Thursday, July 14, 2011

President's Report for Meeting on July 7th

Hi all,

I had an excellent time during the last meeting. I was really excited as I was playing the role of the President of the Club for the very first time. Yes, it was the very first meeting for the new term.  As usual, the meeting started with the singing of National Anthem and ASA2, CC, CL Teoh Chun Ming, took over and got a few regular guests to introduce themselves. I was really excited when I was invited to the front to give my opening speech. I introduced the theme for the meeting which was “Believe It and Achieve It” - which I thought was very apt to kick start the new term with the theme, “The Next Leap”. During the opening speech, I took the opportunity to introduce the new Exco for the term (as below).

VPE – CC Jonathan Moh
VPM – ACB Hoo Sze Ling
VPPR – TM Joseph Tham
Secretary – TM Yap Ying Shuen
Treasurer – TM Kelly Ang
SAA – TM Patrick Ho
Committee Member – TM Ruth Ting, TM Chu Shi Wei, and TM Jamie Phuah
Immediate Past President – CC,CL Marcus Loi.

Our Immediate Past President, Marcus Loi, did a great job hosting the meeting for the night. He was very efficient and led the meeting to start and end on time which everyone appreciated. ACB, CL Henry Fu, was a delight to listen to when he share his evaluation as the Language Evaluator. He also shared with us the word of the day – “Ellicit”.
The table topic session led by CC Jonathan Moh was indeed a tough challenge to many of the volunteers. However, TM Joseph Tham, ATMB Lim Bing Yee, TM Yap Ying Shuen, TM Guru, and even a guest, Andrew, took the challenge heads on. DTM G. Sivalingam, as usual, gave a very encouraging and insightful evaluation to each table topic speakers. ATMB Lim Bing Yee who gave us a candid take on her believe in kindness took home the Best Table Topic award.

We witnessed a lot of courageous speakers during the meeting – TM Yap Ying Shuen shared an inspiring speech relating how life is like riding bicycle during the Teh Tarik for the Soul session. TM Nick Tozer shared how passionate he was with his favorite game, golf, with a speech titled, "What Are You Passionate About?". And TM Joseph Tham shared a inspiring story about a famous motivational speaker with all his limbs with his speech titled "Living a life with the right attitude". When it was time for our newly reinstated member,  CC Yap Chean Seong, to speak, he made us laughed a lot with his humorous speech on his flatulence experience titled “Wind Power”. Although all the speaker did well, the best speaker award went to Yap Chean Seong – who promised us another great speech during his next return to Malaysia.
 The evaluation session was successfully led by our very experienced member, ACG CL Lee Wei Seong. All were very attentive including the guests, whenever WeiSeong spread his words of wisdom. During the speaker evaluation, all the assigned evaluators, ACS, ALB Nancy Liew, CC Tan Kooi Ching, and DTM Soh Fong Wai, did a splendid job giving their respective speakers a worthwhile and valuable evaluation. And, the best evaluator award went to DTM Soh Fond Wai – congrats!

TM Patrick Ho and TM Marilyn Lim debut as Timekeeper and Ah-Counter respectively contributing to the success of the meeting. All in all I enjoyed the entire meeting very much as all the role players put their best foot forward and made it a success.


Steven Lai
D'Utama Toastmasters Club - President