Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you Note - The VIBRANT meeting on The Next Leap!!! ~ Nothing Succeeds Like Success ~

Dearest D'Utamanian,

Yesterday's meeting was an extremely vibrant amongst the camrades!

I must PERSONALLY thank all of you who attended the meeting.

Toastmaster Nick Tozer, the very dedicated ASA1 came in coat and present himself earlier. He made sure the Registration Counter was set up before the guests arrival so that to make registration easy. Guess what, he politely asked for RM10 door fee from me DIRECTLY as I was totally forgot about it amidst my busy duty. I felt that's awesome responsibility & PROFESSIONAL, wasn't it ? Great job Nick!!!

Secondly, thank to Toastmaster G Levin! He was back since his last absence of meeting, enthusiastically took up the ASA2 role. I thought he had wonderful time inviting so many guests for self-introduction (There're 15 guests yesterday!!!) And he led the singing of national anthem, took us back the serious gesture of being RESPECT to the club & its members!!

Following the replacement role, Past President & Past Area B4 Governor Teoh Chun Ming steadily took the Time Keeper's seat, holding the ego in check at the last minute of no-show of the origin Time Keeper. Thank you the ever humble and supportive friend!

I wish to thank Toastmaster Patrick Ho's assistance for carrying the heavy pot of home-made glutinous rice I brought, as both of us arrived at KDU by 6.20pm. He was one dedicated SAA to open the club cabinet, made it so easy for me to get the necessities out to set the room up. It was also came with the help of Toastmaster Chee Fong Hoe, the Ah Counter of the day. And guess what? He was the 1st comer waiting outside the room! Truly salute your fantastic cooperation, thank you Patrick Ho & Fong Hoe!!!

There were so many other VIBRANT toastmasters that I felt grateful for:

* President Steven Lai's flipped the first page of success story with his personal experience as the opening address;

* Toastmaster Kelly Ang's gave us a cup of Teh Tarik-thought on her career reminded us the opportunity of many other successes await us to grab out there;

* Language Evaluator CC Jonathan Moh quickly grab the word of day ('Vibrant') written on the white board as he arrived on time. He inspired members & guests to used that word throughout the day and offered tips of using proper English language;

* Table Topic Master Patrick Ho did his best to relate topics with the theme of the meeting "Nothing Succeeds Like Success". The skill of relativity that counts! Great attempt Patrick!

* ATMB Lim Bing Yee, our ever-caring senior member gave her sincere and thoughtful feedback to speakers on their speaking off the cuff skill, immediately right after the Table Topic Session! So far, our club still maintain this challenging role in the origin order , instead of relocate it to Evaluation Session ! Fantastic Bing!

* The ever-enchanting and amusing Humor Master Hoo Sze Ling, exuded animated ladies most-like storyline. If you think HM role is a simple play???! Try it everyone! Sze Ling evoked laughter naturally that certainly earned our applause ! Bravo Sze Ling!

The vibrant meeting would not have vibrant without the team of evaluator on the show. Our Madam General Evaluator Ruth Ting led the team smoothly. 1st speech evaluator Toastmaster Joesph Tham bravely took up different role this round to practise his listening skill by giving his personal opinion to Assignment Speaker, Toastmaster Guruparan. Guru came back for his 2nd speech, even though nearly after a year of inactive attendance, he still enjoy his own pace of toastmaster journey. Keep it up Guru!

Thank you Toastmaster Yap Ying Shuen for sharing with us the way of making fish ball. Majority of us like it and every time I eat fish ball, I certainly remember the soup spoon! What's more? DTM Johnson's evaluation penetrated a deeper sense on the description of fish ball with his erudite sharing. I later not only see the round fish ball but more on feeling its texture & bounciness in my mouth !!!

Toastmaster Chu Shi Wei seemed like potential 'DTM' speaker (Don't Talk Much), she talked slightly overtime as she brought us back to history of life. President Steven also tempted to find out his family tree, from the level of parenthood back to the predecessor. Thank you for your sharing on this unique topic "Roots"! The amazement went on, Past President & current Area B4 Governor Gan Teong Hock, ACG came up with no notes at all on his evaluation, beside the unusual topic brought in by Shi Wei!

Last but not least, obvious improvement came to realization by the consistent speaker, Toastmaster Tan Yu Sing !!! The twist on his thought on preparing the tough when the tough gets going was wonderful. I believe the EXCO will consider to get him involve as Floor Director whenever there are club events' needs to use AV System. I am inclined to hear more on engineering related topic though. Thanks Yu Sing for the sharing! His speech evaluator Past President & Past Area Governor Calvin Lim, ACS was one of the most encouraging, faithful and committed toastmasters. He spoke from heart and often lift up the vibrancy of the ambiance on top of the specific recommendations given to Yu Sing.

Thank you ALL of you once again for continuing uphold the mission of the club!

yours sincerely,
toastmaster of the evening,
Nancy Liew