next Leap.

Thank you.
 Steven Lai